Email and webmaster tips

In this post I share my experience, time using things and the value for someone with a website. Let me know in the comments below what you think.
An explosion of ideas and phone conversations that I have had this week. Plus interesting emails that have made me think and can help you.
A webinar is a good place to sell if you have something to sell. If you are getting traffic from emails then my guess is this is something you would want to invest more time doing.


Help with filling in forms

Many of us do things much better than others and there are a large amount of practised skills which can make life a lot easier.
Filling in forms has many variations, here are but a few.
Registration details, name address and telephone number. Filling in details at job interviews or receiving forms through the post from various sources. It is the same forms you have to fill in every year. Forms to apply for things, catalogues, credit and loans.


Autobiography Part One

F****** slime bar. Originally from Islington. A place where Frankinstein and Dracula would meet. They would pretend to be monsters. Claiming to be vampires and werewolves. Only they looked the part, the uniform was perfect. The pale faces, dull facial expressions, grey bags under the eyes and white powder on the cheek bones. Speak to them and find them to be highly educated. They know all about academia and less about the craft in which they claim to come from. The Slime Bar attracted a number of young couples romantically attached by a love of grundge. Enjoyed the idea of drinking bloody marys with eye ball gob stoppers but knew nothing about giving blood.


Internet ideas from around the world

I have been thinking again, my mind is racing with ideas, I wanted to share them with somebody then remembered about this blog. I have made a few subtle changes let me know in the comments below what you think. Now in this post I am going to salvage some email links from today. I will share some stuff I have experience with over the past couple of months. The investments and time used with these things I will share you the value it has given me as someone with websites. Thirdly I would just like to share what I know in the context of ‘if I was not around for much longer what would I write here so you can learn something from me’. It’s an explosion of ideas which I get from around the world. Some from North America, other snippets are from here in the UK and other tips are from British and American people from around world who have found things out. Other things I will share are from enlightening phone conversations I have had the week. So lets start with the emails.

In my email this week I have so many invitations to webinars its unreal. I have attended many of these webinars before and having the time to attend many of them is good but requires a lot of waiting to here the important information. Regardless of what you are doing and what you are selling a webinar is a good place to do this. If you are interested in getting traffic from emails then my guess is this is something you would want to invest in. If you are at the end of all your funds and paying for a monthly auto responder you might want to save some cash. One way of doing live webinars in Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts is part of Google+. The link at the top of the page should take you to my Google+ account. Other popular methods of keeping in contact with your list and customers other than powerpoint presentations and webinars is live video like Google+. Another option which is great for face to face conversations and explanation is LiveStream. Live stream is a great way to make video’s. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account you can register directly with a one click. Speaking of Facebook if you have a Facebook page you can add a splash page with a nice decorated button. You can do this very easily for free on a site called Animodo. Not Animoto which is for quick video’s but Animodo. Simply add your photo and link it to your website. Or add your image and embedd your auto responder in the middle or link to your squeeze page to capture peoples email. It looks good and will create more participation on your page, more engagement as well. You can see these things from your admin you will notice an uphill rise. Al you have to do is continue adding links to stream throughout the day everyday.

Ok where was I, ah yes emails. Some of you reading this will know I am on your list and you will know I am opening your emails from the analytics your auto responder provides. Some helpful emails this week have been from some people who I have bought things recently. One of them was from Joel Comm a plugin for site maps, setting them up and keeping in good standing with Bing. So to get an email this week about juicing from Joel I was well pleased because I have been juicing for a couple of months now and it is very refreshing and healthy.

Secondly I other emails have come from these people who I recommend at least checking out one of there webinars because they provide great content. The first on is Frank Kerns’s nephew Trey Smith his webinar is tomorrow about making mobile games that will be good, you will have to sign a disclaimer before you join but if this is something you are interested in and like the idea of partially making money out of adding entertainment then this might be for you. If you just like listening into conversations and looking to invest some money at the end of a webinar then I recommend .

If you are looking for engagement without a webinar or without having to click a link, or rather reading good emails when your on the move, reading through phones etc I recommend: Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Mark Anastasi, Web Pro News (Chris Crumb), Guy Finley, Alan Stevens, Thomas Power, Tellman Knudson and Philip Tyrone. If you are looking for great email messages that are short and to the point then check out Shawn Casey. If you are looking for seminars to attend I would say Tony Robbins, Mark Anastasi, T Harv Ekker, Ken McArthur and JT Foxx.

OK I have rabbited on about emails for a bit to long and am losing my train of thought so lets move on to the next explosion of ideas…

Oh yeah plugins, I liked the plugin that Joel Comm sent because even though I knew about sitemaps I learned something new, the paid plugin set up everything then you could forget about it. Another plugin which I always go on about is the All in One Plugin. Some other plugins I have been talking about all year is the integration called Jetpack. They have updated a lot of things but remember if you are going to activate the Jetpack stuff you may have to stop using the other plugins you are using. Another thing I want to squeeze in this post is about the ping URL to use in WordPress. It seems you only need three links now because many of them do not do much. Other plugins that get used weekly and really make life a lot easier on WordPress is ‘Broken Links’. You can now add the star button to your hosted site like they do on now this works in Jetpack or you can find a plugin where people add there email and there Gravatar shows up below your post (great for people who are not very good at commenting. HAving a link to your gravatar can really help. Another plugin I like is WordPress SEO from Yoast. I have not tried the paid version because I am well pleased with the free version.

OK so I am getting board now so I will try and wrap this post up, If I am bored then I am sure you will be too. So I make it quick.

I have had a few conversations this week about problems people are having and about how business works in the real world. Luckily I am an avid user of Youtube so I understand most things and am able to help people with there problems. The main problems people ask me to help them with are these. Fixing browsers and updating computers form adding and upgrading anything that is missing. Mobile phones they are behaving bizarrely for a lot of people and I call round as quick as I can to help them to fix, trim back or if need be delete applications on phones. Similarly browsers have great apps that can help. More recently with Chrome there are many things that need to be checked and unchecked in Google Chrome. If you are an Android or Facebook user you will be experiencing an unusual amount of integration. The companies positively call it a seamless integration. The calls that I get a more like changes that are happening that have never been approved or serve any purpose. That is where I come in and explain what is happening to them and the devices.

The second conversation is about metrics, before I go into the conversation I recommend you login to your Google analytics account and check out the changes there, it has some great info about social media metrics that show up live and now backdate so you can find out what is working. For example I logged in this week and noticed a lot of traffic from a Mighty Mouse site, so because of this I looked further into who they are. Rebel Mouse is hot right now, lots of people are using it and it will reignite your Twitter account its great and you can even add it into a website and host it yourself which is great. As you know I am a big fan of they are always updating things and making content aggregation really easy and automatic, its been around your years and just plain works with little effort on your part.

Other sites that are a must is OnlyWire, login to your onlywire account and add Pheed and anything else you see new which you have not added they are always updating and its really easy way of bookmarking and updating profiles to communities so they can find you. They have a nice link shortner and you can use it a lot.

Back to metrics, anyone who knows anything about metrics are used to reports, these reports are full of data of what people do and how and why they do it. Metrics data can be compiled by yourself and need to be delivered to your customers and readers, or you use that data to please the largest part of your readers, that’s metrics. Then there are paid metrics, sometimes membership is needed for these metrics. If you are traveling to other countries to find out metrics you may have to travel business class and stay in a five star hotel. If you do not a lot of these organisations will not take you seriously so metrics and reports are good but like anything come with certain restrictions. Its like asking a poor person about money, they will not be able to help you other than tell you how hard it is in poverty. That said we do live in a wonderful abundance of information. Most people would want to listen to people talk in a video. Then again if you listen enough you will find something that does not help. This can cause people to switch of.

With that said I will end it there my hope is that you will do some things I have been doing without doing it, this has been an explosion of ideas and I apologise for any waffle, enjoy.


The Cog In The Wheel: The Fear

The cog in the wheel It’s all nonsense, the self talk the they is wrong its me that matters.

You own self talk, thought and thinking is a cog in the wheel. This is cybernetics. A slight shift in the cog will make a big movement in the wheel and that’s from cybernetics.

The hub and the wheel, the cog is the hub which is in the middle, they are both the same. A slight change in the way you think. Think is a word in the English language is self talk too. When you are thinking this is not self talk, mundane talk, basic, common and what we tell ourselves every minute, every moment. If you can manage that you can manage the universe. The Greek Representation of consciousness from the seven…

Representation of consciousness from the seventeenth century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
philosopher said give me a long lever and a place to stand I will move the earth. Leverage, the power of leverage is very powerful.

The hub and wheel principle is the leveraging principle from the cog and wheel. The fundamental and greatest invention is the wheel. The hamster wheel runs in the wrong direction because it’s never ending, it eventually gets tired and goes to sleep.

If you go inside and change the self-control then you have changed your life. Mohamed Ghandi say change the world you change yourself. Cybernetics Meltz says its an emotional facelift. Instantly look and feel ten years younger by giving yourself an emotional facelift. Lots of people are worried about staring themselves in the mirror and make themselves beautiful. You use the emotional facelift and look ten years younger is meditation and de hypnotise yourself from the natural state of mind that holds me back and it holds us all back.

There are so many activators, family, TV, schools, preachers are not self suggestion, it’s up to you to begin the self talk. Get of the wheel. To visualise you must be relaxed, if you are not relaxed you will not succeed. You have to change your state to succeed. The state principle clearly say you have to be in the right state you will not produce results. Access State Principle ASP. You access state through fro affirmation. the

Are you assigned to subconscious mind, everything should start from the consciousness. Patterns of habit. We humans are creatures of habit, so we form habitual patterns. Worries are habitual and happiness are patterns even if you give them everything, million pounds and ice cream they will still be unhappy. Self talk self habit self belief. That is why Napoleon Hill talks about auto suggestion. The chapter in the book is dedicated to auto suggestion. It might be as appealing as the 10 years instant beauty. Harvard neuroscientists have done a study of neuro scientific research on the mind and muscles in the body and the direction and breathing then only relaxing begins. To access the small cog in the wheel instead of the outer surface of the circle you must be relaxed.

The east and west directional problems are we cannot relax. Relaxing. People want an alibi for their failures, the excuse the pretext, we seek proof that we are wrong. If you are relaxed you are in the past. People fear success more than failure or visa versa. Failure, scared of success. The projections of other people. Looking for an alibi of our own failures. Friends of great believers of fate and failure , you can not do anything about it. Resigning to the fact you do stuff. It needs a decision then act on the decision. Have you taken responsibility. Why do people like failure. People fear responsibility a big burden. A nice excuse to say no on will buy from you the best excuse is no one likes you.

The awareness is like opening the engine in your car. You know what you are looking for and can see that your car is ready for the tip, you are aware of the problem. The problem could be smoking, people around you their health and wealth. You take responsibility this is a conscious decision. When you access the subconsciousness, auto visualisation is auto suggestion. It self suggestion to ourselves. The reprogramming the reconditioned reinforces habits. Putting the wheel in reverse is the solution here. Responsibility, action, action and precondition at a subconscious level. Your conscious mind makes and helps a decision and reasoning. Reconditioning helps use the sub conscious process.

The first is auto suggestion, relaxation, visualisation and then focus affirmation and after that is repetition (several times to remind you). 14 days and you will change a negative habit. Tony Robbins calls it the pain and pleasure principle associating with the pain with pressure from the positive. After this action is done, you are working now on the cog. The conscious mind is the wheel. The sub conscious mind is the cog or hub. You are accessing two areas of the mind and your own reconditioning and getting of the wheel of reoccurring patterns that do not serve you. This requires willingness, if you require an audience to do this then do that. This was transcribed whilst on my mobile phone very early in the morning with my friend James, he is very clever and can get access to the cog in the wheel in thirty seconds. It will take me about 10 to 15 minutes.


Blogger WordPress tips

These days you can take a good look and find out all about a blog. Take this blog for instance, on the home page you can see a collection of posts in the stream on the home page.

Have  you ever wondered why so many people are looking for guest bloggers? They are either friends with you on social media or they came about your blog via search or Google alerts.

Competition is completely wrong this is not the London Olympics and even if it was you would be in a team.

Same goes for blogging as it does for social media. It is just one way of obtaining success.

If this is you then you should concentrate a little bit of your time everyday on Facebook or Google+ to connect with these people.

Forget about your niche, share what is great and entertaining.

You have the keys through social media. You will know what you like more and get to enjoy quirky musical videos.

If you are new to blogging then this will not apply to you well not yet anyway, so here goes.

How to spring clean your blog.

Don’t drown your readers in terms and conditions if you do not have any other interesting pages.

A quick way to expand the top of your pages navigations is by adding categories. A category is much more relevant than a tags.

When told blogging is about something you like how did that make you feel? Inspired I’m sure.

Here’s the thing, you liked and added fresh stuff and not much is happening. You might feel cheated in some way or that your time is more valued than the time its takes to make an update.

Email marketing is one solution but anyone who does email marketing knows the blog is not the place to send people. The place to send people is other peoples places.

People who are selling stuff and offer high commissions.

Over the years I have noticed a trend these things happen in seasons. Tags for example disappear.

In your WordPress panel if you navigate to you appearance section tags. Many of them for some reason are no longer attributed with certain posts. just delete all the 0’s.

If you have a blog and are bilingual or writing in another language then you might want to change your title links to the default. If you submitting them to various search engines around the world, then you want those posts to be as universal as possible.

Call the title of your post whatever you want. Make it punchy also make it five words. Something people will still be searching for five years from now.

Like I say common sense is the best thing about the words we use.

Some people do it well and you can learn from them, which leads me onto my next tip.

Learn from free stuff. Social media is free right, its time consuming and your like a kid in a play yard, you know you have to do it and like a pet dog we all need exercise. a free hosted version is great because it has never been easy to use. Blogger and Tumblr also have communities.

People in the communities like certain things. Some people are happy having their geo location of a post linked to the relevancy of the topic.

If your on holiday right, you login to a computer or type in on your phone an entry. Perhaps you just want to upload some images. WordPress dot com is great because you can upload a load of images in one upload
Many people comment and create back-links to each other.

The best comment box is the one where either you or the persons blog you are commenting on it has a stream at the bottom of the page.

You can also limit the amount of days people have to comment creating and training your readers about scarcity.

These things help. Whilst blogging I think you will find its the little things help.

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