August Update 20

Media Marketing Communications.

Welcome. My name is Robert Bridge and this is an August Update for 2020. This year I have been hunkering down like most people around the world. This is just a leisurely update on my movements. Most of which has been spent compiling Spotify Playlists over on Spotify and sharing a cooking diary over on… Continue reading August Update 20

Attaining Enlightenment

It now looks like a moat or pond in Paris.

Attaining Enlightenment is never easy. Choice’s are made which isolate us from one another. Only in fables can we see recorded history mentioning anything untoward. Enlightenment era was synonymous with writing, yet the play’s were anything but lyrical pugilists. The language of Latin paved the way forward for men, in silence, in dark rooms meticulously… Continue reading Attaining Enlightenment

When International Communications Break Down

A lot of people talk words and is difficult to understand what they saying. Internationally for some time now we have been moving two steps forward and three steps back. Communications can either make or brake you. This entry explores the rules breaking out these days.

Talking to the Media

When your talking to the media live or for public consumption it’s good to know what they want. Most people know this stuff and find talking to the media no different than speaking to a doppelganger at work. If you keep up with the news you will be aware how quickly opinions change. The public… Continue reading Talking to the Media

Communication Exercises For Students, Scholars And Worker Bees

Learn the latest strategies, methods, and techniques for teaching business communication and business writing. ·         The Power of Body Language. Body language can include examples like these: you love them, you’re angry or don’t care less. Your body movements reveal your attitudes, moods and thoughts. You in theory should learn to improve perceptions conscious/… Continue reading Communication Exercises For Students, Scholars And Worker Bees

Understanding Media Texts Enriches The Mind More

The Roman and Greek ligitures

Having spent a few years reading about Media Studies theory I say “Understanding Media Texts Enriches The Mind More”. The industry arrives everywhere urban and rural, advertising industry contributes to a lot of this. Some people say the adverts are more entertaining that the main event… Advertising companies like to get messages across in the… Continue reading Understanding Media Texts Enriches The Mind More

Lifted Up By Cup Of Green Tea

Media Marketing Communications III podcast. The third one afraid in on SoundCoud rather than Podbean. Listen in a find out all sorts of stuff from my mindful babble.

Chinese say before any meal a pot of green tea will help clean the pallette making you enjoy the process of eating meal more.