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I help everybody I meet to get them started online with media and quickly self teach themselves success through basic often sadly missed communication skills.

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I’m looking to meet visitors with a vision who need to sharpen their axe and help them answer simple questions, troubleshoot all sorts of stuff and make things easier these days.

I specialise in all sorts of stuff, know all sorts of people and have sharpened my own thoughts through various cutting edge self hypnosis techniques.

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Meet Robert Bridge founder of Media Marketing Communications created back in 2014.

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Robert Bridge: About Me

Launched website in 2005 and ran forum with a membership site and allsorts of stuff.

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If you’re looking to improve communications online fast, I want to help you seriously, tell me all about it. I always helping its in my DNA to help. If you are stuck in a rut, finding your self living in a box. Messing about on social communities, great I understand I have totally been there. Time is very precious. Email me below if you’d like to have a conversation.

I write about media, marketing, and communications tactics. Read some of my best blog posts below

if you have any with me please email me them and I will upload to website. at you can email me at Address 1 Chesnut Road, Tottenham, Haringey, N17 9ES. Tel: 07920401194.