Fire and ice. One minute experience hot and another is cold. The medium is equally as important you. Its only with feedback is the real test. You send it out freely to the world and the world completely ignores it. Yes it may have trouble finding it. Difficult when the volume is low or the frequency is all wrong. Hot means your getting somewhere. You might even be tired of it by the time it becomes hot.
My life has been a series of opportunities, sometimes I manage to match them, others there is recognition, ideas and resistance. Like a cheap batteries that works on all cylinders. Only six times less than other batteries found on the market. Its good to be positive because a real charge requires a negative recipricant. You choose to be the positive feeding of the negative observations. Or you answer questions, explore notions of being stuck and follow along with the hurdles within the range you need to travel. Guided by positive advice from people who can survive without people just like that.

Both are taking nature and polarizing it for the effects. The waves have been visible though the skill to ride the wave and show how good I am at surfing has slipped me by many times. I am probably confusing you. I confuse myself. I try and recant texts once read and own them. I read somewhere and then unable to recall what page. I see the page, the index and the credits on the back and inside of the sleeve. The world we live in is very distracting is it not.
Take a walk outside and breathing fresh air helps. Often this requires going the distance. The last book I wrote about took ages to write but was published almost the first day I started typing. I had no memory of what I was writing about. I called it natural progression. In my eyes I published it in a good place to publish. The author or the virtual assistant of Harry Potters followed me on Lulu. I was well pleased, its only now I remember. It is true the small achievements experienced only last a few days. You turn back on the writing hat and the information comes back softly because it needs to else it’s not really worth writing at all.
Days I awake comfortable with lots of gratitude. The tenaciousness of interaction can really make more energy. I am one of those people experiencing at times, sluggishness’, a lack of energy and unable to identify certain things that are happening around me. I know this is unique statistically. Broadly I think this is something we have all experienced and is a great lubricant for conversation. Like the hot and cold there is always someone wanting to give advice, but first comes the reality of someone needing that advice. Without this everything is just pointless. Call us winners and losers. Sick or just well informed. Positive, negative and the gap in-between. Either way you’re still taking. It’s from god you say, well I say you have learned something and positioned yourself in the right place at the right time and there are no two ways about it.
I have experienced all types of great advice and watched people in action tackling allsorts of problems. Some of these are digital, others staged and many in the field. We all have its The World In Action. I have spent years thinking about all this; try that whilst running on a treadmill. Sound is a great way of finding things out; videos are much easier to follow especially with the pause and rewind button. But text must not be overlooked. I hear all types of advice from people talking to people through email. This is not the text I am talking about. Writing is different. People want to follow along. There has to be something special. There has to be loveable characters. You cannot have loved these characters. Not until they have proved themselves in someway. Sometimes this is just because they like the outdoors and support the partner at home who is happy, indoors doing the ironing and cleaning. The world is full of givers and takers. Yes there are people less fortunate. But I think if you look closer they are helping someone. They receive help and pass it on. Energy is a funny thing and time attached to this positive energy depends on various things and can go various ways. But without a hook in my writing it’s difficult to expect you keep reading.
So who am I, what am I passionate about? Is there anything I can say which we have common ground in? How as a writer can I listen to you? I mean when I am writing with intent what is it I expect to deliver. The ordinary is such a difficult subject. Though the moment it is announced there are a thousand people interested ready to get it out there in the market. Add to the collection. The sales maybe a success. I question how much soul is put into all of this. And I sympathize with you so far it all seems trash. Am I, are we just clutching at straws. Sooner or later someone is going to feel let down. When you form an opinion about something you are going to step on a few toes along the way. I see it time and again and think where did that energy come from. What was the catalyst that brought them out their cave? What made them such an expert on things? When in reality I should be looking for them for what they know. The arguments that happen on television and radio are all tests. These people are defensive and protective of a given message. The given maybe that they have experienced some discomfort in their own lives. Perhaps they noticed something in the environment and believe this is the answer to the countries difficulties. Who knows? Opinions predicatively are good and like a good weatherman or woman serve a role in today’s society. Just like this book I hope.
I’m just fishing, looking for something of value for you to remember me by. I am writing as fast as I can because I am unsure about how much time is left before this all ends. Typing that is. Those of you intrigued by doom and gloom I am sure will really like that. Those of you who are inspired by positive things and like reading about the reality inside the mundane will really like reading that. There are some many ways of thinking about things and thoughts hang over us. We are all different and the more it seems people get to know and understand you the less of a chance it seems of it continuing. New and old friends very quickly learn to adapt. Supportive friends and associates will really help and yes you will work alongside some equally as challenged people. With an opinion about things, an ego and the sustenance of a stable diet anything could happen. Everything can flow two ways. There are right way and wrong ways and we all have to process them in our own little way. Like a river I suggest you get used to the power paddle you have to move freely. Stay in the middle. Stop and check on the edge of the waterfall. Make a splash whilst paddling past people whom you seek attention from. Many people have done remarkably weird things just to be visible. The burning bush and the man taking all this literally. The guy shooting at the craps table. The developed abilities of politicians and how they communicate through seeking recognition. Visibility is a go between perhaps between hot and cool.
Always awaiting great things to happen. Something is going to happen soon it always does. Having patience is a given, expecting the worst is recognizable possibility. Challenges along the way. Whatever floats your boat or gets the generator going again. The world is always moving just like us. I know it seems cliché. You might have to experience something so heavy to enjoy life. I am hoping this not to be the case. And hope you can experience normality, enjoy the mundane and not get to rowled but by the things that can and are said.

By Robert Bridge

Hi my name is Robert Bridge. I like wordpress websites and write about various topics online.

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