Attaining Enlightenment

It now looks like a moat or pond in Paris.
Here is the pyramid from the Divinci Method.

Attaining Enlightenment is never easy.

Choice’s are made which isolate us from one another. Only in fables can we see recorded history mentioning anything untoward.

Enlightenment era was synonymous with writing, yet the play’s were anything but lyrical pugilists. The language of Latin paved the way forward for men, in silence, in dark rooms meticulously scribbling on ink with snipped feathers to get busy with the fizzy.

They used air to scribe their understanding of art and national treasures on the masses.

Solo home alone they must have been wanting to pull hair from their head.

It’s the enlightened one’s who sat in silence for months on end, heads like bald eagles with short back and sides.

Today one who chooses this vocation is of ones freewill. Yesteryear’s man was forced into such vocational ruts.

Buddhist monks like Batman’s Brucie  whilst waiting for Enlightenment deprive themselves of human relationships.

When they fall from grace they start to experience a time of difficult transgressions.

Women documented this really well in nunneries and coined the word immancipation.

The grip of man has challenged society since the Garden of Eden has crushed ribs.

Families passed down some moss ridden tablets, instructing each other of one’s progression’s. Each sorting out their own keys towards being that great – ‘I Am’.

By Robert Bridge

Hi my name is Robert Bridge. I like wordpress websites and write about various topics online.

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