Around the bush we go again


look over there squirrels?2016. Here we are a new month, the start of a new moon after a full one. The squirrels start gathering nuts in May. A media stockpile of things to nibble throughout summer as we think about wrapping up Spring like a Walnut Whip.

As schools come near a close and exams get written the yard takes on a new atmosphere. Together we can celebrate the coming in of Beltane, a chance for readers to honour the land, share gifts and spiral dance around the Maypole singing ‘Here we go gathering nuts in May’ a ‘Ring a ring of roses’ and hum the Wickerman pub guest house scene.

The mulberry bush is the old shopping centre. A place to explore all around, sit down eat, drink and act Merry. A place where people consider taking on board new contracts and renew each others annual or eighteenth month vows. A sudden realisation of how handfasting seems in the hand. Tactility plays a vital role in these matters although the topic of that recent text message becomes difficult to fathom.

No rhythm, no reason, no time and saying no to new offers at phone calls with people on the other end digging at straws. Pulling straws, short straws, long straws, missed straws. What I tend to do and reccomend to all my mates is add these numbers to your contacts as blocked numbers with a chosen ringtone so when they phone you don’t waste energy flapping to find your phone. Start these blocked contact user names with the letters so you do not see them regularly in your contact lisps.

A lot of people have a very basic script to follow. Telesales companies have and try out allsorts of new characters, who claim to have skills well beyond the usual 21 keys to the door type character’s. Especially since we move into another 5th season, people want to be ready for Summer Samian and Christmas pudding vacations. Keen to get on the phone practising all sorts of supposedly new disruptive neurolinguistics, mind control, dark arts oozing to get out. But when push comes to shove and you answer they just hang up. Smart phone users Google the number. These numbers always show up. Just block if you can, if not just add to contacts and change their annoying ringtone.

By Robert Bridge

Hi my name is Robert Bridge. I like wordpress websites and write about various topics online.

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