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August Update 20

Welcome. My name is Robert Bridge and this is an August Update for 2020. This year I have been hunkering down like most people around the world. This is just a leisurely update on my movements. Most of which has been spent compiling Spotify Playlists over on Spotify and sharing a cooking diary over on Instagram. This is what I currently use most on Social Media. I also send the odd tweet on Twitter. So let me begin, like I say is nothing to serious.

Corona-19 meant I have changed the way I do things a lot, is changed for a lot of people. Masks have become very fashionable. It seems the virus blows about in the air and in the shops. So we are advised to wear them when shopping, Tom Hanks even suggested drivers should wear in cars. Some people with various medical conditions have been advised to not wear them in certain settings becuase wearing a mask can effect some peoples breathing. Mostly though, people are wearing them, some even show them on Social Media like others do with Christmas hats at Christmas.

Another shift has been one about racial awareness within the police force and in general with activists and protesters. This is happening here in London, Europe and the rest of the world, mainly USA where all the troubles started. It started with a I Can’t Breath hashtag, then moved into lives matter trends, blackouts of blank images on Instagram and other places.

Last week on Twitter many Jews took 48 hours away from social media for something somebody said on Twitter. Also an influential caused a bit of a storm about things he said on Twitter making people back away from social platforms, I think that was Wiley a rapper from UK.

A few days ago Lebanon had another explosion which shook the world because of additional near by compost and some fireworks. Lots of people were injured, near by buildings destroyed and the explosion was very powerful explosion. Some even compared it to Nagasaki explosion that happened a while back.

So with all the excuses for not updating for few months I will get update you on what has been happening personally…

I have learned a few new skills, been practising digital imaging and enjoying all the new apps for mobile phones which assist me in my en-devours. I just been taking it easy though, social distancing and walking the dog.

The great thing about living in London is and I think is the same for everybody around the world. Your local area is cool. Everybody by now should know every local nook and cranny. Public transport requires like shops, masks so the numbers travelling have dwindled. I noticed this week on Twitter a new form of advertising coming down the pipe. A more immersive and evasive approach that monitors facial patterns to certain digital ads on the underground. It is supposed to help advertisers tweek their ads. If people like the ads I imagine they will smile and I imagine over time these positive reactions (or negative) will wane as time goes by.

For WordPress optimization I am recommending the Google Kit plugin. It helps plug in to the new Google optimization tool kit available now. I would say now it has been updated and tried, tested and ironed out previous security issues is a mandatory plugin for your WordPress website, optimising speed load, search engine (Google) visibility and correct mobile phone compression. You’ll learn a lot, is REAL easy to use, push button software and works right out the box. All you need is a Gmail account. It also sets up a little bit of analytics which will give you a better idea of visitors, this includes pay per click, re-targeting and other paid methods of promoting website if that is what you need to do.

With spending more time in the house I thought it productive to read a book on Feng Shui. I still reading and learning stuff to brighten my home. Today for example I moved by bed and re positioned this laptop I am typing away on. The floors clean, bought some more air fresheners, fly spray and I good to go. Two friends visited me to day so I feeling good about life. I would like to help more people.

This month I finally made a Jimdo website. That is cool becuase it only takes five minutes to make. The only have one template and the moment called The Dolphin template which is cool. They provide the copy, have loads of free images and you can upload your own.

I also set up LinkTree which is cool place to add hyperlinks to various places. At the time of doing the Black Lives Matter link was trending so I added that, is an optional pop up at the bottom that they recommending. Perhaps they offer other more trending supportive future topics. I will hopefully keep my eyes peeled. Again is free and very popular on Instagram, so I also added it to Twitter profile (Like we do).

My cooking skills have been improving. Cooking is becoming so much easier thanks to social media. You have all the top cooks spilling their guts with top tips on Social sites including the usual places like YouTube and Facebook. Though they also sprouting up on TikTok. Is funny I seen one yesterday of Gordon Ramsey giving feedback on someone else’s shared TikTok catering short video. As you can imagine it was very entertaining. Our cooking only can improve with feedback.

I am optimistic about this year even though there is so much real risk of deprecation. From climate change to the PPE scandal. I just want to end thanking the NHS and everybody who do good stuff in the medical industry. Also notably all the online marketers for their generosity and time through online Zoom Meetings and other webinar educational tech mediums. As a graduate of Media and indeed Language I am excited again about learning and sharing as we jog along, hopefully with headphones on. Be sure to find me on Spotify, pick a genre that suits you and have a listen please. Also please don’t be shy, if you like to say hello do so, here, social media, DM messaging, YouTube channel, Pinterest, Tumblr even commenting down below. I honestly do not bite. Mutley doesn’t either. Mutley is me dog.

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Changes in Thinking Influenced by the Digital Age

Women Online In 2020: Relationships Have Evolved, Services Of Being Single

From sorority row, to Las Vegas women are guided into a better way to live.

People are taken from the confines of the cupboard into the light of the Internet. Getting noticed in this current environment depends upon the usual natural laws with all the caveats. Men see this; many shape this but most just go along with it, not really knowing what’s happening. This is creating a modern monastic lifestyle with far less chaos.

Dating sites are on the rise and other agendas are being brought forward. Urban lifestyles cater for youth culture, in a country of heritage the same respect applies. That said youth, seem more pronounced, they will learn as fast as they teach the next generation. Online the parameters for all ages and disabilities have changed. And as always most attribute happiness and success with healthy long-lasting relationships.


Men and women have common needs, ‘normal relationships’ is an idea passed down from generations of wise people who unfortunately had no Wi-Fi access. This lead to a rewrite of cultural narratives dependent on cloud hosted information. Many of the old books got tipped in big trucks, this helps rewrite the past because most of the selective copying was done.

Text at a time when lexical text, in the correct language published was worth its salt. Writers and thinkers could make a fair living publishing there studies of older texts. Regardless of age, if you have the look, then you get the coaching. Coaching has become very popular alongside consultants. They both charge rates to organisations far greater than the national wage. Anyone can consistently do anything. Coaches and consultants work outside the usual selective parameters. Being attractive then is a collective decision. I propose from this the rapid changes we see in modern global society are shaped by this change. Also consultants and coaches are doing exactly what they are told for fear of failure. A similar discipline is needed for popular attractive young women online.

a journey to music

This supports dominance of languages, changes in priorities of having ‘normal relationships’ and a shifting of accepting generational common laws. Swearing for example captures the importance of expressing, honestly the uncomfortable changed circumstances. Some take an objective view on this because they are happily protected; others get stuck in the cycle of life unable to even think about this.

robert bridge

The importance of clear language is diluted; due to language derivation I support this. Rap music is a good example. Rappers use grunting lines in lyrics, and mix languages sometimes even so fast you miss what is being said. That is good because normal rules of communications are less necessary. Judgments about the past made us let go and the changes are happening fast. The line in the sand once drawn has been ruffled by the tide and the footprints of man and women. Dance music is even better, similar to any composition the audience is much easier to please. Free from frustrating prejudice. I sure you agree entertainment is very important.

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Media Mediums that contribute to Popular Mass Culture

writing stories
Arranging lives. Organisational skills. Software to help us get organised. Finding the hip (current) media to do stuff in an attempt to stay with it, evolve, be less primitive.
Finding the right way to engage a dialogue between peers. Participating in an proper way. If you want to get noticed you have a choice of media. If you have a nice voice you may want to communicate over the phone, call into a radio show to ask and answer questions or leave a recorded message or conversation for people to refer too. In the music industry you could record a song accompanied by some music, you may have made, acquired through open source, made with software or purchased from popular outlets to acquire a legal license.
Leather illuminatiAge of participation from audience has broadened. Any age with the help of mixed media can be intelligent enough to be accepted in Entertainment, business and give to conversations. Children from an early age have an advantage of learning at a time in their lives where they can master media, it should be encouraged, it may also make older academic people intimidated but it is not something to worry about.
Robert Bridge Media
Even stories can be written by younger writers. spellchecker are amazing. Narratives of classic books have due to time become open source, this provides templates for anyone to experiment with, replicate and structure effective styles of writing. Criticism is quick thanks to the Internet. More people online reading, means more chance of getting practical feedback. The effects of this means more junk online as more and more people develop. The footprint of everything recently have led to job losses from criticisms of earlier social media blurbs. Micro sites like Twitter are easy enough to flush but people forget to drop. You can use tools to watch social media for anything negatively explicit.
media marketing does this really well. It also gives step by step instructions in what to do and how to engage on social media and websites. Once you understand these once thought common sense rules you can regulate yourself easier online. Think of it like a game, understand the rules and you will avoid any sudden or lasting effects. If you are writing about personal issues and reactions throughout the day try using a paper and pen than something digital. With touch screen the temptation is to apply handwriting to digital formats. Equally pictures can be drawn and easily published online. Two things come to mind that you may want to keep tabs on is Branding and copyright. Think do you want your ideas copied and used in films, television, theatre to explain the time we live in and not have to be credited. Art is a gift. If you think a gift like an image or a painting is worth something then do not upload to free social media sites without adding water margins, or hyperlinks to sites that may sell your wares.
understanding mediaThe argument is on Social Media is that unless you get likes or comments no one is actually listening. This encourages people to share more of their own intellectual property. Security of art is extended outside the safety of the home under lock and key. Western man has had warmth from buildings with keys to lock themselves in. Cameras inside add to security as well as give agencies the ability to monitor people. Drones and smaller insect cameras mean easier surveillance. So the balance of avoiding media and engaging in media comes closer together.
websiteThe workplace has changed. This confuses people. Old jobs seem obsolete and current jobs are difficult to prove. Some people can accept and embrace, others still struggle to adapt. The incarnate nature of the situation has some relative effects we can see in an unusual amount of people, men, women, and other free thinking creatures. Whales and dolphins are being found washed up on shore. The effects of modernity and using disposable plastics has effects on the eco system. The chaos effect talks about this. A flap of wings in one place causes hurricanes on the other side of the planet. Intuition and global consciousness of this is another reason to bring up. Information moves faster, information becomes repetitive and dulls the senses. Exposure to violence and warfare from history and media has not helped. The argument there is that we have become thick-skinned. One joke from yesterdays news is enough for us to continue on with our ‘busy’ lives. Trouble makers have more competition in being original and creative. Bad leaders can easily get the help to fast track a country to ruin. So a belief in sure things like popular algorithms lead to ruin when the tide turns.
robert bridge mobile media

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An Enjoyable Reality Check

Hopefully this reads as an enjoyable reality check for a variety of people. There is a fine line between speculating and measuring the line between reality and truth.

You are only at where you are at, for example the truth is that I am here and you are there, where as it’s also a possible reality we are here hopefully on the same page. We are all here for our own reasons. You might be a helper through compassionate associated reasons and I appreciate you visiting Media Marketing Communications #MMC.

Hi my name’s Robert Bridge writer, poet, DJ, Twitter addict so firstly thanks for visiting. However you arrived here I would love you to explain in the comments below how you arrived here. I used to pride myself in what I understood about Analytics with websites. In ten years studying and tracking I feel overloaded more than ever. Tracking visitors is fine, knowing why people revisit is good but understanding how new visitors find me is another.

It’s a reality most average websites overtime gather transaction through services rendered and consistency around these services which narrows it down a bit as to why they are where they are. Qualitatively we can assume certain things about questions these visitors key into Google. In my case though I have given up trying to understand, partly because I rabbit on about all sorts of stuff, mainly though because I have a reasonable knowledge of a broad amount of topics.

meet Robert BridgeThe reality check is acceptance and honesty. The reality cheque is different you create your own reality based on a vociferous why for more cash, sales, votes and stage star applause. Or your why is simple people pleasing, saying the right thing at any moment. Looking people in the eye seeing if you can honestly help. Not everyone are brave or stupid enough to ask for help. So I see now why we frame our own new realities. It’s like a piece of entertaining art designed to draw you in, overtime faith grows in this image where we desire to possess and own other people’s imaginative works.

Looking is a sense of the eye and seeing other people looking at art, smiling, talking, out and about is a big why. To understand this thesis however requires clarity, focus and theoretical testing. Anyone who remembers old school eye tests will understand how difficult looking from a long distance is. With technology opticians diagnose more people’s visions. The optician board like a calendar are still about yet digital versions have rendered annual purchases of these paper practicalities to decline. Now you could be walking down the street whilst taking an online eye test, vaping and monitoring the amount of paces you make via the trusty modern day wrist watch.

We are all contenders for countdown and there is always someone to replace players, hosts, mathematicians and language humanists. Equally the guy behind the camera or the ladies in the studio twiddling buttons on graphic equalizers are indispensable though replaced at the drop of a hat.

This is where consultants come in. Once the rug was pulled from under the feet from clerical divisions in Government consultancy firms enter the Frey with template reports and PowerPoint repeaters. Everyone is confused. From outside banks employ outside bodies to replace old school members of the communities. This is expensive, proved mostly ineffective and cultivated a dependency on template test sheets being faxed and emailed around Europe.

Listen here for hopefully another enjoyable reality check


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Monitoring Media

Monitoring Media

Joel Roberts media monitoring
Joel Roberts was Tony Robbins media monitor

I have book this post into five stages. Five angles for you to consider. Whatever media monitoring you are in to or hoping to get into this is really going to help.

Hi my name is Robert Bridge and I have been monitoring media for years. Mostly online however yeas ago I did like most of us read newspapers to keep up to date.

A museum on the Isle of Man had a historical media exhibition about 13 years ago.

They had old horse trams with ads on the side and on the walls had framed pictures with newspaper clippings.

One of them mentioned what happens when society has a media blackout.

Imagine no news!

The effects on the people was one of anger and dissension so they brought back the news and people became happy again.

This suggests without media citizens experience a sense of loss.

Papers provided things for people to talk about. Many of you are having conversations about social media news. There lies the different roles of media.

How do media companies keep up with all this and more importantly what can we learn to improve monitoring media ourselves? This is what I want to talk about today.

Monitoring Media

News happens everyday and like any business the speed of implementation is vital. Tuning into good sources and go to media companies helps you be a forefront of information. On social media we now have Facebook News. Facebook breaking news is often a few hours behind Twitter news. Both happen in real time so unlike newspapers there is no waiting time for publication.

Globally news becomes irrelevant in many cases, hence the reason for finding news locally. Highlighting crucial obstacles your local city faces is one way to explain what is happening to a larger audience. Ranking locally for information long term is a lot easier than ranking in search engines with websites. Similarly videos and web 2.0 posts are real time and only rank currently. Locally this sort of news maybe archived for researchers in the future to find and draw data from.

Real time media celebrate broadsheet media, share videos from mainstream news videos hosted by well known journalists.

Twitter is often quicker to pick up on events and natural disasters than Facebook. Facebook logarithm depends on the strength of pages and profile accounts followers re-sharing the news.

Trending news is also in danger of being selected by these companies. Google News is a great example of the ramifications of media election globally and locally. There is room for improvement.

Many mobile Apps build allegiance and strengthen the chance of trending on Facebook. Google trends tried to utilise Google plus to utilise trending news.

Google has always provided Google News which has greatly improved. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can very easily go through all the tabloid headlines from newspapers from around the globe.

Monitoring Media

Community news although generally global online can be localised and specific to cities. Having more people join has to be mobilised since 60% more people access into through posh mobile phones.

Forums are a simple way of accessing this sort of sharing. Getting people to join requires solid invite portals. One way maybe to create an App out of a Forum. If anyone knows how this is done please share you thoughts below.

The main purpose for city media is about whats on. This is reporting media before it happens.

Tom Cruise did this in the film Minority Report. A great pun on the importance of announcing events before they happen.

The more options people have now has changed the events people attend.

Previous MTV media was all about location. Musicians during the wave moved to Los Angeles to ensure they got video broadcasts on there pop music. A good source of how this worked is included in the Outsource Live book by Daven Micheals (Watch video below to hear Daven explain Melrose place location advantages during the Eighties. Recorded 4 years ago in a hotel near Heathrow Airport).

Now musicians have a chance in any city to get people to attend.

News stations are aware of this. So entering your event to sites these mainstream media companies monitors should help.

Having a clear message about who your audience are really helps. Getting information out there as quick as possible requires a team of people sharing and resharing each others news.

Monitoring Media

Clarity in topics of media could once be gathered by going through articles written by writers. Ezines articles is one example I have tried and people still trust. When writing there is gives you examples of the topic you want to write about that has not yet been covered on that site. A site populated by experienced writers who want people reading and reshaping and quoting articles.

Citations is a great way of building media trust. Using trusted media outlets however overtime can create characterisation related to the bias of the media from how the majority see the paper.

People lose trust in media when they do not report events that happen. Protesters and activists are a great way of understanding this. They often want to be on telly striking and send out Press Releases in order to make sure this happens.

When is doesn’t happen the message spreads on social media and paints the media outlet in a new light. Often supported by class distinction to prop up the media bias message they want people to understand.

The balance of the scales in your local city comes from a global consciousness. This is why American protesting can be reproduced like ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire’ TV show repackaging to media companies who buy the format to distribute in their own language incorporating their own important cultural tweaks.

This helps everybody track media messages. This helps prop up genius, good music, interesting news, better health and improved services outside of the cities.

Monitoring Media

monitoring media
Monitoring Media Mind Map by Robert Bridge

This article requires further editing. I have added a MindMap that I sketched this morning. The mind map works on the premise of the how. How has the media previously done things. Bouncing between old and new ways of using media is a nostalgic way of delivering news and popping up journalists oath of media objectivity.

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Brexit, Dog Walking and Business in Britain

Being a dog walker I am only to well aquainted with looking for obtrusive objects and chinks in the road. And always I try to not step on anyone else toes. I have noticed a few trends online and would like to talk a little about that today please. My hope is to inform and entertain you with my words and chosen pictures. I have also attached a playlist of music for you to listen to whilst reading todays post. If you like reading please read along if music is your thing there is plenty to listen to.

Here in Britain we all have different sectors doing what they can for people, country and queen. We all have different needs and as it goes so our ‘leaders’ have mandates to fulfil. Its difficult online to get any traction online without the approval of the politically correct. Its difficult to get any traction in a debate when the ad spend and campaign funding is all one sided. It does not matter about what we have learned, experienced or promised. Nothing stays the same and whether you like it or not things change. Try not to lose site of your goals and keep your side of the street clean. That does not mean brushing all the leaves into your next door neighbours front yard. Or if you are doing it for other people you should do other than instructed to do. The chances are you already know what them things are because at one point or another I imagine you have already been told.

Equally freedom of speech has always been there, the only change is the right to hold megaphones, social media, free PR and popular forums. If you want to avoid alienation choose you places of broadcast wisely. You can do that simply by being accurate before racing in and barking at all sorts of people. We hope that we are all friends here, but when it comes to long term agreements, fuelled by the ongoing campaigns to create scarcity by giving then taking things away. We have got used to things and any change would be like buying new underwear for the already converted. Life is not all an Anne Summers party. You look on the high street and see for yourself.

Buying power is very simple, you have the funding and part of that goes on broadcasting how great thou art. The trumpeters payment comes from various sources, most of which have emptied and need topping up again. Do you think this musician is thinking about the last batch of funding. Nope our musician is well on his way moving into new corners of the country. He throws the message out to all his mates. He’ll even beat box if need be to survive. That is what this is all about survival. Focusing on loss, death and poverty is the wrong mentality. In this day and age it’s easy for anyone to forget how strong they are. It’s also I suppose difficult to remember as you have always done, bullying and manipulating other people into your thinking. I put it out there that this sort of knowledge of self comes with age. However I do want to to clunk horns with anyone.

Out there in the field there are gods creatures great and small. All have a relevant message. Many follow the same template to get their point across, because its time tested for the herd. My style of communication is less extreme but equally as important. That word important ‘online’ has been somewhat diluted by the amount of time’s people use it. But if you want anyone in this day and age to get up of their seat and race to the back of the room, login to their computer and tune in is all you need. People believe in 1 in 10, or 1% of people will take action or have access to the honey pots. The reality is not as simple as that. This is why I understand why other people do what they are told to do. They create ideas, jobs and products that are not there or are simply not yet needed. This is the new modern economy. Rather than helping people in need. How can we create something that can give individuals a fit or purpose? How can we disguise all the facts and figures?We tell them the figures at a rate which puts them at ease. To often the case none of this is actually true.

Overtime things change, overheads change, links change, emails disappear. Boy was I pissed when my Fastmail email account closed that was because I did not login to 90 days. When I tried to login to UK company Lycos this week I noticed that they had shut down. Years of providing a decent enough service: email, websites, news they just decided to not renew their domain name or improve services. Part of me thinks this maybe due to European legislation. Everybody knows those cookie warnings are a pain in the ass, however without them now strange things are happening to blogs and websites. Free sites are good but the same thing can happen. You words are not propriety. Legally you are writing for everyone else to share. The only way you can appeal is by asking other people to kindly take it down or report them to the site you are writing your blurbs on. Even with your own domain name and hosting its difficult to control the powers that be to stop this from happening.

When you find something new that works there is a long que of people waiting to do the same as you and improve upon it a little. They put on the same table salt they think people like best. How easy do you think it would be to have the rug pulled beneath your feet? The only way to stay afloat is keep float yourself. This can go the other way and bite back into simplicity. The greatest success will come with having constant velocity. If you are moving in the right direction to get to where you ought to be (busy) then no worries. If you are bogged down like a rabbit on the road at night with the bright headlights coming your way your stuffed. No one cares about if you have your rabbits foot with you or not. If you are still talking the same old speech to the same bunch of people you will make them yawn. And I don’t care how many arms or legs you have, how big or little you are. If you are not getting any traction I am sure you will find it because you have stopped paddling. To many individual companies have already been tredding water in the deep end. All they are looking for is the next TED Danson or Kevin Costner to come in via helicopter to tell them what to do.

The European Union has a lot to teach us, we have closely helped them step by step as things have changed. Crisis after crisis has hit other countries outside of this Union. Understandably we all have *Mother Teresa in us and if we look deep enough somewhere in the bottom of our pockets is that massive gold cross weighing heavy on all our consciousnesses. Its a survival technique I have seen people use in popular adventure movies. Like Kevin Costner we all strive to help those in need drowning as the boat sinks. But the reality for 90% of start ups they have already gone down with the boat because they refused to separate themselves from the rest of the crew. Or are losing sight of the inflatable life raft. All they can see is, wave after wave of frequencies they do not understand. Even old timers are privy to these shortcomings. As an individual we put our life on the line for other people in need. We do this well but some of us are really not up for the job. Without the right toolbox or agility the best thing you can do is go home. Listen to some nice music and chill the f*** out.

The whole world is able to point fingers at the perpetrators. Years later when they have amended their ways they employ them for their special talents. Look at hackers and cyber bullies. The European Union like Britain is interested in all sorts of things. Yes this does happen but many are mostly focused on creating brand new apps in the same make money online niches on online databases that are overcrowded selling the same sh**. These drop shipping businesses are putting a new angle on what it is to be independent. Instantly anyone from any country can be thrown in the deep end in the hope they can paddle where they want to and eventually swim a four year marathon. This is simply not possible. Additives like chlorine effect the skin so they give them a rubber suit, they get thirsty so they give them a hat with two cans on either side and a straw. The eyes get sore so they give them occulous razor 3d glasses. Seriously this online technology thing is getting beyond the pale in so many avenues.

I say out of respect for Greece and to send out a powerful message of dissagrement to the rest of members still stuck in a fridgid cess pool. We should default on this June’s payment. If that does not work and they treat us like they treated Greece then we will know if I’m right. This forced voting on leave or stay came about because someone let the cat out the bag that we were all together massaging one another. Rubbing one anothers bulging pockets. Demolishing and building up the same buildings all around the world. Once a proven method sprouts up, the belief is that everyone will be happy with it. Again that is wrong. The price of all this things are free and costs nothing. IS this an example of British intelligence? No, its not. I do not speak for anyone other than myself and I am Manx, which means Frankly I do not care either way. But just for the record though, do not say I did not warn you.

I think we are in a unique position and should – like Europe try and strike a deal with other countries in our local area like Africa, Middle East, Turkey, Russia, America, Australasia, Argentina or anywhere really in South America and Canada. We don’t need some toads in Brussels telling us how to do things. We have already seen how they treat their own people and the nasty tricks they have pulled on their own people to take jobs away from people. Outsourcing North Korea and places like that. We did it too. I wonder where that sort of intelligence came from. Chances are it came from some dried out prune who is employing young bucks with a brain to do his dirty thinking for him. You see we live in this world worshipping sick and depressed people who are loose cannons just waiting to spill everything over each others motherlands mother-load.

If you take a look at how these countries treat their own and lets look at: do they like animals or not? What benefits do they provide. How much tax do they add to foods and commodities. Where are they on the teachability index. What reputation do these facilities have? Would you employ someone who could not look at you face to face to an inch of legible English. If you say no do you think they will understand what you mean. I not saying get out and show the bird, I am suggesting lets test the water see what these people do when pushed. We all know what the answers are we just have to be patient. If that means one more payment so be it. However in the long run if you are buying something that no longer feels the gap or tastes shady in anyway I say spit it out and start again. To many of us happy with our improved lot. Doesn’t matter whether you are chewing tobacco, blow vapes indoors into peoples faces or pumping iron in grotty gyms. If your happy and you know it clap your hands. After every speech like penguins we clap for these elected fools and chancers. I promise you they are all trying to sell something, or have already spent there whole 6 months of salary ok a solution that no longer works for them. They are scared but have the option of dipping into their family and neighbours pockets.

This is not like ringing someone’s doorbell and asking them for a glass of milk. This is about living in a society with no curtains with an open door for everyone to pop in, or down, relax and talk about all sorts of stuff. If you have something to say, say it, I am not recommending you spill it though like me. You might have someone around you to clear a lot of this stuff up for you. If that’s you then well done. But please keep your eyes and ears open, if you see anything that needs clearing up do that or let whoever needs to know who have the right tools to clean it up for you. You only have to look on the hughstreet to see how many people are being evicted. There is always something you can use yourself. Hopefully this sort of ammunition helps.

Wages Day 40 Years From Now N.B. I am very proud in Britain that we do not have gun culture like America after what is happening there. In this instance they are clearly not good role models to have. The European Union is no Barbie, Action Man or Beanie baby themselves. I feel if they did have some miniature mannequins they would use them to wipe all sorts of regions. That Drago is a right noodle, he has nothing I want. His team in Brussels that knowbody knows maybe enjoying a decent meal, have access to a decent shopping centre, live in a bubble and get paid more than Cameron. As you may suspect I am not overly impressed with anything they are doing. Quite frankly any funds we have in Britain should be used to bonus services and government posts who are doing job well done, working and being happy.


The Journey of Music

I have never really spoke about music which is weird because I spend a portion of my time listening to all sorts of sounds. Musical instruments have grown as the global village collides with other cultures. The beat of the drum in one side of the world brings new information to another. These things can take time to process and find its place. Sometimes it is an ad agency who cottons on to the rhythm and uses the tune frame a new car in the consumers eyes from the ears. Other times it just lies rusty on some CD rack for years until someone or some company finds a practical use for it. I like music because it evokes all sorts of thoughts and feelings. Like a Mechanical Bride it sets the scene for the occasion. The problem with music is that not all sounds are everybody’s cup of tea. The music is at times to distracting, or the DJ is out of sync and sorts.
And it’s easy to get bogged down with the new sound, well it used to be anyway. I like when a young composer is born and immediately comes with a knowledge, pattern and shape of things to come. The reality is know every note has already been studied and like any good DJ these days, music is just a hodge podge of riffs already created.
a journey to music
The artists of the past like scientists of today studied sounds and the effects. They found certain sequence of notes created impressionable memories that stood out. From the outside these sounds could in effect replace any negative thoughts and struggles, equally these sounds could interrupt some important work of someone who knows and likes what they are already doing. This could be another reason why we all have different tastes. Which brings me onto the next important point I would like to convey.
When I first studied music at school we listened to Strauss, Listz, Mozart, Chopin and Scott Joplin. I liked the Scott Joplin so I decided to learn how to play the piano which I paid for my own lessons by doing a paper round. It was a chalenging round up a hill called Bradda. The great parts were the shop was on the same hill and coming back was great. The hill was so steep the volocity on my racer bike was pretty quick. This was before the days of head phones and walkmans. Anyway my piano instructor died on the piano waiting for me to arrive for a lesson. She was in her eighties, I feel like I have told this story numerous times before the ebony and ivory was stained with tobacco, her nails were the same, long and brown. Anyway my excuse is I had apendix removed. Mrs Williams was a good piano teacher and when I could remember I liked playing music that somebody had already written, Christmas songs etc.
Her death and the pain of having appendix removed made an impression on me and caused a lot of worry for family members, friends at school and the nurses at hospital. My pops was great, as a gift for getting through the operation he got me a Star Wars watch with R2D2 and C3P0 on its face. I am not sure when I first got into electonic music. The age of the computer I can clearly remember and the traces of electronic music in bands is going to be tricky but I give it my best shot. I was only seven so it must have been late 78 or 79.
I watched Star Wars with my pops at the cinema, I have seen that film a few times at the cinema. I liked the game on the Isle of Man in the arcade. They had Tron and a Star Wars game next to it that moved up and down as you destroyed the X Wings and entered the Death Star. The music when attributed with the popularity and futuristic things made a big impression enough to spend 50p a go or £1.00 for three goes. I also liked Qu Ebert, Tron, Tarzan Mr Do and allsorts of games. Anything to keep me away from the flashing lights of fruit machines. Sounds were coming from all directions in the penny arcades. From slides to prices earned through scooping them up on a building site.
These were the real marketers, they worked on building sites and did all the ground work. I can see them now behind the keyboard typing in their dusty boots to pay for auto responder fees and holidays. Behind every sports car and musicians condo is a genius waiting to get out. I miss my pops though he passed away on a machine in hospital that was keeping him alive after a brain seizure 4 or 5 years ago. I will take a break but I promise to continue cronocholing music and what music means to me. Thank you.
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Writing Stories On The Backend Of Older Authors Successes

Writing stories to create a posh cv.

This post is all about writing stories and reading into other authors successes to improve your own story. We go into the various techniques used in day to day writing, from times when the only real means of residual stay at home dads income was writing.

Not just writing for the sake of it rather writing stories in various unique styles and repeating this throughout book after book. Blogging is a little bit like booking in that its available online for everyone to read. The only difference is when writing these stories you don’t have to pay for it.

I like to start of a lot of my articles with a mind map, granted I have not done this for a while however I do recommend it and I will go on a little bit about that later on.

Basically its just another one of those ways to keep me focused when writing. Its so easy to go of topic when talking about other peoples stuff, that said if I cannot improve my writing with the greatest novels ever written and find out how to read into why it was so successful then is difficult for me to explain how I am growing as a writer.

An automated writer would argue the toss, however if truly the writing is automated then surely they know from which source the information they are receiving is coming from. It is so easy to read a book, retrieve something special and end up squeezing it into your own narrated story.

Plagiarism has never been so rife. What I like about finding out all about great authors and what they did so well, is an educational takeaway that can only raise awareness of these things.

He started of out with a comforting arm around the shoulders simultaneously asking did you enjoy the bit when he took you into what it meant to him friendship? What comfort did you find in the way he asked such simple questions?

Do you think his introductions came at a pace that suited the best introduction?

Like a wine connoisseur you will be able to trace the original styles, tempo’s and order of things from books of the past that sold out quicker than you could say Amazon Rain Forrest.

Becoming a connoisseur of writing stories takes time

The connoisseur of time I would imagine would have like the mind map three tree’s on consciousness and in his mind he would start of with a central image.

The plan of writing stories can act like a skeleton in the biology closet, you pull it out and go from there. And the human factor will help you get from where you started out and act like a spell checker at the end to see you ticked all the boxes.

When you talk to yourself and struggle to understand or hear what it is you are saying then how do you expect for anyone else to hear whatever it is you said.

Or more importantly at what point do you think the reader is going to throw away the desire to finish reading whatever it is you are nibbling under your breath.

In the media there can be more than one excuse for this sort of behaviour, but as we find out no one cares really about the excuse all they actually care about in communications is: how are you going to fix it?

Perhaps you need someone else to articulate what it is you are saying when writing stories.

You might want to write it and get an actor to read it out for you.

If they are a good actor they may even put their own experience into the script.

The human touch can alter simple scripts which on paper look bland and basically nothing to write home about.

Again hand signals, facial expressions and nostril twitching are all attraction factors that determine whether a viewer ( and reader ) will want to gravitate towards your characters in your story.

If you have a team of people you want to do a Q & A to find out what couple of paragraphs you can add to their team who are writing stories.

In each story everyone should seem unique and the name should extenuate (highlight) who they are.

Every story for example has a good guy. Other stories have bad guys and usually in between in a heroine who is expectedly going to go through some sort of hardship or be caught between the good and bad.

The agendas now have changed and if you wish to magnetise readers then these traditional narratives have changed.

We see this in newer films where stereotypical people are portrayed in surprising ways, almost reaching out to the newer original village idiots. Good luck with writing stories.

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The Hunger Games – Sons of Liberty – Counterculture and Revolution

The Hunger Games tries to evoke an old and dangerous message.
I have not seen this show or been keeping up with the series.
Nor was I interested in anyone talking about protesting.
What is interesting is media take interest by trending the title on social media.
It’s right to take away the sins of the earth and deserves a merciful response.
I agree with the tv critics in that it might have a dangerous message.
The directors and the actors have done really well. The dangerous message comes from other avenues. Most public broadcasts have some agenda these days.
Did you know 200 of the top companies get to make the real decisions? They play with the merciful sins of of the earth.
Politicians can do similar things, small grassroots groups try and do similar things. They both get together like all good humanists, historians and naturists go off to design banners for everybody to hold close to our chests.
You make rational decisions based on your own needs and everyday the decisions.
You make the most of what to watch and who you listen to. This can even shape certain areas of your life or those around you or inside your magic circle.
So let me explain again about my thoughts on protesting. I make no promises about a closer look at the text in this television review because I do not have a tv.
The Hunger Games is an action TV show that people watch who have a television.
The messages on most of these shows are thoughts and dreams from the top down.
So do not be discouraged when you see companies like Viagra getting a Knighthood from the queen for the good work they do.

People want quick fix happiness, entertainment is perfect for that sort of thing.

It has and always will be a quick fix method and give you something to talk about.
What I agree with and hope to do in 2015 is people need to get out more and start building there own story.
Any writers, authors, script writers and indeed copywriters take note.
What we are seeing here are small thoughts and goals. Each of them being eaten by incubators and top fortune 100 companies.
Another way of looking at it is there are so many TV shows I am sure you agree regardless of how good it is The Hunger Games is not yet in the top ten TV series from USA out there.
History’sSons of Liberty‘ foment the American Revolution California, national and world news – Los Angeles Times
Hunger Games is not the only show churning out revolution. There are many other TV shows supporting media message from all angles.
Time is neatly segmented and rewrote for reasons unbeknown to many happy people.
I am not dipping into other peoples happiness.
I am merely expanding upon dangerous messages that incites a battle with individuals who many actors struggle to climb the appropriate ranks.
The historical TV show I see being spoke about is called History’s ‘Sons of Liberty’ again I have not get seen but if people are talking about it then its worth me examining and perhaps watching.
History’s ‘Sons of Liberty’ foment Revolution. So by marinading the two anyone might think they can start a revolution. And that has always been the way it should be.
Reality is we have seen sacrifice after sacrifice of countries over the past 69 years who are simply confused by the new landscape.
By the time they have finished examining the truth they are caught arguing amongst each other.

  • Is this miniseries a reflection of the saga we having in our own lives?
  • Or is it just a neurolinguistic reminder?
  • What are the chances of competing with companies of power?

The latter says there is a chance to build your own Empire now that the British Empire is not what it was.
The New Year fireworks show this not be the case. Once a show like The Hunger Games is packaged and broadcast commences we start to understand the competition.
Supportively in the news we see real people out there in the cold with tens, hundreds or thousands of people chanting protest messages they know nothing about.
Citizens seem confused with all personal problems again marinated and reinforced with personal problems.
A dot to dot pattern emerges, logic starts to form inside the machine.
So is it a mould or a new bacteria that we should embrace and be all excited about?
The proof has always been in the pudding. So please watch but be mindful there will be some messages in there that your brain will process subliminally and on the surface everything seem untoward.
Like happiness it’s not short and shrift, it should be well thought out, long serving needs and people’s wants.

  • If there were a new narrative to counterbalance the counterculture already in place do you think this would help?
  • Can entertainment be right, do people really need to get all riled up in to make a change?

These are some of the basic things I guess need looking into.
When you look at all the thought behind troubleshooting problems and see thousands of people saying no. Folks disagreeing decisions cost nothing its great way to develop a writing voice.
The law has started to bend over for powerful companies who pay the highest legal fee’s. Who also offer discount on medical treatments, pensions etc. Things not worrying yourself just now.
Remember the song? …When they were up they were up, and when they were down they were down and when they were only…
It’s a bit like the wheels on a bus song!
The people wars, the parameters crumble and the budget remains the same. The people have always struggled and the sins of the earth starts with wargames.