Black Book: A List of Things and People

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Who do you listen too? Can you trust your intuition? Are you taking ample notes? These are three minor examples of how a black book can help you. In this article I go into three simple strategies to take slim, short notes. My hope is to inform you about the history behind the list of names and things. And as ever is just a bit of fun. Its merely me doing my thing. This is not a scary post about how to bind shadow work that you do in a home made almanac or is it about a film set in some camp during World War II. Again there is nothing secret about what you read here although I like to think this is the stuff ‘they’ whoever they are don’t want you to know about.

First of all let me explain why I use the term black book and in what context; its simply a book of contacts with spare pages for action based steps you can take at a later date. Once you have made and read the list of people you want in your sphere of influence (people who inspire you to do whatever it is you want to do yourself/ Whatever you are already doing and wish to be a leader in or most active having success with. Over time you can go back and reference your research. Maybe buy a new book (any colour will do) and make your own tree of life, connect the dots and form a huggable family tree. This will help you in two ways: one a sense of being alone will be lost and more importantly perhaps give you an outside perspective of your own blurbs and things.

If you have a photographic memory or adept at the art of mnemonics you can store everything in your head. If like me you have a top cupboard full of lever archer files, by using the little black book you will be able to condense down those moments in time when you wish you had a pen a paper. Also it over time helps you distinguish between the words said, those words extenuated (listen very carefully, write this down!) kind of things that people especially sales people say to knock you of track. When you do here something and the brain processes what has been just said in relevance to what you are trying to is time to write that down. Especially if the person speaking is one of the names you have been listed in your black book.

For other peoples reference and there own development space filling better write down these uneducated inflections and at the end during Q&A let them have it big time. Like Guy Kawasaki said in a academic speech when asked at the end of his speech about the top ten things they don’t want you to know about. The question went something along the lines of “Apple or Mac” for which he responsibly replied that’s like asking the pope Catholicism or Protestants.
The key thing is to follow your own joy and hopefully a pattern will emerge and on the edge of this you can scribe little doodles that help the brain daydream. If you are looking for something original or ten percent better then these rules can apply to anyone. There is no law to this that dictates whether you are on the right track and there should be no fear about anyone looking in your little book getting wise ideas.
Along the way you will find the tools you need. List these tools and when any of them become obsolete or unable to deliver the results they used to then delete them (but be sure to replace them with something similar, more up to date that does similar things. If the thing you are trying to communicate is about social networking then go about replacing that social network with another one. Its really not rocket science. Anyone can do this stuff. And you will be amazed what you will find a few years from now in that black book: A list of Things and People.

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