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The Media is a Mineral

Once upon a time the media was only the people using their usual skills of communication. Now we have new senses, the printing press and Arpanet. This is already placed into the way we communicate and engage with youth. I sure you agree if media is a mineral we all are required to mine it’s data. The traditions have changed so we can take a look at this in a universal manner. Tapping the current media of it’s minerals requires a recipe book and a media encyclopedia to fully understand the ramifications of wise usage. Is the old adage Greeks and Romans championed to well of group mind, group discussion as well as a little acknowledgement of effective comprehensive teaching methods already in place. You see the media brings so many people together and unites all sorts of unions.
The traditional tools all around the world are the same. Thousands of years ago the world shared by design in architecture, skills sprouted up in art globally as new paints, styles and perceptions came to the fray, give or take a few years. With digital media for example thanks to multi-levels of broadcasting, posting and mounting skills we all know the same things. Yet many choose not to make efforts unless advertised in such a way that the majority feel left out if they not deliver quality. Some choose to represent the novices and others have branding scales to weigh. Each has access to a plethora of information.


A Great Way To Learn Is Getting On With It

We are good learner’s really. Hearts are mostly in the right place although sadly so much confusion. Like all good stories your bound to find lyrics about songs of joy with tears of laughter. And like rabbits on the road we just freeze.
Too many of us are guilty of tea bagging. As we dip in and dip out again we can still follow through with obtuse responses. Here I am! Pardon. Or even better – I beg your pardon. Because we are English and everything seems the sweetest taboo people think they can get away with murder. Then there’s the spitters. They spit on the street, they’d probably spit on your grandma’s grave given half a chance. Don’t make it personal, often it’s nothing to do with you. It would just be they have something trapped between their teeth. So there you go: problem, action and solution.
Moving swiftly on, we all have bad days. And the moment you walk out the door you get a sense of what’s what, then someone comes along and has to spoil it all by spitting like a dribbling fool.
Many countries you get a fine for spitting or even a wrist chopped off. The times they are a changing. In some tradition’s it is traditional to spit wherever you are when you see demon or some sort of animals. You have to laugh at these sorts of tradition’s. For some they get a test after a few month’s whilst others just manage to slip between the teeth. In the seventies British people with braces, jeans and Doctor Martin boots spat all the time. They thought it was cool. Footballer player’s do it so for many they follow idles closely like we used to collect shiny sticker albums.
I personally think sneezing in people’s faces is rude, I suspect you do too. However as much as I hate to say it I am interested in about what you think on the matter. Do you think its OK if I spit on your grave? Or are you of the belief that spit and phlegm is a by product of living in the big smoke so just get on with it without a care in the world?


Identity Recognition: Making Peace With Yourself

You think of yourself as tall,dark and handsome? Expecting a stranger to walk into your life sometime soon? These leading questions and ones like them are fake and distracting.

You are who you are and it is, what it is.

Peace comes about in fascinating ways, each experience blows me away. When I hear people talk from the heart; I feel fully awake, want to mirror this type of sharing and feel the nourishment of words inside myself.
Language of the heart is not shibboleths or something to be intimidated by. Very rarely heart talk leads to anger, frustration or discontent from others in the vicinity. Giving access to allow your heart into your communication organs does not put strain on your body, breath or blood flow.
Challenges arise, boundaries get broken and people around you do not understand what has happened in your head. The heart ensures a stronger force is present which cultivates saying likable things about people, and not getting roped into judgements.
Inside you have an abundant amount of skills that no one can comprehend, it’s up to you to take the reins on this one. The carriages you have privilege to pull and linked together in an uniformed way attracted by various things you have said and done. We have all proved ourselves at sometime and felt compelled to do good deeds.
Examples are so many in numbers but it wasn’t always that way.
We all started of small and like muscles we grew in girth and length. Thankfully society has given us freedom to think about what needs doing. Sometimes our time is charitable, family service or giving back. Like 10% charity 90% we deserve ourselves. Imagine spending doing this authentically for just you.
Knowledge of self is good because you are protected. Your imprint on the world suppressed or on a mission is very personal. Remember please the past like a memory is just that. And however you paint your future is nothing compared to the true presence of now.
Learning is happening constantly for ourselves and other people. If we ask for help constantly then at every important stage second opinions are marketing communications
Once we know who we are and have learned the basics of what we need to know to implement, fit in, with what needs doing it should be plain sailing. unfortunately this is not always the case. You are not the only pea in the pod. Other people will display feats of power and illusion, this is not to say they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, blessed with the gifts of the gab or just like bugging people, the world is full of challenges.
Mastering your emotions, learning again to increase your flexibility and constantly connecting dots to brighten the spider graph / mind map of situations happens when you allow it too.
Every corner has lessons being sold to you and we live in a world of excuses. Your identity reinforces itself when you step out of this arena. Looking at posters of leading centurions will only lead you into the tigers den.writing stories
Society needs warriors, not worriers. Take yourself out of the question, cloak yourself with invisibility, turn on aerial K9 ears and listen carefully. This does not mean finish sentences for others or make any assumptions from historical recollections or tar other people with the same brush. Just save the red alerts for when you need them based on simple laws of elementary and deduction. You can always tear yourself out the picture when need be.
You are your own portrait and you can revisit that painting whenever you want. Yes there are coachable trews which will make you look certain ways. Legacy or philanthropy determines what this angle may be. Put your on a moveable rig, imagine having a drone to fly around you like it could if it would your favourite landscape location. One angle shows leadership, another shows sensitivity or instills trust in other people. This type of knowledge will last for a while. There is no changing fashion in these sides of you. Since man has crushed grapes these poses have existed. Art gives hints of what works outside the realms of marketing London
We should not avoid history or theology like we do for the shape it has made us is real. To historians and theologians perhaps we are just putty in their hands, however my hope is you cultivate your own inner compass. This should help you when shaping your own identity. Its time to ground yourself firmly on a potter’s wheel of your own making to mould your own patterns.
Together in a class competition will help you shape things better. Challenges will get in the way and slow down the ticking clock. Get fired up, stay cool and go with the flow. The amount of time you direct on developing skills your toolbox expands. You can go out into the world and give 10% of your energy listening to other people’s mistakes and needs.

monitoring media
Monitoring Media Mind Map by Robert Bridge

music thoughts

Media Mediums that contribute to Popular Mass Culture

writing stories
Arranging lives. Organisational skills. Software to help us get organised. Finding the hip (current) media to do stuff in an attempt to stay with it, evolve, be less primitive.
Finding the right way to engage a dialogue between peers. Participating in an proper way. If you want to get noticed you have a choice of media. If you have a nice voice you may want to communicate over the phone, call into a radio show to ask and answer questions or leave a recorded message or conversation for people to refer too. In the music industry you could record a song accompanied by some music, you may have made, acquired through open source, made with software or purchased from popular outlets to acquire a legal license.
Leather illuminatiAge of participation from audience has broadened. Any age with the help of mixed media can be intelligent enough to be accepted in Entertainment, business and give to conversations. Children from an early age have an advantage of learning at a time in their lives where they can master media, it should be encouraged, it may also make older academic people intimidated but it is not something to worry about.
Robert Bridge Media
Even stories can be written by younger writers. spellchecker are amazing. Narratives of classic books have due to time become open source, this provides templates for anyone to experiment with, replicate and structure effective styles of writing. Criticism is quick thanks to the Internet. More people online reading, means more chance of getting practical feedback. The effects of this means more junk online as more and more people develop. The footprint of everything recently have led to job losses from criticisms of earlier social media blurbs. Micro sites like Twitter are easy enough to flush but people forget to drop. You can use tools to watch social media for anything negatively explicit.
media marketing does this really well. It also gives step by step instructions in what to do and how to engage on social media and websites. Once you understand these once thought common sense rules you can regulate yourself easier online. Think of it like a game, understand the rules and you will avoid any sudden or lasting effects. If you are writing about personal issues and reactions throughout the day try using a paper and pen than something digital. With touch screen the temptation is to apply handwriting to digital formats. Equally pictures can be drawn and easily published online. Two things come to mind that you may want to keep tabs on is Branding and copyright. Think do you want your ideas copied and used in films, television, theatre to explain the time we live in and not have to be credited. Art is a gift. If you think a gift like an image or a painting is worth something then do not upload to free social media sites without adding water margins, or hyperlinks to sites that may sell your wares.
understanding mediaThe argument is on Social Media is that unless you get likes or comments no one is actually listening. This encourages people to share more of their own intellectual property. Security of art is extended outside the safety of the home under lock and key. Western man has had warmth from buildings with keys to lock themselves in. Cameras inside add to security as well as give agencies the ability to monitor people. Drones and smaller insect cameras mean easier surveillance. So the balance of avoiding media and engaging in media comes closer together.
websiteThe workplace has changed. This confuses people. Old jobs seem obsolete and current jobs are difficult to prove. Some people can accept and embrace, others still struggle to adapt. The incarnate nature of the situation has some relative effects we can see in an unusual amount of people, men, women, and other free thinking creatures. Whales and dolphins are being found washed up on shore. The effects of modernity and using disposable plastics has effects on the eco system. The chaos effect talks about this. A flap of wings in one place causes hurricanes on the other side of the planet. Intuition and global consciousness of this is another reason to bring up. Information moves faster, information becomes repetitive and dulls the senses. Exposure to violence and warfare from history and media has not helped. The argument there is that we have become thick-skinned. One joke from yesterdays news is enough for us to continue on with our ‘busy’ lives. Trouble makers have more competition in being original and creative. Bad leaders can easily get the help to fast track a country to ruin. So a belief in sure things like popular algorithms lead to ruin when the tide turns.
robert bridge mobile media

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Making Space of Hallowed Ground

We all find hallowed ground someplace

Technology has given us the extended ability to dig a lot deeper than in previous years. Much of life may have once been buried can be dug up online thanks to the World Wide Web. Homework is a lot easier and more people join Facebook day in, day out. And for every birth there is a death of some sorts. Photographs once private like conversations, now become public, people online no longer see privacy as an issue, so they share favourite spaces. Family members tag one another, which has become a popular sport. We have more channels than relatives and find new friends through ways other than fellowship. Climbers share moments hanging from the cliff face, workers share videos of themselves climbing telegraph aerials. New families share intimate moments of birth, growing up, achieving things, sickness and then death, they can even organise funerals. This new reality must have created a rise in funeral cremations because people understand the digital footprint leaves memories in the sand for future generations to sniff out.

I wonder then what the Vatican is doing about this. Everybody around the world has dabbled with Italian cuisine, outsourced the right ingredients and focused on the finer details like seasoning to replicate dishes. In the city anywhere in the world we can takeaway exotic dishes from remote areas around the world. Rural remote areas are taking advantage of these finer details by sharing YouTube videos cooking for large families outside in big silver and copper pans. Street food is on the rise, which flattens prices through globalisation. Home deliveries via Apps are creating business for people who didn’t have any. Instagram has helped people in poor areas to reach out culturally by selling little twists on old school recipes. Culturally we have no reason not to know local myths and religious beliefs. The Vatican catholic idea of confession historically documented and hosted all sorts of things, which the online community has embraced. The popular religions come first then I gather the smaller indoctrination’s will come later. We can already speak into a device which immediately translates what we have just said. There are choices of accents. When we receive calls there is no surprise there when a foreign accent comes through. There are several immutable laws they use to bug you which you can block cold calls like them via OffCom. To make your space sacred you may need control of the elements.

The first rule of thumb depends on the activities you engage in. A camera cannot capture the amount of alcohol you consumed on that day. The office party still remains that sacred place where CEO’s, Managers and Philanthropists’ can gather there data. In such a sacred space which puts bread on the table they must examine your every move and gesture. Through this space with the addition of all the various recording devices a boss can have you shut down in the blink of an eyelid. My point is nothing is sacred anymore, even your home is target for similar shenanigans. As we move into the age of toilet politics, square paper rations and the effects on the backs of men sharing bathtubs with daddy. When you do manage to look over your shoulder you should see less on the back than what you can reach in the front. The rise of electrolysis and films paying homage to the horror flicks of mid twentieth century in the shower. Nothing is sacred anymore; even your mother’s underwear could lead to various consequences. The Vatican like the internet loves to see a bit of dirt on the shoe, it makes them feel better, which helps them invest more in the second hand objects. So to be a human temple we need to see a pan-optical view of you. And as many of you may have been born out of wedlock there are others with deeper issues that prevent them embracing big brother. The world before internet was a sickening place according the victims trapped behind locked doors. Its these people who I speak too, saying everything will be ok. No one cares about you enough to judge the wrong that may have happened to you. Without rich media evidence neither should you. The Internet then promotes doubt which brings an even bigger question on what is real and hyper real. Was it a real experience or just a deeper neurolinguistics plant put in your sacred spaces window? This type of information is gathered to create a picture of your family tree as the search continues for the perfect cells. What is it that lies beneath it all, so let’s prize of nails and then crowbar of kneecaps in a tit for tat fashion.


making spaces hallowedground

When we say we see the light is this because we want to appear more focused. Which implies that we are still searching for something? Hopping around religions and flower beds looking for new experiences. Tarred with the same feathers from a sacred pillow, hidden beneath the outside drains; clowns collecting twenty peas for god knows what. Nothing is sacred outside and in the mind when you see it you will articulate its place through art, creativity, mixed media and teaching experience. And on television again is Terry Wogan with special guest David Icke. David meet Terry and if this goes well you can have a fireside chat with Graham Norton. Point being if your sacred space is a studio it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing pictures of all your mates naked stroking reptiles.


Seeking Verification of Things in Communications

Words are very powerful and they transform the way we feel sometimes. You can change your thoughts on matters by simply changing the narrative so I did that because I wanted to. If you are seeking verification of things in communications to see if this is the case I have jotted down some simple suggestions.
Verification of things you say is not as easy as verifying an email address password change. I am not Microsoft. Verification of things you talk about in various scenarios will determine your why. Whatever the reasoning behind it we will take a look and even touch base with some examples of good and bad reasons. I want some of you to come away from seeking and realising your own power of observation. Validating hunchs can take years. Clearing much of the clutter in the mind helps when you clean up or prevent making a mess in the first place.
When you are worried about something words can become garbled. Even if you are listening to what words are coming out of your mouth, perhaps the people on the other side of the room cannot hear a word you are saying. Perhaps they ask you to speak up and in doing so helping you elevate your tone of voice. Then again any help could make you worry, even more, say less next time or walk away. My point is communications work both ways. Online simple packets pass through hubs which translate messages. There are known codes which help machines translate text and now apps translate words almost immediately. If you speak clearly, use correct grammar and avoid slang words the machine can more easily understand what it is you are trying to communicate with people. Even then the words may come out garbled and robotic. Technology can not sort everything out. Neither should you.
understanding agendas
There is no need to worry if no one validates your ideas. They are only ideas. Even if they contest your research if you have done all your homework correctly you should easily be able to bring reports up to a standard acceptable to your peers. In the workplace, this will be at first very frustrating. Starting off on the right foot may help, boiling kettles, packed lunches and bottles all help blend in during those first few crucial months. If you can be nervous without showing your nervousness you should be fine. Nerves only make other people nervous. Looking happy wins most battles. However, you should not still be smiling when punishments are being dished out because they may think you are not listening or like being punished.
If validation is not a protocol of working with other people and is for your own project online is a great way of getting feedback. It might not be the feedback you expected but still, something is better than nothing. Try different places. Most people want help with simple things. By being of help, you will hang around long enough to meet the people you need. The more you type and the more you just keep churning away the more the chance to something developing.
You might have to let go of any reservations you have about what you are saying. If it is really bad there is always someone willing to share their own experience of making mistakes communicating online with other human beings. You must understand not everyone is reading in English. Culturally there are stops which mean people from whatever country are reluctant to interject. The terminology may have become lost in translation. The sound of what was said may have been stifled by something more important advertising itself to you. Some things are so powerful, made better and more entertaining than the main feature, so please do not get concerned about being too distracted or disinterested because it happens to the best of us.
In science, the search for validation is done under laboratory conditions which help prove right from wrong. Maths communicate in similar ways. They are both either right or wrong. Over years knowledge expands. In the past few decades alone there have been a lot of changes. Put this in the context of our communications which others and you have a better idea of how complex language, communications, persuasion and media really are. Now one Moji could explain everything. Similarly, you will be in competition with people who have what they are trying to say tattooed on their head or neck. The work ethos is not always as tribal however out there in the real world your validation is necessary. You have already embraced so much and put up with much more. Main concerns seem to be identity. Ethnicity perhaps, other peoples religion, clashes of past identity and preferences can hold you back. Making yourself comfortable in the office is best done when it is your office, not somebody else’s. We were not all around during the summer of 76, however, there is always more momentary years than others. You can use these sweeping generalisations to make who you are speaking to more comfortable. The easiest thing to guess these days is age. Even with all the beauty products out there, you can see the age in the crows of peoples eyes.
As much as you want validation; understand this: not everyone seeks validation of their own mortality and existence. Some people are just happy in the now. They walk around with a dustpan, brush and mop as they go along. The clutter is not an issue for them because there is none. If you are like me, more patient and willing to understand the roles of other people in society we will all just get along fine. I try not to step on too many sets of toes. I do not say this likely and try at every step not to mince words. Each sentence is like part of a puzzle and when everything slots into place people comment with feedback and how they see it. Basically, our minds are all over the place. One train of thought can activate or release someone else’s pain and woe. If you open your mouth half the battle is won. Unless you’re in a foreign country of conflict and stand out like a sore thumb.
If you ask for something and they give you the wrong thing you will have to go back and get the correct ticket. We are all on different paths in territories often unknown. This it is why you should do your own research before rushing around, day after day, alone on a hill, with the man that is there standing perfectly still “fool!”. With some people, you should raise your tone and others you may need to soften it a little. Depending on how clever you think people are and the expertise of people you’ll use the right terminology. Simple or complicated the important thing to do is get your point across. Speaking one to one or millions of people on Instagram you want to share an unambiguous message. Some people will completely not get it, in fact, the chances are they will not even notice. People see a direct reflection of where their own head is at, all you have to do is ask rather than request a smile.


Pressured To Do Write

There is always somebody pressuring us to do right things and as writers pressurising us to write is a good thing. There are a few simple ways to spot when bloggers are being pressured into doing things. Equally outside forces mean we can make certain assumptions about people might be thinking. This article is not me touching up someone else’s post. At least I don’t think it is. I not plan what comes out, nor do I have a desire to finish any sentences for you. So, with all that said I shall continue with this months entry.
Hi my name is Robert Bridge and I’d just like to thank Reddit for 100’s of visitors last month (May 2017). I am the main writer on this blog, as a matter of fact its just me all alone which is great that I do not have anyone finishing sentences for me. I know about how hard it is sometimes when people expect you to hang on every shallow word they say. Academic, a new YouTube video or some sudden biblical revelation is very personal.
I try not to get too personal and my comments I sure you agree are very superficial on the surface although lasting in a significant enough way to avoid any unnecessary instant dismissal.
Everyday it seems most people I know are tortured or distracted in the most unusual and unique ways. Many nets have been cast in the world of personal development, truths seekers and those of a similar ilk.
Procrastination starts I think elsewhere and in the world of writing online its a big responsability going over what you have previously written. Words if they are so important and simple enough to be non offensive to readers as well as reducing loss of translation across the board. Words can be very backwards, therefore is little wonder we catch ourselves back peddling.
The forces that be push us into experiencing the frustration of procrastination. And as we put things of and sugar coat things the less gets done.
From an outside perspective we have a helpful birds eye view of things. As writers we also have readers, mainly though ourselves. We come across pictures of Sea of Bones all the time and the temptation is understandably to walk on by, ignore, mind our own business to avoid any confrontation or ridicule. Finding our own voices, oracles and muses is way over the top. To our friends like wolves we howl the one thing we don’t want to do and as experts we seem to be pidgeon holing ourselves with that ‘build a wall’ to fix things mentality.
There is a film with Bruce Willis that explains this a bit better called Unbreakable. The film alone explains the polarity of what’s deemed good and bad in a topic most ignore. The mind is shaped in different ways.
Equally the brain size may have contributed to amazing engineering and architecture thousands of years ago. Special helicopters that no one talks about. Vessels that travelled swiftly over continents. Buildings built on points of earth which had astrological allignments.
All these like writers block, mysteries.
Whether its a big wow, something mundane or things you create yourself we can bet your bottom dollar, somewhere down the line someone or something is pressurising us in some way.
Again writing is solid enough to be written at equal times of conciousness.
The exposure of elements cannot help but contribute to our growth and who’s to say if one glove fits all. Its our duality of conciousness and unconcious that unites us.
And there is where our quest for difference and uniqueness is where the rabbit meets the road. Which raises the question, no matter how much common sense feeds the doubt: are we any better off with coaches and mentors?


The Power Of A Group Mind

The group mind in today’s post is powerful enough to move heavy stones and build gigantic structure’s.
Hi my name is Robert Bridge and this is my blog: Media Marketing Communication’s. I live in London with my dog Mutley and am interested in alternative form’s of education, communications and basic practical linguistic skill’s.
The group mind organised in a constructive way on commune’s for people who have passed tests set by leaders of brave new world’s. Atlantis and places like that ( see my Facebook post below, as I summarised a YouTube video I watched this week.
The pyramid’s mystery begin to unfold. Zoroastrian Persian diaries reveal the wise men and Kings in the bible on the day of Jesus birth were perhaps Persian monk’s. Stonehenge blocks may have moved in similar circle’s and Atlantis was what thinkers thought about when focusing on other group mind community projects.
No one wants a bee put in their bonnets. Especially when it challenge’s nativity plays which many of us have acted out in, dressed up in old clothes or played accompanying music too. These memories are very special. Some of us may have also taught similar stories passed down through generation to generation under shelter of buildings that have outlived our great grand parents.
Imagine a community of people living together from all around the world. They are very clever and have qualified in many fields in order to be there. People who were sort out from around the world. A peaceful team of mercenaries focusing their minds into one place through a group transmission of united energy. Mind weightlifting heavy objects with telekinesis before the days of giant cranes and dumpster trucks. The intelligent group commune is suggested as being around for thousand’s of year’s. The best of the best keeping information in the family. The kibbutz overflowing with innate wisdom empowering everybody there in equal ways. Then someone at the helm conducting procedure’s, are they god’s or simply humble site manager’s. Are they dependant on planets element’s or are they controlling the elements in their area, over the roof they call sky?
Are they simply chess piece’s or a collection of jigsaw puzzles solving all sorts of stuff. History show’s this maybe the case. And anyone who has ever tried to solve a puzzle has compassion for those trying to solve these things.
We assume everyone has our own place and we are unique and by proxy we mostly focus ourselves throughout the month on one form of empowerment or another.
Think Mastermind, the hot seat over a thirty year period. The best contender score highly, popularity, looking the write way and smiling slowly has no merit’s. Take the best of the best and put then together and seal them in a bubble.
The bubble becomes a global membrane and at the end of it all they are sick of the sight of one another. They probably love and cherish each other put that’s by the by. My point is from such an incubatory l see no reason why these Atlantean people should not be able to move heavy object’s with the mind, provided they had or have on tap the right fuel.
We still no nothing about the brain.


An Exccestential Experience: The Arts Pushing Subjects To Their Limits

Every day we are finding out new thing’s about ourselves. We meet certain people who teach us perhaps better ways of discipline in life which can make us fit in more or consequently isolate us from the rest of society.
These processes of learning, often gruelling psychologically for a time push us to our limits.
I am confident dependant on your age, your access to certain methods of gathering information and techniques processed to activate senses inside we most of you reading will recognise. Arts of the mind have tests which create inside walls which protect us from going temporarily insane.
Discipline is not for everyone and for me anyway it’s easy to see why I switch from one programme to the next. I can honestly say on several occasions I have trusted my guide’s. And each time part of my subconscious has either switched on a trembling fear of this unknown or I react with an unnatural humour which makes me retaliate from the actual practise.
The good thing is I have been patient, have done quite a bit of work on myself and my memory is like a black/grease board. One wipe and the memories are gone. My point is: have you ever pushed yourself to the edge of sanity in order to learn something challenging? I hope or hazard you have, else reading today’s blurbs will be (like one of worst fears) a complete waste of time. Think about the amount of times you walk yourself and carry others with you down the garden path. Some of us are more convincing than others, so we hang ourselves on those every words. The speed of implementation and communications have been to slow. Or fine print to small, reading capability so slow you put yourself a sleep with it all. The irony is gravitating to such a thing was for an awakening but the walls on impact make you more dazed & confused more than anything else. Do I think this makes me weak? No. Do I feel less than for the inability to comply? Perhaps, temporarily. Am I a better person for walking myself through such a dark tunnel? Who knows, although the time it took I could have practically achieved something else. When the why is bigger than the what anything is possible. This could though prolong your journey to the destination you originally outlined as something you wished to achieve. The study of mathematics is a great way of remembering what this might feel like. You master maths, are able to rationally weigh the odds of hearts and feathers balancing, it has helped you. Technical drawing, you master the tools and everything fits into place. Language, spelling and persuasion you become for influential. The fact is it is much easier to help other people, in doing so we help ourselves. So please make sure your end goal is a good fit for the full mind map/spider graph of things.


Life is a likely story

Here at inland Britain we set standards so high we could hit the sky, sounds a familiar story isn’t it.
Life on land is less precarious, yes the option is available to visit the canal’s of Great Britain or comb the shores of the British Isles but mostly we are land lubber’s marching back and forth.
In today’s entry I wish to talk about “location, location, location” just another motto for success that makes sense.
Hi my names Robert Bridge and I am currently missing the beaches of my surrounding birth place Isle of Man. Here in the city we have a nice canal which is great but is just not the same breeze.
I remember walking the dog on a sunny sandy beach, as long as you get there before 10 o’clock or after 5.30 in the afternoon dogs walking beaches on man is cool.
Years ago they had beach mission contests for the best dressed babies and punch and Judy shows.
Everyone would visit to watch the sun come up and go down, the stars at night shine brighter than anywhere else I have been.
I am sure you have something you miss about your home town and would like you to share about them in the comments below.
Stories work best when reality frames the context. I think we write better stories when we focus on things we love or at least passionate about in some way.
We all settle for entertainment and see this from any old Tom, Dick and Harry, so why not get creative.

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Attaining Enlightenment

Here is the pyramid from the Divinci Method.

Attaining Enlightenment is never easy.

Choice’s are made which isolate us from one another. Only in fables can we see recorded history mentioning anything untoward.

Enlightenment era was synonymous with writing, yet the play’s were anything but lyrical pugilists. The language of Latin paved the way forward for men, in silence, in dark rooms meticulously scribbling on ink with snipped feathers to get busy with the fizzy.

They used air to scribe their understanding of art and national treasures on the masses.

Solo home alone they must have been wanting to pull hair from their head.

It’s the enlightened one’s who sat in silence for months on end, heads like bald eagles with short back and sides.

Today one who chooses this vocation is of ones freewill. Yesteryear’s man was forced into such vocational ruts.

Buddhist monks like Batman’s Brucie whilst waiting for Enlightenment deprive themselves of human relationships.

When they fall from grace they start to experience a time of difficult transgressions.

Women documented this really well in nunneries and coined the word immancipation.

The grip of man has challenged society since the Garden of Eden has crushed ribs.

Families passed down some moss ridden tablets, instructing each other of one’s progression’s. Each sorting out their own keys towards being that great – ‘I Am’.


how to do affiliate marketing with wordpress

How to do affiliate marketing with WordPress Affiliate marketing other people’s products is a lot easier than creating your own and it’s also cheaper to do.

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Rise of Illuminati Rubber: The Spice Trade, Silk & The Fall of Ivory

The illuminati’s use of rubber helped them make more money. Illuminati predicted that rubber extracted from tree’s would be a product the whole world would need.
Leather illuminati

The Real Illuminati Operated like Opticians

This was before tyres became popular, before this they concentrated their efforts on hunting and trading ivory. Today oil is a big component yet like the price of ivory, barrel prices have dropped. The Spice trade has messed up a new generation of youth.

Echelons of society have been looking down on the world, always trying to make themselves look smarter than the little man.

They’d wear silk shirts and plan wars to dominate shipping ports.

Over the years Illuminati fetish fashions have capitalized on various things including rubber, rubber vests, rubber underpants, balacalava’s, gas masks and other headgear.

Illuminati – iON & Bob.

A popular artists depiction of Freemasonry a group often associated as illuminated ones. A global strong fellowship of men and women who pay handsomely to have a good time, strive to be at the top of their game, always looking for the next big money spinner.

If you want to broaden your why in life see how much of these members earnings go into strengthening sworn in members relationships. I also considered sharing an image of a plain wooden back scratches. A popular tool that symbolises what the above audio was all about in the 20th Century.

As some of you may have noticed in the chat box and on Micro Sites like Twitter I revel in taking satire to the Nth Degree.

This is one of those Illuminati entries.

We all want to be adults and feel younger.

The truth maybe behind closed doors all kinds of crazy things are taking shapes.

Rubber is still used today in life; sports, running, pet toys, the building trade, survival wear, the military, fashion, art etc.

My buddy did a really good red leather mold of his girlfriend at the time which he sold to a client for a few quid. The leather was strengthened to hold up well on a wall and captured really well the top half of women’s beauty. Every pair of boots, sneakers, shoes have some sort of rubber injected into it. The enlightened echelons of society were right to identify rubber as a commodity.

Over time I gather the texture of leather gathered memento, now it seems cliche, has gathered moss and I wish to talk some about this.

Fashion seeps into areas of practicality and principality. This also exists in darker taboos that attracts wealthy people and soul seekers.

Even the members of the cloth are effected in someway by the things they have to deal with. St Patrick comes to mind. St Patrick had a staff of solid snakes skin, this is symbolic of the type of people he was helping. He is best known for being able to handle snakes.
The 20th Century was a big time for the military, so many wars inspired writers, poets and many business books were written. Those who survived lived a long time and witnessed the worlds experiments as well as the explorations.

Gulliver’s Travel’s is one such book. In the book Gulliver came across a big giant troll who he tied down with leather straps.
Even Western cowboy culture needed leather. Leather holsters for guns, leather tassels on the cowboy uniforms, their boots, the horses bridle, horse whips, rubber door stoppers and I could go on and on.
In Europe two world wars took on more leather. Today during protests crowd control police are armed with rubber bullets. Batman has a black rubber suit which is strengthened to repel bullets which I assume is a bonded matrix rubber fiber. We now have 3D printers which assume can use rubber to replicate anything. My point is the use of rubber is no way exclusive to Illuminati.
I assume enlightened people pop up on the radar everyday. And what I understand about sharing is, ideas shared can also take the power out of things. There is nothing to feel guilty about in leather.

Fonzi from Happy Days wore a James Dean type leather jacket. Popular nineties Indie bands all wore once in a while leather jackets. Leather is also great for protection for example motorbike suit’s are really practical. Cyclist’s wear strong rubber protective helmet’s.

More recently in Syria a band of volunteer’s wore white leather helmet’s. Mainly women from America living in Syria who are autonomous and all about peace. They were unfortunately this week witness to an attack in the war torn area. This is not unusual because they positioned themselves on Social Media as the go to people for what currently happens there. War does have a high impact and understanding people through looking at the head gear is mentioned in iON’s blurbs to Bob.

They talk about masks. Wyndham Lewis spoke about masks a lot in his books, he also explored how women’s rights would change but how the roles of men were mirrored even still to this day of women in politics. The mask is a put on face that is appropriate for positions of power. The gas mask during World War was issued to everybody here in UK, people would carry them around everywhere in wooden boxes.
Behind the suit in the movie Predator aliens have rubber like dreads, the aliens skin is scaled like reptilians, they blend in the environment with genetic, futuristic chameleons software.

Earth is a battleground to them, a place where they earn stripes.

The Predators explore the universe and earth is just one of their stomping ground’ rubber suits
The writer has obviously been inspired by Illuminati ideas. And as we know from people who align themselves pretentiously or otherwise with the Illuminati is not something racially indiscriminate.
The extensions like masks and materials are put on to help control the situation. This is why Illuminati, George Orwell adaptation of big brother and other forms of practical cybernetics are so poignant and popular today.

Behind the scenes Illuminati in films like Eyes Wide Shut show how far rituals can go.
The mask is an illusion which people think is enough to hide one’s identity and this is just a facade.

Fiction in this example is tapping into nostalgic remnants of hedonistic society.
Before the great depression there was a time of celebration in response to victories from the spoils of war.

Inevitably a crash has to occur. This is why I like to remain moderately balanced. Happiness and sadness in other people therefore to me is transitory.People are at where they are at. My hope is that through sacrifice and expectation of wealth people still get to find good health, live fruitful lives.

Least of all for you and myself I wish you do something special. And if there are illuminated ones out there looking down on us, I hope they help us come into our own power as apposed to being objects of their own entertainment.

Those who survived lived a long time. Even Western cowboy culture needed leather.

Leather holsters for guns, leather tassels on the cowboy uniforms, their boots, the horses bridle, horse whips, rubber door stoppers and I could go on and on. In Europe two world wars took on more leather.

Today during protests crowd control police are armed with rubber bullets. Batman has a black rubber suit which is strengthened to repel bullets which I assume is a bonded matrix rubber fiber.

We now have 3D printers which assume can use rubber to replicate anything. My point is the use of rubber is no way exclusive to Illuminati. I assume enlightened people pop up on the radar everyday. And what I understand about sharing is, ideas shared can also take the power out of things.

There is nothing to feel guilty about in leather. Fonzi from Happy Days wore a James Dean type leather jacket. Popular nineties Indie bands all wore once in a while leather jackets. Leather is also great for protection for example motorbike suit’s are really practical, perfect for secret Illuminati groups.
Cyclist’s wear strong rubber protective helmet’s. More recently in Syria a band of volunteer’s wore white leather helmet’s. Mainly women from America living in Syria who are autonomous and all about peace.

They were unfortunately this week witness to an attack in the war torn area. This is not unusual because they positioned themselves on Social Media as the go to people for what currently happens there.

War does have a high impact and understanding people through looking at the head gear is mentioned in iON’ s blurbs to Bob. They talk about masks.

Wyndham Lewis spoke about masks a lot in his books, he also explored how women’s rights would change but how the roles of men were mirrored even still to this day by women in politics.

The mask is a put on face that is appropriate for positions of power.

The gas mask during World War was issued to everybody here in UK, people would carry them around everywhere in wooden boxes.

Behind the suit in the movie Predator aliens have rubber like dreads, the aliens skin is scaled like reptilians, they blend in the environment with genetic, futuristic chameleons software.

Earth is a battleground to them, a place where they earn stripes. The Predators explore the universe and earth is just one of their stomping ground’s.

The writer has obviously been inspired by Illuminati ideas. And as we know from people who align themselves pretentiously or otherwise with the Illuminati is not something racially indiscriminate. The extensions like masks and materials.

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When International Communications Break Down

For whatever reasons transnational communications breakdown when things go wrong.

Passed down information, like gossip can get misconstrued.

yes it does still happen.

Across the globe more people are connected digitally than ever before.

A rise in VoIP communications offers face to face interaction which installs trust.

When people of power talk this way things can go wrong.

Monitoring media is not so hard to assume anymore,
this means conversations can be recorded,
intercepted in some way or even worse digitally created.

With photo shop, retinal operations and plastic surgery these days anything is possible.

The pulse of the media is change, sound travels as we touch glass screens.

Words are written by themselves and dictionary’s have improved the way text is seamlessly written.

The great news is it’s easy to tell when someone is reading from the Teleprompter.

Be reminded though Max Hendrom has been about for thirty years.

Max Hendrom for those who are too young to remember was an Anchor Man and like Bruce Lee fighting he when talking never stopped moving.

Sometimes he would black out but he’d always come back again talking rubbish.

He looked like that boy of TV show Red Dwarf, the robotic helper who sounds a bit like C3P0 an android from the Star Wars trilogy.

How international are we?

Anywhere with a communication network that we can cipher.

This requires a power connection, a lead that works both ends and people to talk to one another.

The incentives for global communications include:

Paid positions of power doing a job

Finding, interviewing and recruiting
General chit chat and cold calling leads
Meeting of expert minds troubleshooting
Family business and nepotism
Testimonies and eye witness statement’s

I invite you to leave some suggestions in the comments below.

You may even get a link pointing to your own website.

Be warned though I like reading, not big on posh images and advertising nor am I unacquainted with VLogs.

Internationally we can assume there is an alliance between one another.

It isa reciprocal understanding where like minded bloggers are scratching and splashing each others back’s.

In public organisations this is when things more sticky.

Recently reputation is everything and sometimes this is all we have.

Globalisation has not changed the fact that one bad apple can spoil the batch.

When two people meet and talk flippantly, immediate action of power should never be taken lightly.

Most good leaders surround themselves with a secret council of ten or about that.

Just enough people to bounce of and explore all the best possibilities.

One wrong move could lead to mistakes.

This is why leaders should speak more candidly to peers.

They do not want constant agreement in fact they should want people around them to challenge beliefs.

After all nothing is set in stone, right?

The truth is internationally we don’t all get on.

Its difficult to compete with big organisations with agendas and its not like there is a hypocratical oath for bloggers and journalist’s.

These agendas branded as fake news has not worked. This proves my point: ‘You are what you speak’.

When words become reality no matter how discarnate or true a conversation is nothing compares to the truth that lies within.

And mindfulness is another thing being drilled peoples heads.

At the end of the day, behind every country there is a pipeline leading to the truth.

We all seek more energy and a seeking online fresh new awakenings.

The sad truth is a lot of people like to dress up in rubber uniforms, pretending to be nurses and police officers regardless of gender.

Uniforms you bet your bottom dollar are being stitched as we speak.

And again like global international communications these frameworks are being built decades in advance.

I’d like you to think about how we can avoid framing our leaders.

Think of new ways we can hold each others hands across the busy street. Help normal people; come out the closet so we start challenging left wing sissified agenda’s.


April Entertainment News

This weeks news includes entertaining rumors about new films in production, celebrity entertainment news and global political news reactions. Twitter is a great place to catch up on what’s trending, Google Alerts is another good way of monitoring news and MSN helps find gossip about celebrities and movie entertainment.

Both Facebook and Twitter are great places to find out what is going on around the world.

Hi my name is Robert Bridge, I live in London with my dog Mutley and this is my blog so thanks for visiting. If you like how I write, get value from what I share or think someone may get something from today’s entry be sure to share with them too. If you follow media news and entertainment be sure to follow me on Twitter.

Entertainment Tweets via @robertbridge

Political Entertainment News

Looking back this week has been interesting for news. A few weeks ago we heard a lot about fake news started by @Potus Prime Minister of America Donald Trump. Now already the law is being enforced on Facebook. So if you see any fake news there they want you to flag it for them. Click jacking news has hit mainstream users, the Google Code of siphoning traffic through shady headlines are over. Even Google Ad Sense is helping to reduce the amount of traffic these sites have been getting.

This month a lot of terrorist activity has happened, although random it is a global occurrence. In London we had an incident on Westminster Bridge near Big Ben where many people were injured and killed. Yesterday was some trouble in Denmark. A few days ago there was more trouble in Syria. And a couple of weeks ago we here in Britain left the European Union.

Economic Entertainment News

Peace One Day Entertainment.

Brexit has begun it’s course so consumer reports have been broadcast-ed on the radio. It seems sales are up because a drop in the Sterling currency attracting a record amount of buyers from Middle East and places like that.

Most of these sales take place in London square mile and procedures are being put in place to siphon shoppers to places like Birmingham to hopefully reduce the amount of visitors congregating the city central.

Europeans are being offered a deal for retaining citizenship. Equally Britain and Europe are helping out around the world to be there for countries that need us. Syria for example, I read last month in my area Haringey a couple of families with children from the war torn areas of Syria like Aleppo have been housed here by council. Equally more local areas in Europe, Africa, America and Eastern block have been bracing themselves in preparation for those who need it.

Celebrities love London. Today Baywatch actor Pamela Anderson admitted to having a relationship with Wiki Leaks Assange. There are groups of people in the city who share information on Social Media about top celebs, musicians, actors, politicians and millionaires. They sit out on the street in groups and are great people to ask for directions, they use Google Maps really well. They also monitor and share on forums for up to the minute information. Sometimes for Entertainment musicians do live gigs in central London record stores. Equally everybody like getting married in UK I believe Gretner Green is very popular this time of year.

London is a great place to launch movies, ironically still many movies that supposedly premier here have already premiered in China and America. I am still telling people about my theories of the new Hollywood is a ventured deal with China ‘Chinawood’. All the best films have both big Chinese and English American actors in them. The Monkey film was one, The Great Wall of China is another and of course all the Jackie Chan films are cool too.

The best way to understand what is happening with media is look at different orientation’s. I like talking about anything to do with what I cal Entertainment. For example visual media includes films, television series and documentaries. All are available online although people still chat about DVDs and USB file shares. When television shows go up market you can assume cinema is not doing great. Record box office deals help the economy and like the television entertainment keep societies on an even keel. Prices go up, which raises profits to pay for high budget films. Online and CD sales of television series is equally a positive prospect. Big Brother series has bumped up the need for more factual documentaries. News stations like Vice and Al Jazeera churn out more documentaries and downloads of stuff is creating constant riposting of the same stuff. Like click bait on news, visual media is manipulative through the screen shots. Images are conquering Twitter and made people less inclined to communicate humanly. Instagram and Snap Chat capture a lot of images which need no real intellectual responses. War news is bringing shocking visuals of after effects of explosions without any immediate evidence of who did what, only innocent victims of women and children in the rubble.

So we move from one emotion to the other very quickly. The good news is we can tailor make what we see online that way it is more entertaining. The bad news is that we have fears that are activated in all walks of life.

Scarcity is one: One day we might lose what we have, the prices could go up, there is less of us now and attendance is down etc.

Planning to travel is another: If you go there you’ll need multiple visas, at the airport you have to go through full body x rays and look into facial recognition software to get through. Worse still terrorism is rife in these countries so don’t go, there us not enough information about it other than someone from your country got burned there this week.

I sure you agree news is good, to know is to be prepared. However the truth is you could walk out the door and get knocked over. We now have robotic automated driven transport, under qualified Uber taxi drivers and volunteer lollipop men. My point is knowing is only a small percentage of the battle. Knowing when to look down at the ground instead of stare gormless like at passers by may stop any trouble but we deserve happiness. Knowing less makes us much more happy and content. Still the odd bit of celebrity news in our areas is often enough to get us out the door, isn’t it? And that’s entertainment!