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This weeks news includes entertaining rumors about new films in production, celebrity entertainment news and global political news reactions. Twitter is a great place to catch up on what’s trending, Google Alerts is another good way of monitoring news and MSN helps find gossip about celebrities and movie entertainment.

Both Facebook and Twitter are great places to find out what is going on around the world.

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Political Entertainment News

Looking back this week has been interesting for news. A few weeks ago we heard a lot about fake news started by @Potus Prime Minister of America Donald Trump. Now already the law is being enforced on Facebook. So if you see any fake news there they want you to flag it for them. Click jacking news has hit mainstream users, the Google Code of siphoning traffic through shady headlines are over. Even Google Ad Sense is helping to reduce the amount of traffic these sites have been getting.

This month a lot of terrorist activity has happened, although random it is a global occurrence. In London we had an incident on Westminster Bridge near Big Ben where many people were injured and killed. Yesterday was some trouble in Denmark. A few days ago there was more trouble in Syria. And a couple of weeks ago we here in Britain left the European Union.

Economic Entertainment News

Peace One Day Entertainment.

Brexit has begun it’s course so consumer reports have been broadcast-ed on the radio. It seems sales are up because a drop in the Sterling currency attracting a record amount of buyers from Middle East and places like that.

Most of these sales take place in London square mile and procedures are being put in place to siphon shoppers to places like Birmingham to hopefully reduce the amount of visitors congregating the city central.

Europeans are being offered a deal for retaining citizenship. Equally Britain and Europe are helping out around the world to be there for countries that need us. Syria for example, I read last month in my area Haringey a couple of families with children from the war torn areas of Syria like Aleppo have been housed here by council. Equally more local areas in Europe, Africa, America and Eastern block have been bracing themselves in preparation for those who need it.

Celebrities love London. Today Baywatch actor Pamela Anderson admitted to having a relationship with Wiki Leaks Assange. There are groups of people in the city who share information on Social Media about top celebs, musicians, actors, politicians and millionaires. They sit out on the street in groups and are great people to ask for directions, they use Google Maps really well. They also monitor and share on forums for up to the minute information. Sometimes for Entertainment musicians do live gigs in central London record stores. Equally everybody like getting married in UK I believe Gretner Green is very popular this time of year.

London is a great place to launch movies, ironically still many movies that supposedly premier here have already premiered in China and America. I am still telling people about my theories of the new Hollywood is a ventured deal with China ‘Chinawood’. All the best films have both big Chinese and English American actors in them. The Monkey film was one, The Great Wall of China is another and of course all the Jackie Chan films are cool too.

The best way to understand what is happening with media is look at different orientation’s. I like talking about anything to do with what I cal Entertainment. For example visual media includes films, television series and documentaries. All are available online although people still chat about DVDs and USB file shares. When television shows go up market you can assume cinema is not doing great. Record box office deals help the economy and like the television entertainment keep societies on an even keel. Prices go up, which raises profits to pay for high budget films. Online and CD sales of television series is equally a positive prospect. Big Brother series has bumped up the need for more factual documentaries. News stations like Vice and Al Jazeera churn out more documentaries and downloads of stuff is creating constant riposting of the same stuff. Like click bait on news, visual media is manipulative through the screen shots. Images are conquering Twitter and made people less inclined to communicate humanly. Instagram and Snap Chat capture a lot of images which need no real intellectual responses. War news is bringing shocking visuals of after effects of explosions without any immediate evidence of who did what, only innocent victims of women and children in the rubble.

So we move from one emotion to the other very quickly. The good news is we can tailor make what we see online that way it is more entertaining. The bad news is that we have fears that are activated in all walks of life.

Scarcity is one: One day we might lose what we have, the prices could go up, there is less of us now and attendance is down etc.

Planning to travel is another: If you go there you’ll need multiple visas, at the airport you have to go through full body x rays and look into facial recognition software to get through. Worse still terrorism is rife in these countries so don’t go, there us not enough information about it other than someone from your country got burned there this week.

I sure you agree news is good, to know is to be prepared. However the truth is you could walk out the door and get knocked over. We now have robotic automated driven transport, under qualified Uber taxi drivers and volunteer lollipop men. My point is knowing is only a small percentage of the battle. Knowing when to look down at the ground instead of stare gormless like at passers by may stop any trouble but we deserve happiness. Knowing less makes us much more happy and content. Still the odd bit of celebrity news in our areas is often enough to get us out the door, isn’t it? And that’s entertainment!


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