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Solomon was a clever chap instead of the market coming to him he would seek out guides and then get them to take him to the cave where he would decipher the entrance code. This week is Glastonbury festival, summer is here.
We move closer to a decision, commit or reroute and become either accepted or just don’t fit in, then wonder why everything does not seem to be working. Its great to identify the fork in the roads for next time. Along the road we find tar knives under our feet and in this weather a piece of chewing gum can become all hot and sticky.
Motor cyclists express how much better drivers they are by having experience starting of with two wheels on the road. Being comfortable with however you got to where you are now and shape out where you want to be depends on many variables thats why they call it burning rubber.
When someone asks you how do I do that, whats the quickest way, help I need help? What do you say. You know the options, many of them if not all work, however it requires a laser focus. Perhaps the bike principle is flawed. Is it fair to assume a blank slate, with an ability to focus on goal is the key to success? And a coin is a good way of checking if your tyres are still good.
I would like to hear from people who do just one thing. I want to know how they say no to people who they cannot help. Or even how they attract and position themselves with that one thing? I have asked many people this questions and found myself recommending a list of things.
I imagine its hard for people like that to contact me. Its easy to be misunderstood. Keeping check on the energy levels can help step back. The desire to help can lead to a number of crossroads. When you have been trained in so many things by the most recognised teachers its difficult to understand why long term success does not occur. If you do not attend you will never know. Solomon said some things about this and was considered wise in some way.
There are so many suggestions for people who are new. Knowing about them and being able to recognise patterns that arise qualified by the ability to await further responses about mistakes of the past that hint towards an honest bit of advice. This is not for you. The ability to focus on fine detail. The ability to form daily patterns and overtime stretch out the energy used throughout the day. Or just know the best and honestly share the least you can do on a day to day basis. If you go to Glastonbury this energy can last for weeks, perhaps even years.
There have been many opportunities, you meet various circles of people, many of whom you have still connections with via social media or the mobile phone. Usually everything is linked through location. And what better location than Glastonbury.
United Kingdom GlastonburyThere will be as well as an interest, a location that binds us all by the nose. We are just spiralling around are we not? The books shape us and we fit in by identifying and becoming knowledgable about texts. We interpret these texts how we like and think. That’s the great thing about reading Solomon must have read books too.
Reading however is full of moments of thought. You must think and understand the metaphor. Your mind can slow and thats when the reading changes gear.
Some texts even summarise with a statement of under know circumstances should you take these texts and enterprete themselves for your own gain. Sacred texts for example are half the reason why people read. Curiosity and a need to know. Solomon story states a gift of knowing through wisdom. As a higher self gift.
He found an ability to find gifts in caves with doors that required certain incantations to open them. As we in Britain this week celebrate a Druid tradition of Glastonbury you can expect to see a rise in music. All the talk about Spotify news this time of year is nothing new. Every year people get home overwhelmed by camping in a field watching live favourite bands. An escape from the office site or station. Its an easy place to fit in and like a farmers convention lots of new friends are made.
They have all the entertainment of speakers, comedians, spiritualists. Mixed with all the rituals from around the world. The media are there and poets are selected from many towns to go to the festival to read poetry. Glastonbury is also for many a pilgrimage.
Pilgrims make the best travellers and they generally love books and able to focus on one way of doing things. I think social media requires pilgrims for it all to continue, however when people say just a few things please I still disagree. You should be ready to cover all quarters, it requires mind maps, charts with times to do things. There is a long list of things to monitor.
You have to be your own narrative able to stitch together all the parables. Reading sequentially helps but I grew up at a time when they had them games books. You would roll a dice and it would tell you to go to a choice of pages. You could be going round in circles for months before you ever finished to book.
It was good because turning the pages in this way helped understand the navigation of everything. Some people are gifted with photographic memories able to recognise a page as you open the book an even identify the word you are thinking of. Having prestige is vital in this day and age.
If you have a couple of trump cards up for sleeve for public events you are bound to stand out from the crowd. The more you go out the more variety you will need else people will become board. Everyone will ask with hesitation and if you listen hard enough you might be able to pick up on the next big surprise you can bring next time to the table.
There are many who are in touch with the time of the year, the next big launch and trends soon to happen. So its just an annual waiting game to bring the new information to the Glastonbury circles Solomon’s social market.

By Robert Bridge

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