A Great Way To Learn Is Getting On With It

We are good learner’s really. Hearts are mostly in the right place although sadly so much confusion. Like all good stories your bound to find lyrics about songs of joy with tears of laughter. And like rabbits on the road we just freeze. 
Too many of us are guilty of tea bagging. As we dip in and dip out again we can still follow through with obtuse responses. Here I am! Pardon.  Or even better – I beg your pardon. Because we are English and everything seems the sweetest taboo people think they can get away with murder. Then there’s the spitters. They spit on the street, they’d probably spit on your grandma’s grave given half a chance. Don’t make it personal, often it’s nothing to do with you. It would just be they have something trapped between their teeth. So there you go: problem, action and solution.
Moving swiftly on, we all have bad days. And the moment you walk out the door you get a sense of what’s what, then someone comes along and has to spoil it all by spitting like a dribbling fool.
Many countries you get a fine for spitting or even a wrist chopped off. The times they are a changing. In some tradition’s it is traditional to spit wherever you are when you see demon or some sort of animals. You have to laugh at these sorts of tradition’s. For some they get a test after a few month’s whilst others just manage to slip between the teeth. In the seventies British people with braces, jeans and Doctor Martin boots spat all the time. They thought it was cool. Footballer player’s do it so for many they follow idles closely like we used to collect shiny sticker albums.
I personally think sneezing in people’s faces is rude, I suspect you do too. However as much as I hate to say it I am interested in about what you think on the matter. Do you think its OK if I spit on your grave? Or are you of the belief that spit and phlegm is a by product of living in the big smoke so just get on with it without a care in the world?

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By Robert Bridge

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