Joining June Midsummer Celebrations

2020 is the year of the rat, I was born on year of rat. Is been an interesting year, nothing bad has happened. So far so good. Is been a challenging year though. Virus lockdown, Brexit blues, loss of loved ones, difficulties in the kitchen, bathroom and supermarkets. All sorts of stuff is happening. Music… Continue reading Joining June Midsummer Celebrations

Interesting ways to share on Social Media #mmc #robertbridge

Thanks for visiting Media Marketing Communications. My name is Robert Bridge, I live in North London, network on and offline and share helpful information about media, technology and communications. Social media communications requires in all honesty a can do approach. If you think you can then you probably will. Already many social media speakers with… Continue reading Interesting ways to share on Social Media #mmc #robertbridge

Identity Recognition: Making Peace With Yourself

You think of yourself as tall,dark and handsome? Expecting a stranger to walk into your life sometime soon? These leading questions and ones like them are fake and distracting. You are who you are and it is, what it is. Peace comes about in fascinating ways, each experience blows me away. When I hear people… Continue reading Identity Recognition: Making Peace With Yourself

Making Space of Hallowed Ground

We all find hallowed ground someplace Technology has given us the extended ability to dig a lot deeper than in previous years. Much of life may have once been buried can be dug up online thanks to the World Wide Web. Homework is a lot easier and more people join Facebook day in, day out.… Continue reading Making Space of Hallowed Ground

A Case Study of the Various Roles of Communications in Managing Companies

Literature Reviews. Forms of Communication. Written Communication. Advantages of written communication. Disadvantages of oral communication and online communications. Advantages of oral communication and concise verbal communications. The level of communication in Management. Interpersonal communication. Organisational level. Vertical communication. The communication process. Barriers to effective communication. The impact of communication on the society. Effective communication is… Continue reading A Case Study of the Various Roles of Communications in Managing Companies

Why Some People Choose to Not Invest in Anything

Finnegans Wake 1.1 James Joyce

The difference between news-and-society, pure-opinion, computers-and-technology online can be difficult to navigate, thats why many roles are available. Contracts were made to help educate people searching for new skills to get better at computing. One question is how valuable are all these new skills in the current working environment? Investing in people skills online, yes or no?