History and validity of all philosophy whilst writing

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This article is about common ground and potential homework to understand the new landscape we are now in to help navigate and draw upon interesting information to fold into writing. Hopefully this will help bring in new readers, understand some thoughts about philosophy, science and history already made, understood by readers around the world. The topics within the new landscape cover various checkpoints in online society where people have opinions. The information is available on Wikipedia, You tube and various websites online. The authors, speakers and philosophers have put a lot of thought into what they talk about and the end point of what they say may have taken a lifetime to come to these conclusions. So the notions they come to is valid and attaching a name to some quotes of theirs. This is to clear up a lot of ambiguity and box up any misunderstanding about any unusual metaphysical attachments used and understood by those who find resonance with these things. NB overtime I understand how easy it is for these people to be pigeon holed, measured by the size of their most common work. With any book for an author I imagine no one likes to be confused by the past studies whilst working on other topics, which said the best work is done from the most time spent on topics. Interestingly some of the most popular books are quite different. Authors often stumble upon a topic that really speaks to the audience of that time. Right time, right location, shared with the right people who are able to translate and mold into the modern day curriculum the most valuable information.
The story: It has to be amazing beyond current comprehension and has to extend beyond any other prestige previously brought to the public. The narrative should conform to continual patterns to capture the audience. The language must translate like the Book of Job, where everyone speaking the grace in tongues are understood regardless of which language is translated. Notably for this to take place the syntax and aphorisms will have to be cleared up before publication. Does this mean the speaker has to have lived a previous life and moved on? Certainly not, the archives are all there and we all have access to the previous morals adapted at the time of publication. Attachments spoke that answer directly problems and indefinable situations within history. Does this mean if we find a similar moment in time of conflict or unusual bliss we can use the same methodology to approach and explain some valid solutions? Yes and no, everything is different, people change, relationships leave memories and generations evolve with new information. The landscape changes and alters the playing field. The greatest minds drew upon the highest stories of that time and used the prestige of that time to measure the sizeable opening lines for impact. That’s if you believe the front cover, preamble and first few lines are valid. The ability to condense a timeline into paragraphs to quickly give readers the opportunity to catch up, remind them of what they already know and activate the synaptic parts of the brain that generate energy. Reading, listening, watching, live audiences, speaking one to one from author to reader and having the suspense to be opened around a burning fire outside with a bunch of people toasting marshmallows.

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