A Case Study of the Various Roles of Communications in Managing Companies

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Literature Reviews. Forms of Communication. Written Communication. Advantages of written communication.

Disadvantages of oral communication and online communications. Advantages of oral communication and concise verbal communications.

The level of communication in Management. Interpersonal communication. Organisational level. Vertical communication.

The communication process. Barriers to effective communication. The impact of communication on the society.

Effective communication is good for any organisation. The key to success in business careers and personal life.

So important is communication that without it no organisation can function well.

Organisations and groups of people business, political, professional, religious, athletic etc need interaction.

The model is to exchange information, ideas, plans, proposals and to make group decisions.

Communications is always two ways. The two way communication systems are ‘internal’ and ‘External’ communications.

Effective internal communications helps increase absenteeism. Can bring about increased job satisfaction, productivity and raise profits. As well as sort out grievances within the group.
Receiving good clear communication from managers increases chances of being more motivated and efficient.

They are clear about company targets and able to complete tasks with less breaks.

Knowing information about their company’s current business problems and successes helps staff members.

Receiving clear directions, and help forming goals benefits all. Controversial issues, relevancy and clarity of information shared from management for employees.

Internal communications has become more significant.and has helped contribute to better feed-back.

Business should and usually do listen to opinions, complaints and suggestions. Effective sharing from clients feedback on service time and product quality.

External communications to outside company-customers, suppliers and the public. Handling far reaching effects on the reputation and success of the company.

Letters, telephones calls or personal conversation can win back a customer. Also helps probe and get potential new customers.

Jobs and career opportunities depend on effective communications. Customer relations, sales labour relations, personnel, public relations and teaching each have different priorities.

Effective communication also helps to do aims as an individual in the society. Writing letters and reports or oral presentations to committee members. These an be for the chairperson and citizens who attend.

In performing good communications with public officials, business firms, suppliers and members.

What are the challenges management face in disseminating information. What are the communication barriers business executives are facing in their duties? What is the impact of communication in a business organisation? What are the effects of communication on customers? Does good communication help along the success of an organisation?

The study aims to examine communications and how it can be important to organisations. To identify elements of communications that of most importance to the enterprise.

Business management and the importance of communication and the likely problems.

To encourage effective inter-personal relationships among employees in an organisation. Managers should understand the organisation and be able to communicate for them.

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