The Social Media Influencer

To understand what is working now you need to do the same things everyone else has been doing for a few years. We are all social media influencers feeding the machine.

History and validity of all philosophy whilst writing

This article is about common ground and potential homework to understand the new landscape we are now in to help navigate and draw upon interesting information to fold into writing. Hopefully this will help bring in new readers, understand some thoughts about philosophy, science and history already made, understood by readers around the world. The… Continue reading History and validity of all philosophy whilst writing

The history of relationships advice.

Where history of relationships advice begins. Visiting the local hospitals, institutes and various meetings that use many different languages. I also recommend various charities that helped me twelve years ago get settled in the city.

Media, TV and Choice Writing

The interplay and Brucey bonus of forming new habits and following daily trends. New ways of gathering thoughts and forming scheduled habits or writing and responding to mixed media. Firstly lets look at the obstacles, then take a look at the reasons why content is key factor in forming new writing habits. Lets take a… Continue reading Media, TV and Choice Writing


Fire and ice. One minute experience hot and another is cold. The medium is equally as important you. Its only with feedback is the real test. You send it out freely to the world and the world completely ignores it. Yes it may have trouble finding it. Difficult when the volume is low or the… Continue reading Untitled

device cect ka08 mini

Hard Reset in KA08 Mini Will help CECT KA08 Mini device runs too slowly. Reset and disable forgotten screen lock password patterns. Might resolve hang-ups and freezing.

KPI and key stages of effective on record oral communications

The KPI Framework to measuring performance for teams or sports is a motivational strategy to act as a guide and way of helping both people realise certain things. One of these of course is underperformance. If an Individual in a team is not fulfilling his role, the whole team will be effected and this person.

Claude Bristol Revisited

The feedback has been slow to say the least on the previous post. Hi my names Robert and in case you do not know a few weeks ago I took advice and explained as best I could about Claude Bristol the chapter whereby you look in the mirror and give affirmations of how well you… Continue reading Claude Bristol Revisited

Media Time Management

The amount of time we spend thinking about problems is nothing new and there are already many ways to fix these things.

Email and webmaster tips

In this post I share my experience, time using things and the value for someone with a website. Let me know in the comments below what you think.