The Hunger Games – Sons of Liberty – Counterculture and Revolution


The Hunger Games tries to evoke an old and dangerous message.
I have not seen this show or been keeping up with the series.
Nor was I interested in anyone talking about protesting.
What is interesting is media take interest by trending the title on social media.
It’s right to take away the sins of the earth and deserves a merciful response.
I agree with the tv critics in that it might have a dangerous message.
The directors and the actors have done really well. The dangerous message comes from other avenues. Most public broadcasts have some agenda these days.
Did you know 200 of the top companies get to make the real decisions? They play with the merciful sins of of the earth.
Politicians can do similar things, small grassroots groups try and do similar things. They both get together like all good humanists, historians and naturists go off to design banners for everybody to hold close to our chests.
You make rational decisions based on your own needs and everyday the decisions.
You make the most of what to watch and who you listen to. This can even shape certain areas of your life or those around you or inside your magic circle.
So let me explain again about my thoughts on protesting. I make no promises about a closer look at the text in this television review because I do not have a tv.
The Hunger Games is an action TV show that people watch who have a television.
The messages on most of these shows are thoughts and dreams from the top down.
So do not be discouraged when you see companies like Viagra getting a Knighthood from the queen for the good work they do.

People want quick fix happiness, entertainment is perfect for that sort of thing.

It has and always will be a quick fix method and give you something to talk about.
What I agree with and hope to do in 2015 is people need to get out more and start building there own story.
Any writers, authors, script writers and indeed copywriters take note.
What we are seeing here are small thoughts and goals. Each of them being eaten by incubators and top fortune 100 companies.
Another way of looking at it is there are so many TV shows I am sure you agree regardless of how good it is The Hunger Games is not yet in the top ten TV series from USA out there.
History’sSons of Liberty‘ foment the American Revolution California, national and world news – Los Angeles Times
Hunger Games is not the only show churning out revolution. There are many other TV shows supporting media message from all angles.
Time is neatly segmented and rewrote for reasons unbeknown to many happy people.
I am not dipping into other peoples happiness.
I am merely expanding upon dangerous messages that incites a battle with individuals who many actors struggle to climb the appropriate ranks.
The historical TV show I see being spoke about is called History’s ‘Sons of Liberty’ again I have not get seen but if people are talking about it then its worth me examining and perhaps watching.
History’s ‘Sons of Liberty’ foment Revolution. So by marinading the two anyone might think they can start a revolution. And that has always been the way it should be.
Reality is we have seen sacrifice after sacrifice of countries over the past 69 years who are simply confused by the new landscape.
By the time they have finished examining the truth they are caught arguing amongst each other.

  • Is this miniseries a reflection of the saga we having in our own lives?
  • Or is it just a neurolinguistic reminder?
  • What are the chances of competing with companies of power?

The latter says there is a chance to build your own Empire now that the British Empire is not what it was.
The New Year fireworks show this not be the case. Once a show like The Hunger Games is packaged and broadcast commences we start to understand the competition.
Supportively in the news we see real people out there in the cold with tens, hundreds or thousands of people chanting protest messages they know nothing about.
Citizens seem confused with all personal problems again marinated and reinforced with personal problems.
A dot to dot pattern emerges, logic starts to form inside the machine.
So is it a mould or a new bacteria that we should embrace and be all excited about?
The proof has always been in the pudding. So please watch but be mindful there will be some messages in there that your brain will process subliminally and on the surface everything seem untoward.
Like happiness it’s not short and shrift, it should be well thought out, long serving  needs and people’s wants.

  • If there were a new narrative to counterbalance the counterculture already in place do you think this would help?
  • Can entertainment be right, do people really need to get all riled up in to make a change?

These are some of the basic things I guess need looking into.
When you look at all the thought behind troubleshooting problems and see thousands of people saying no. Folks disagreeing decisions cost nothing its great way to develop a writing voice.
The law has started to bend over for powerful companies who pay the highest legal fee’s. Who also offer discount on medical treatments, pensions etc. Things not worrying yourself just now.
Remember the song? …When they were up they were up, and when they were down they were down and when they were only…
It’s a bit like the wheels on a bus song!
The people wars, the parameters crumble and the budget remains the same. The people have always struggled and the sins of the earth starts with wargames.

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By Robert Bridge

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