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1001 comments came in his week about my blog from other bloggers asking me how I do what I do rather than publish a heap of similar comments I am making this post for you.

As much as I appreciate comments here on when the same questions come up thousands of times I feel it my duty to answer them. Equally I take notes about which areas of my website they are happening. Often as constructive these comments maybe, they are not being published due to some simple things, I shall explain to you here these parameters here too.

Whatever the case maybe whenever commenting there are a couple of hoops that most bloggers understand. Generally the blogs I read have real comments from people who use a Gravatar when posting. This gives a link to your Gravatar profile and in return I get to put a name to face.

If this seems a bit daunting to you or the software you use to comment restricts you from doing this and your using keywords instead of using your name to comment then seriously you re wasting time here. Equally if you want to sign up and register with an email that does not have these thing’s I have no choice other than delete you from the mainframe.

So with that said and all those tips out the way, I shall in future refer you here to read about any other faqs not already provided for you on what’s it all about Alfie and all that Jazz.

1001 similar questions bundled into bullet points

The links above are all internal links so there is little concern for you travelling from one page to another…

…I am only to aware of being sent around the roundabout a few times, I am here to help. If you want to know which comment boxes I use here is the information and settings that I use here on

WordPress comments are on, Askimet spam filter is on and is linked with WordPressdotcom with the required key. The fonts used are chosen within the customised settings. I use a child theme so as not to disrupt the original theme and any other defaults that come with it. The settings in WordPress are very simple…

…I tick as few boxes as possible and untick many default settings so my inbox remains untouched and still in an orderly fashion. As already mentioned I use Gravatars so if you use your synced email it will show your name and your picture will be alongside your comment, its great becuase if you do this other people can link up with you on your blog or social media haunts.

By Robert Bridge

Hi my name is Robert Bridge. I like wordpress websites and write about various topics online.

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