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There are many things to do behind the scenes of a website. Many hosting companies do a lot of the juggling of this stuff to ensure your website is visible. I have read many posts of bloggers sharing their experience of hosting providers like RackSpace and WordPress Premium.

If this is you a lot of what I talk about in the first few paragraphs will mean nothing. Many of you are more interested in hosting Apps out there so again this might not apply to you.

This month I have managed to automate updates of most of the 22 plugins I am now using. There was a day when technical website advisors recommended only a handful of plugins. I took this advice using only 7 plugins. Many of the updates on plugins are almost updating daily or weekly and I explain how much of this is now done automatically and how you can do the same if you like. This means connecting to a WordPressDotCom account and the use of the trusted JetPack WordPress plugin (find out more below).

The great thing about being on a white knuckle server is it is only you being hosted on that particular station. With shared hosting you are sharing with sometimes thousands of other websites. The cost is a lot cheaper but comes at a price, especially if like most of us you are using a heap of plugins. Equally the WordPress Framework needs updating.

You may also have a Plesk account which is great for backend analytics, it creates a page for you to login to your Plesk site. Depending on your hosting if you want to move to a different provider more local to where you are based a backup is needed and a little knowledge of how to transfer the site.

This site is hosted in Ohio (E commerce Capital). I was offered an IT course there about five years ago. We have similar companies here teaching similar things from registered Microsoft approved colleges. Looks fun if your needing to learn about computers, databases, Excel, Forms and Entourage management.

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The tutors are very young and have proved themselves in particular industries or done stuff for themselves. For me any education local is the best bet. BE warned though a lot of these student loan companies charge the earth in interest. I just got this years interest of £446. And it’s been like that for six years since graduation. They tell you its interest free but its not. They are just another loan shark company making a living out interest in Scotland.

So… there are many WordPress Plugin primers to get you going and hopefully you already have chosen your dream-host. There are at least 5 WordPress plugins you must use to ensure your site is visible in search, loads quickly and the pictures load quick enough. Also if you need to get more technical you can easily make your original WordPress Theme into a Child Theme. You can do this manually or the easier way is use you guessed it a plugin. Its great being in the one click world right? The advantage with pulling in your original theme and editing via the child theme means any updates to the original will not be lost when the original designer updates the theme.

We it’s not always that simple. Even with all the automations I have discovered when I login or try and load site there are always glitches. Often this is from spammers and hackers doing various things. Things like loading media image pages thousands of times putting a strain on the server. Linking to your site from silly web 2.0 properties often forums from spammy sites that come with spammy SEO software.

Comments come in and in the settings you will see (if you have allowed it) loads of Yahoo, Hotmail, GMX and naughty domain named emails join your database. You can still allow this but by disconnecting the tables where new members accounts show within your sitemap will prevent wasted journeys of Google Robots as they visit your site wondering whats going on.

Anyway, lets talk about the automated updates of plugins. Years ago Ken (creator Tobri) recommended a paid plugin that updated many plugins on all of your websites. In 2016 we have the priveledge of doing this for free with the integration of the JetPackPlugin and the creation of a WordPressDotCom account. You can update through the interface automatically plugins, and WordPress themes. You will still need to update the framework yourself and sometimes the updates do not execute straight away. But it saves hours of updates.

When you login with an idea for a blog post. By the time you finish updating I found my message became somewhat diluted and confused. I am sure many o you bloggers will be able to understand about the various distractions out there. Please feel free to leave any blurbs on the matter down below.

Yours in Media Marketing Communications Robert Bridge.

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