The Media Wheelbarrow

media wheelbarrow
Paul Laffoly exhibition in France.

Attracting and connecting the media wheelbarrow: A satirical post about media biology.

This post has metaphors and explains the media we use in a satirical way. We make our own media again and again. Like fishermen we throw the net out there and hope for the best. The effects if done correctly can raise a profile and carries on for years. Much of this sort of media hangs around in archives dotted all over the place. There are instances where media gets lost. Media images via Pixel Pipes, Yahoo Pipes and other such places have closed down. Mostly though they still exist. As the times change some media may need editing for all sorts of reasons. Equally a lot of it we have hosted in reliable Cloud software.

Trimming media fat or carrying it around with you – It’s part of you and this is what people see, it is already outside your physical body, to carry media around with you could require a media wheelbarrow. The media lives inside the internet tubes which I want you to see as your stomach. It can give you indestion and hurt insides. Outside people may look at it in disgust or dismay. By carrying it around in a squeaky wheel trolley inside you get relief and outside you can arrange your guts in a way you can see. You won’t need a cat scan, there is no worries about it falling through the gaps and give you the oppurtunity to prune it all at once. This is the media wheelbarrow inspired by the star sign the big dipper.

Videos are dispensable and last less than ten seconds. Media stomaches comply more with behind the scenes tags and time attachments. Images with high resolution sizes and shapes. As web design changes images loose visibility in search engines. outside of your own management companies trying to help people in these areas focus on this sorts of stuff. They offer coffee and fizzy drinks to wash down allsorts of stuff. Some of what we are feed linger in our own digital pipes; RSS streams and web sites dotted all over the globe pulling in data. Imagine connecting thousands of users intestines together. Forming media spaghetti that overtime makes a morphological mess.

Media Marketing Communications III podcast. The third one afraid in on SoundCoud rather than Podbean. Listen in a find out all sorts of stuff from my mindful babble.

What is the chemical explanation of these formulated contents?

I may need some help here. First we need the name of the final product, then we need the ingredients and instructions on how to access and order of things to construct or deconstruct. How to extract from stomach without doing damage to the pipes. Finding out where you stand – the peeks and troughs.

The ingredients in our media wheelbarrow once laid out neatly can be, photos, stickies, blurbs, blogs, Tweets, testimonies, reviews, questions and answers. Places you may find these outside the big three, Google, Yahoo, Facebook could be anywhere. Overtime these recipes become in house. You may have to contact months in advance to get coding a seat. Dining suits for the media maybe required part of coding. You might have to prove your metrics or wait for them to watch so be as honest as you can. You may already be well connected and plugged into other peoples soup. Those people change a lot of stuff because good advice like media can change overtime. Allsorts of things from this can bubble up to the surface.

There is Quora Q & A, Triberr RSS and comments, inside forums go public and Google refresh. There are a million entertainments apps and games that could open up a stomach load of stuff. You just have to do your homework and be able to remember where they did their business fodder. If you have someone to clear up for you when mistakes are made this helps. You will be uninterrupted and more able to continue your train of thought. Some of what you say, make, concoct could be a massive anchor in making your point. You don’t want to sink to the bottom of the media ocean and you want to find the best of which is politically correctly provided.

3 Media Stomachs at London by Robbwindow2

By Robert Bridge

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