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What I can do for who.

My niche is happiness and helping people. I do this by pulling back the superficial veneer is a comfortable and hopefully enjoyable way.

The kind of people I wish to work with are already successful, often not knowing they just going through a bit of a bad patch and need a simple nudge to recalibrate or navigate through the situation.

Relaxing and re kindling reasons originally why, finding out the truth about attractive shiny objects or just keeping up with the ‘curve’.

Health and happiness go hand in hand.

Having someone like me available to talk too I have found is important.

Many of you already have accountability partners, other half’s nagging or clearing up after you.

Talking is great and confidentiality is something here you can rely on.

Someone to say good morning and good night is enough even a couple of weeks to get you through them bumps in the road.

Many of you are worried about what your other half might think about you speaking to me, your agency, CEO or manager.

Is ok, in fact I recommend you not telling these overlords about are little arrangement. Secrecy is often that missing little secret clients crave in this honest hustling and bustling world.

The great thing about people like me is recordings if any are for your benefit. I very forgetful and have over the years forgotten about things myself.

The great thing you can I hope expect is communication with a blank wall. Perhaps you don’t want to speak to anyone else about these matters.

After speaking to me people realize and remember who that second opinion they value is and decide to speak to them again.

Welcome to the crossroads, speak to me and I will do some advocacy.

Different horses for different courses no one conversation is the same.

I know a list of people, how they think, what they looking for and the common laws of life that without a simple nudge can go wrong longer than need be.

I seen my place in this, wherever you turn online there actually are other people just like me who are available and want to help, they do help and can help.

I here to remind you not to underestimate that. I not soft either so if you have concerns about getting me in trouble by speaking to me that’s fine I can look after myself and Mutley’s here.

Also you not be ashamed, I not here to judge. Listening is part and parcel of helping.

My perfect client is somebody who is able to recognize instructions they already know work for them.

Life is very precious, your very good and I am too. If you cannot see that, know this there was a day when you seen all this sort of stuff.

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The Heatbeat of The World Wide Web

Greetings Rob here. I been busy over on social media again, updating avatars to match on the world wide web. The heart beat of any media prescence is continuity. So with that said I will update you guys here on what has been going on in 2020.

Without getting into to much of the logistical changes happening around the world, I just want to share with you briefly some thoughts on networking online via the world wide web. Due partly to dispell myth and invisible fears people go through I suspect you know some people who do not wish to be seen online. Is there good reason for this, perhaps as we know some do not feel confident enough to begin and justify this with trust issues about even starting. So these beliefs are embedded and without ever knowing any different understand this, these people are happy. One thing is true though more and more tasks need doing online. The avoidance of online activities will be fine if you have a secretary of a carerer to do these things for you. I would suggest just creating an email is enough to boost your confidence. No doubt in my mind this will help you progress from land line thinking to smart phone technology. Is a simple solution for a perhaps age old issue but is one which is subtle and very effective. Cultivating intrigue in people instead of overloading them with the possibilities in far more attractive.

There are people who have emails and have concerns about logging in. Changing a password is much more simple than a few years ago. A few years ago you would go in an internet cafe and the guy in the cafe would help you type on computer creating your email. He would use his email as back up because you needed a back up email, does this sound familiar? Now you can back up your email with a mobile text messaging mobile phone. Over the years phones get lost, numbers change. Having a back up email is still possible. So todays solution although much easier to have with more and more cheap mobile phones is still the same. If you are in a library and helping people get started I think everything starts with a Gmail. Creating a Gmail might need a back up email too, so perhaps create an email you like. At home we are lucky, we have a router or parents have a router. Who ever is your provider and you know this provider is good and has served you Internet household many years might be the best email to select. The world is a big place. One email that has not let me down all these years is Yahoo. That said the company has merged so perhaps Hotmail (Microsoft) is key. I would reccomend if you are just getting someone started use all three. Write down the password and email for people if you are doing it for them. Write in something personal to them like there own contact book or rolodex so they know where to find it should they forget. Frustration and fear of forgetfullness only adds to the problem. I want more people to get ready for the splurdge. Even if they never login or move to getting a smart phone at least they have when asked. Having another family member there who is internet savvie will help even more because they can guide family members practising these new skills. Any hand holding these days is really helpful. Helping is important even if you live in a igloo the other side of antartic.

Mobile phones are good for this for recieving the text message and yes I know the battery lasts longer and the minimal format is a look easier to land line users to recognise but truth be told smart phones are fine. Price wise you can pick ones up online really cheap, good ones. New ones batteries last long though like any phone if you leave it charging all day then it will effect uptime also sockets can get dusty, damaged even. You know you can clean these sockets by chewing a cotton bud flat, using a stitching needle to scrape around the rim. Also new phones are becoming wirless chargers, the same phones us BlueTooth headphones so bear this in mind when choosing a top phone for someone just starting out. A good phone for Gmail email is an Android, Galaxy, Motorola etc even Nokia smart phones access Play Store now. Apple is good for any email. Yahoo, Hotmail Gmail and even uses its own email for phones. Apples are posh and you could get one with headphones still up to iPhone 6 I think. 5S is still good, 5c and below and not updating apps properly in 2020 so be mindful of this. Sometimes looks are the best and being very practical is the best you can do for anybody. If you are giving a family member novice a device tape your name and number on it so they know to call you if they are struggling. More and more forgetfullness is a thing, we all get forgetful and yes alzeiemers is real and a bit of a big deal.

world wide webIf you would like me to expand further on this topic please leave a comment. Or if you want me to be a helper for one of your friends or family who are started and feel confident that I won’t like many of us cant help doing then use there new email in the comment and be sure to subscribe to new entries. Thanks for reading todays entry about the heatbeat of the world wide web. Have a great Day! Rob

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August Update 20

Welcome. My name is Robert Bridge and this is an August Update for 2020. This year I have been hunkering down like most people around the world. This is just a leisurely update on my movements. Most of which has been spent compiling Spotify Playlists over on Spotify and sharing a cooking diary over on Instagram. This is what I currently use most on Social Media. I also send the odd tweet on Twitter. So let me begin, like I say is nothing to serious.

Corona-19 meant I have changed the way I do things a lot, is changed for a lot of people. Masks have become very fashionable. It seems the virus blows about in the air and in the shops. So we are advised to wear them when shopping, Tom Hanks even suggested drivers should wear in cars. Some people with various medical conditions have been advised to not wear them in certain settings becuase wearing a mask can effect some peoples breathing. Mostly though, people are wearing them, some even show them on Social Media like others do with Christmas hats at Christmas.

Another shift has been one about racial awareness within the police force and in general with activists and protesters. This is happening here in London, Europe and the rest of the world, mainly USA where all the troubles started. It started with a I Can’t Breath hashtag, then moved into lives matter trends, blackouts of blank images on Instagram and other places.

Last week on Twitter many Jews took 48 hours away from social media for something somebody said on Twitter. Also an influential caused a bit of a storm about things he said on Twitter making people back away from social platforms, I think that was Wiley a rapper from UK.

A few days ago Lebanon had another explosion which shook the world because of additional near by compost and some fireworks. Lots of people were injured, near by buildings destroyed and the explosion was very powerful explosion. Some even compared it to Nagasaki explosion that happened a while back.

So with all the excuses for not updating for few months I will get update you on what has been happening personally…

I have learned a few new skills, been practising digital imaging and enjoying all the new apps for mobile phones which assist me in my en-devours. I just been taking it easy though, social distancing and walking the dog.

The great thing about living in London is and I think is the same for everybody around the world. Your local area is cool. Everybody by now should know every local nook and cranny. Public transport requires like shops, masks so the numbers travelling have dwindled. I noticed this week on Twitter a new form of advertising coming down the pipe. A more immersive and evasive approach that monitors facial patterns to certain digital ads on the underground. It is supposed to help advertisers tweek their ads. If people like the ads I imagine they will smile and I imagine over time these positive reactions (or negative) will wane as time goes by.

For WordPress optimization I am recommending the Google Kit plugin. It helps plug in to the new Google optimization tool kit available now. I would say now it has been updated and tried, tested and ironed out previous security issues is a mandatory plugin for your WordPress website, optimising speed load, search engine (Google) visibility and correct mobile phone compression. You’ll learn a lot, is REAL easy to use, push button software and works right out the box. All you need is a Gmail account. It also sets up a little bit of analytics which will give you a better idea of visitors, this includes pay per click, re-targeting and other paid methods of promoting website if that is what you need to do.

With spending more time in the house I thought it productive to read a book on Feng Shui. I still reading and learning stuff to brighten my home. Today for example I moved by bed and re positioned this laptop I am typing away on. The floors clean, bought some more air fresheners, fly spray and I good to go. Two friends visited me to day so I feeling good about life. I would like to help more people.

This month I finally made a Jimdo website. That is cool becuase it only takes five minutes to make. The only have one template and the moment called The Dolphin template which is cool. They provide the copy, have loads of free images and you can upload your own.

I also set up LinkTree which is cool place to add hyperlinks to various places. At the time of doing the Black Lives Matter link was trending so I added that, is an optional pop up at the bottom that they recommending. Perhaps they offer other more trending supportive future topics. I will hopefully keep my eyes peeled. Again is free and very popular on Instagram, so I also added it to Twitter profile (Like we do).

My cooking skills have been improving. Cooking is becoming so much easier thanks to social media. You have all the top cooks spilling their guts with top tips on Social sites including the usual places like YouTube and Facebook. Though they also sprouting up on TikTok. Is funny I seen one yesterday of Gordon Ramsey giving feedback on someone else’s shared TikTok catering short video. As you can imagine it was very entertaining. Our cooking only can improve with feedback.

I am optimistic about this year even though there is so much real risk of deprecation. From climate change to the PPE scandal. I just want to end thanking the NHS and everybody who do good stuff in the medical industry. Also notably all the online marketers for their generosity and time through online Zoom Meetings and other webinar educational tech mediums. As a graduate of Media and indeed Language I am excited again about learning and sharing as we jog along, hopefully with headphones on. Be sure to find me on Spotify, pick a genre that suits you and have a listen please. Also please don’t be shy, if you like to say hello do so, here, social media, DM messaging, YouTube channel, Pinterest, Tumblr even commenting down below. I honestly do not bite. Mutley doesn’t either. Mutley is me dog.

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Changes in Thinking Influenced by the Digital Age

Women Online In 2020: Relationships Have Evolved, Services Of Being Single

From sorority row, to Las Vegas women are guided into a better way to live.

People are taken from the confines of the cupboard into the light of the Internet. Getting noticed in this current environment depends upon the usual natural laws with all the caveats. Men see this; many shape this but most just go along with it, not really knowing what’s happening. This is creating a modern monastic lifestyle with far less chaos.

Dating sites are on the rise and other agendas are being brought forward. Urban lifestyles cater for youth culture, in a country of heritage the same respect applies. That said youth, seem more pronounced, they will learn as fast as they teach the next generation. Online the parameters for all ages and disabilities have changed. And as always most attribute happiness and success with healthy long-lasting relationships.


Men and women have common needs, ‘normal relationships’ is an idea passed down from generations of wise people who unfortunately had no Wi-Fi access. This lead to a rewrite of cultural narratives dependent on cloud hosted information. Many of the old books got tipped in big trucks, this helps rewrite the past because most of the selective copying was done.

Text at a time when lexical text, in the correct language published was worth its salt. Writers and thinkers could make a fair living publishing there studies of older texts. Regardless of age, if you have the look, then you get the coaching. Coaching has become very popular alongside consultants. They both charge rates to organisations far greater than the national wage. Anyone can consistently do anything. Coaches and consultants work outside the usual selective parameters. Being attractive then is a collective decision. I propose from this the rapid changes we see in modern global society are shaped by this change. Also consultants and coaches are doing exactly what they are told for fear of failure. A similar discipline is needed for popular attractive young women online.

a journey to music

This supports dominance of languages, changes in priorities of having ‘normal relationships’ and a shifting of accepting generational common laws. Swearing for example captures the importance of expressing, honestly the uncomfortable changed circumstances. Some take an objective view on this because they are happily protected; others get stuck in the cycle of life unable to even think about this.

robert bridge

The importance of clear language is diluted; due to language derivation I support this. Rap music is a good example. Rappers use grunting lines in lyrics, and mix languages sometimes even so fast you miss what is being said. That is good because normal rules of communications are less necessary. Judgments about the past made us let go and the changes are happening fast. The line in the sand once drawn has been ruffled by the tide and the footprints of man and women. Dance music is even better, similar to any composition the audience is much easier to please. Free from frustrating prejudice. I sure you agree entertainment is very important.

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Understanding CSS PHP and HTML Web Designer Basics

A web designer who understands HTML, CSS and PHP. WordPress sites use all these bits of code. PHP and CSS is in the theme and helps how data looks on page to browsers. HTML is in posts for example bold text, bullet points and recipes. There is also schema code which helps search engines list your website in their own search engines correctly. This sort of metadata is also listed a SEO. Search engine optimisation is an extra bonus you get from a website designer.

Hi my name is Robert Bridge, I live in London and here to help. If you are looking for a web designer in London, that’s me. If I can help you I will. See the contact page to book a consultation. WordPress has come a long way, the ease at which a brilliant website, business page or lead capture pages can be made is unprecedented.


Charismatic Affluence, Age and The Art of Not Seducing People

Society over centuries has been influenced by Charismatic people unconsciously mirroring biblical proportions

Since man crushed grapes 🍇 charisma has been used. Moses used it to lore members to the mount. Other men with beards went down in history. Basically just seducing everyone they met into believing something, whilst using intriguing techniques which helped them go down in history through stories. Often to the point they put down on paper. This sort of thing influenced the industry and the ‘industry’ makes it mandatory in hearts and minds of others. Understanding your role in the power structures finely cemented in cities all around the world will help you understand more about you. Nothing Alpha or Beta, more master or servant.

The effects of this can be seen in gentrification of areas. Beard boutiques sprout up as society tells man he should emanate Moses, Mohammed and women should radiate Sheba’s, Cleopatra’s and Marilyn Munroes. History written down, passed down word of mouth has always been limited. The Internet brain still has to figure out these things, the Internet group mind is even more prone to quickly being seduced into quickly following such ideals. Roman structures still exist. Greek mythology still turns heads. And Mongolian score sheets still carry weight.

Look around, strip away all dress sense, beneath the veil are groovy footwear. Beneath the clear plastic bags are modern fluffy hats, 60’s scooters and other bell boy uniforms. The art of seduction like a lemon 🍋 has been well squeezed. Still all walks of life gravitate towards seducing and gaining influence. Text becomes televised, headers only become bolder just as recipes become international. Equally ingredients mould and adapt depending on what’s available. All is available to buy not everything is able to grow. So then is charisma learned, expected and if neglected the secret of success or failure? I think not. However…

By hiding behind the veil man fits into the agenda imposed by generations of experience. Most of these are good memories and only when the end is bad does the memories of growing up lead to legends in cages. I imagine centuries ago a growth of ones life of charlatans never got interrupted, intelligence was as low as eye cue. For years charismatic man played the numbers game, playing and strategising. If you really want to free yourself from attachment, your going to have to stop seducing everyone and that means examining the effects and causes. I have given you the roots, the locks of history I sure you agree is plain site, all you have to do is map your best exit. After-all the chances of you already being manipulated as servant by masters are very real. But why should you listen to me. I like most are not absolved from the pleasures of flesh. I like many are intrigued by power. And I like you and many others are stone free from all dogma. So just what is it that attracts man to women in vials and men who look like great great grandpa? Companies know this sort of thing and they hire CEOs forcing them into leadership roles. I sure they study these arts. Many in city train and study martial arts 🥋 yet not all win races. I a big fan of rabbit 🐇 and tortoise. I see myself as a touché turtle 🐢 and yes this is another seduction technique. Originating from females thousands of years ago who used charm and animalism to work their way through neighbouring empires. Some more active sexually than others. Those with a fresh taste had advantages. Youth easily crushed, elders addicted and flexed, women fresh or well oiled machines. The whole mechanistic pattern of relationships is although jaded out in the open. The reward systems in place are balanced in society with brown letters and other machine operated responses.


Interesting ways to share on Social Media #mmc #robertbridge

Robert Bridge Esq
Hi my name is Robert Bridge welcome to my website.

Thanks for visiting Media Marketing Communications. My name is Robert Bridge, I live in North London, network on and offline and share helpful information about media, technology and communications.

Social media communications requires in all honesty a can do approach. If you think you can then you probably will. Already many social media speakers with high online ROI numbers are sharing in ways that you can try and adapt yourself. New platforms are always popping up but same principle’s apply. Networking is something unique to all. Often your objectives are clouded by the platform objectives these popular social media sites have in order to monetise business model. Finding an in between balance, supporting as spending brands and narrowing your knowledable focus equally could help springboard your endeavours.



The Hemetic Seal of Venom Suit

The recent Marvel movie 🎥 Venom (2018) is an alien 👽 film with a hermetic seal suit.

The science behind the suit is based on magical practises of magicians, necromancers, and Hugonauts.

Marvel has conjoured up another enterpretation of Spiderman cartoon characters arche enemy Venom. Is a very entertaining film which reveals various secrets known between old hermetic orders.

This is not a movie review, although I do recommend this film. As usual Stan Lee makes an appearance. The focus in today’s article looks at this rubber like suit which seals the human body protecting the wearer from outside fatal forces of the universe.

This month I heard an interesting British radio show pointing out NASA space suits were hand knitted in complicated patterns to protect man when out of space. This weaving of space suits fascinates me and takes man made clothes to the Nth degree.
For centuries in literature man has explored logos.

Symbolism reminds alchemists about the process being done. Magic and alchemy is a series of steps taken to move closer to an outcome. Alchemical cooking is a psychic process done behind the scenes of a physical objective. The objective in conjunction with modern day science is to safely take man beyond planet earth 🌍.

Since man has crushed grapes 🍇 he’s sort wealth, health and happiness. Between 11th to 16th century work of hermeutic lergustus and the base matter virus of the philosophers stone, man has sort a rebearth of himself. This brought groups together by offering enlightenment.

In Venom the alien particle seeks man to survive on earth and man is tempted by the ability to go beyond earths healthy atmosphere.

People likewise have dreamed of escaping earths trappings of propaganda, slavery up to the workhouses sprouting up in the 19th century.

A polished obsidian Asteck Mexican show stone is stored here in Britain. This stone was used in Elizabethan times to channel its energies for lotharios political purposes related to understanding logos.

Lets say the Venom suit found on a meteorite is a magical 🧙🏼‍♂️ lode stone. And this new particle assists man to go boldly where no man has gone before.

Mix this with the astronauts interestingly knitted silk suit and the historically documented rise of the rubber trade, plus the gnostic ideal of immortality your left with the perfect trapping of symbiosis.

Ed Kelly, Jon Dee even Harry Potters had a well read occult audience based here at some point in Britain.

The star of the Venom movie is a popular British actor. That said his accent is a broadly American accent but don’t let that put you off watching.

The seal where the rubber meets the road, in accordance with what we know about the ‘Logos’ objectives of alchemy, science, entertainment and belief is fluent in Venom. Good film, if you get chance check it out. 👍


A Great Way To Learn Is Getting On With It

We are good learner’s really. Hearts are mostly in the right place although sadly so much confusion. Like all good stories your bound to find lyrics about songs of joy with tears of laughter. And like rabbits on the road we just freeze.
Too many of us are guilty of tea bagging. As we dip in and dip out again we can still follow through with obtuse responses. Here I am! Pardon. Or even better – I beg your pardon. Because we are English and everything seems the sweetest taboo people think they can get away with murder. Then there’s the spitters. They spit on the street, they’d probably spit on your grandma’s grave given half a chance. Don’t make it personal, often it’s nothing to do with you. It would just be they have something trapped between their teeth. So there you go: problem, action and solution.
Moving swiftly on, we all have bad days. And the moment you walk out the door you get a sense of what’s what, then someone comes along and has to spoil it all by spitting like a dribbling fool.
Many countries you get a fine for spitting or even a wrist chopped off. The times they are a changing. In some tradition’s it is traditional to spit wherever you are when you see demon or some sort of animals. You have to laugh at these sorts of tradition’s. For some they get a test after a few month’s whilst others just manage to slip between the teeth. In the seventies British people with braces, jeans and Doctor Martin boots spat all the time. They thought it was cool. Footballer player’s do it so for many they follow idles closely like we used to collect shiny sticker albums.
I personally think sneezing in people’s faces is rude, I suspect you do too. However as much as I hate to say it I am interested in about what you think on the matter. Do you think its OK if I spit on your grave? Or are you of the belief that spit and phlegm is a by product of living in the big smoke so just get on with it without a care in the world?


Identity Recognition: Making Peace With Yourself

You think of yourself as tall,dark and handsome? Expecting a stranger to walk into your life sometime soon? These leading questions and ones like them are fake and distracting.

You are who you are and it is, what it is.

Peace comes about in fascinating ways, each experience blows me away. When I hear people talk from the heart; I feel fully awake, want to mirror this type of sharing and feel the nourishment of words inside myself.
Language of the heart is not shibboleths or something to be intimidated by. Very rarely heart talk leads to anger, frustration or discontent from others in the vicinity. Giving access to allow your heart into your communication organs does not put strain on your body, breath or blood flow.
Challenges arise, boundaries get broken and people around you do not understand what has happened in your head. The heart ensures a stronger force is present which cultivates saying likable things about people, and not getting roped into judgements.
Inside you have an abundant amount of skills that no one can comprehend, it’s up to you to take the reins on this one. The carriages you have privilege to pull and linked together in an uniformed way attracted by various things you have said and done. We have all proved ourselves at sometime and felt compelled to do good deeds.
Examples are so many in numbers but it wasn’t always that way.
We all started of small and like muscles we grew in girth and length. Thankfully society has given us freedom to think about what needs doing. Sometimes our time is charitable, family service or giving back. Like 10% charity 90% we deserve ourselves. Imagine spending doing this authentically for just you.
Knowledge of self is good because you are protected. Your imprint on the world suppressed or on a mission is very personal. Remember please the past like a memory is just that. And however you paint your future is nothing compared to the true presence of now.
Learning is happening constantly for ourselves and other people. If we ask for help constantly then at every important stage second opinions are marketing communications
Once we know who we are and have learned the basics of what we need to know to implement, fit in, with what needs doing it should be plain sailing. unfortunately this is not always the case. You are not the only pea in the pod. Other people will display feats of power and illusion, this is not to say they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, blessed with the gifts of the gab or just like bugging people, the world is full of challenges.
Mastering your emotions, learning again to increase your flexibility and constantly connecting dots to brighten the spider graph / mind map of situations happens when you allow it too.
Every corner has lessons being sold to you and we live in a world of excuses. Your identity reinforces itself when you step out of this arena. Looking at posters of leading centurions will only lead you into the tigers den.writing stories
Society needs warriors, not worriers. Take yourself out of the question, cloak yourself with invisibility, turn on aerial K9 ears and listen carefully. This does not mean finish sentences for others or make any assumptions from historical recollections or tar other people with the same brush. Just save the red alerts for when you need them based on simple laws of elementary and deduction. You can always tear yourself out the picture when need be.
You are your own portrait and you can revisit that painting whenever you want. Yes there are coachable trews which will make you look certain ways. Legacy or philanthropy determines what this angle may be. Put your on a moveable rig, imagine having a drone to fly around you like it could if it would your favourite landscape location. One angle shows leadership, another shows sensitivity or instills trust in other people. This type of knowledge will last for a while. There is no changing fashion in these sides of you. Since man has crushed grapes these poses have existed. Art gives hints of what works outside the realms of marketing London
We should not avoid history or theology like we do for the shape it has made us is real. To historians and theologians perhaps we are just putty in their hands, however my hope is you cultivate your own inner compass. This should help you when shaping your own identity. Its time to ground yourself firmly on a potter’s wheel of your own making to mould your own patterns.
Together in a class competition will help you shape things better. Challenges will get in the way and slow down the ticking clock. Get fired up, stay cool and go with the flow. The amount of time you direct on developing skills your toolbox expands. You can go out into the world and give 10% of your energy listening to other people’s mistakes and needs.

monitoring media
Monitoring Media Mind Map by Robert Bridge

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Media Mediums that contribute to Popular Mass Culture

writing stories
Arranging lives. Organisational skills. Software to help us get organised. Finding the hip (current) media to do stuff in an attempt to stay with it, evolve, be less primitive.
Finding the right way to engage a dialogue between peers. Participating in an proper way. If you want to get noticed you have a choice of media. If you have a nice voice you may want to communicate over the phone, call into a radio show to ask and answer questions or leave a recorded message or conversation for people to refer too. In the music industry you could record a song accompanied by some music, you may have made, acquired through open source, made with software or purchased from popular outlets to acquire a legal license.
Leather illuminatiAge of participation from audience has broadened. Any age with the help of mixed media can be intelligent enough to be accepted in Entertainment, business and give to conversations. Children from an early age have an advantage of learning at a time in their lives where they can master media, it should be encouraged, it may also make older academic people intimidated but it is not something to worry about.
Robert Bridge Media
Even stories can be written by younger writers. spellchecker are amazing. Narratives of classic books have due to time become open source, this provides templates for anyone to experiment with, replicate and structure effective styles of writing. Criticism is quick thanks to the Internet. More people online reading, means more chance of getting practical feedback. The effects of this means more junk online as more and more people develop. The footprint of everything recently have led to job losses from criticisms of earlier social media blurbs. Micro sites like Twitter are easy enough to flush but people forget to drop. You can use tools to watch social media for anything negatively explicit.
media marketing does this really well. It also gives step by step instructions in what to do and how to engage on social media and websites. Once you understand these once thought common sense rules you can regulate yourself easier online. Think of it like a game, understand the rules and you will avoid any sudden or lasting effects. If you are writing about personal issues and reactions throughout the day try using a paper and pen than something digital. With touch screen the temptation is to apply handwriting to digital formats. Equally pictures can be drawn and easily published online. Two things come to mind that you may want to keep tabs on is Branding and copyright. Think do you want your ideas copied and used in films, television, theatre to explain the time we live in and not have to be credited. Art is a gift. If you think a gift like an image or a painting is worth something then do not upload to free social media sites without adding water margins, or hyperlinks to sites that may sell your wares.
understanding mediaThe argument is on Social Media is that unless you get likes or comments no one is actually listening. This encourages people to share more of their own intellectual property. Security of art is extended outside the safety of the home under lock and key. Western man has had warmth from buildings with keys to lock themselves in. Cameras inside add to security as well as give agencies the ability to monitor people. Drones and smaller insect cameras mean easier surveillance. So the balance of avoiding media and engaging in media comes closer together.
websiteThe workplace has changed. This confuses people. Old jobs seem obsolete and current jobs are difficult to prove. Some people can accept and embrace, others still struggle to adapt. The incarnate nature of the situation has some relative effects we can see in an unusual amount of people, men, women, and other free thinking creatures. Whales and dolphins are being found washed up on shore. The effects of modernity and using disposable plastics has effects on the eco system. The chaos effect talks about this. A flap of wings in one place causes hurricanes on the other side of the planet. Intuition and global consciousness of this is another reason to bring up. Information moves faster, information becomes repetitive and dulls the senses. Exposure to violence and warfare from history and media has not helped. The argument there is that we have become thick-skinned. One joke from yesterdays news is enough for us to continue on with our ‘busy’ lives. Trouble makers have more competition in being original and creative. Bad leaders can easily get the help to fast track a country to ruin. So a belief in sure things like popular algorithms lead to ruin when the tide turns.
robert bridge mobile media


Seeking Verification of Things in Communications

Words are very powerful and they transform the way we feel sometimes. You can change your thoughts on matters by simply changing the narrative so I did that because I wanted to. If you are seeking verification of things in communications to see if this is the case I have jotted down some simple suggestions.
Verification of things you say is not as easy as verifying an email address password change. I am not Microsoft. Verification of things you talk about in various scenarios will determine your why. Whatever the reasoning behind it we will take a look and even touch base with some examples of good and bad reasons. I want some of you to come away from seeking and realising your own power of observation. Validating hunchs can take years. Clearing much of the clutter in the mind helps when you clean up or prevent making a mess in the first place.
When you are worried about something words can become garbled. Even if you are listening to what words are coming out of your mouth, perhaps the people on the other side of the room cannot hear a word you are saying. Perhaps they ask you to speak up and in doing so helping you elevate your tone of voice. Then again any help could make you worry, even more, say less next time or walk away. My point is communications work both ways. Online simple packets pass through hubs which translate messages. There are known codes which help machines translate text and now apps translate words almost immediately. If you speak clearly, use correct grammar and avoid slang words the machine can more easily understand what it is you are trying to communicate with people. Even then the words may come out garbled and robotic. Technology can not sort everything out. Neither should you.
understanding agendas
There is no need to worry if no one validates your ideas. They are only ideas. Even if they contest your research if you have done all your homework correctly you should easily be able to bring reports up to a standard acceptable to your peers. In the workplace, this will be at first very frustrating. Starting off on the right foot may help, boiling kettles, packed lunches and bottles all help blend in during those first few crucial months. If you can be nervous without showing your nervousness you should be fine. Nerves only make other people nervous. Looking happy wins most battles. However, you should not still be smiling when punishments are being dished out because they may think you are not listening or like being punished.
If validation is not a protocol of working with other people and is for your own project online is a great way of getting feedback. It might not be the feedback you expected but still, something is better than nothing. Try different places. Most people want help with simple things. By being of help, you will hang around long enough to meet the people you need. The more you type and the more you just keep churning away the more the chance to something developing.
You might have to let go of any reservations you have about what you are saying. If it is really bad there is always someone willing to share their own experience of making mistakes communicating online with other human beings. You must understand not everyone is reading in English. Culturally there are stops which mean people from whatever country are reluctant to interject. The terminology may have become lost in translation. The sound of what was said may have been stifled by something more important advertising itself to you. Some things are so powerful, made better and more entertaining than the main feature, so please do not get concerned about being too distracted or disinterested because it happens to the best of us.
In science, the search for validation is done under laboratory conditions which help prove right from wrong. Maths communicate in similar ways. They are both either right or wrong. Over years knowledge expands. In the past few decades alone there have been a lot of changes. Put this in the context of our communications which others and you have a better idea of how complex language, communications, persuasion and media really are. Now one Moji could explain everything. Similarly, you will be in competition with people who have what they are trying to say tattooed on their head or neck. The work ethos is not always as tribal however out there in the real world your validation is necessary. You have already embraced so much and put up with much more. Main concerns seem to be identity. Ethnicity perhaps, other peoples religion, clashes of past identity and preferences can hold you back. Making yourself comfortable in the office is best done when it is your office, not somebody else’s. We were not all around during the summer of 76, however, there is always more momentary years than others. You can use these sweeping generalisations to make who you are speaking to more comfortable. The easiest thing to guess these days is age. Even with all the beauty products out there, you can see the age in the crows of peoples eyes.
As much as you want validation; understand this: not everyone seeks validation of their own mortality and existence. Some people are just happy in the now. They walk around with a dustpan, brush and mop as they go along. The clutter is not an issue for them because there is none. If you are like me, more patient and willing to understand the roles of other people in society we will all just get along fine. I try not to step on too many sets of toes. I do not say this likely and try at every step not to mince words. Each sentence is like part of a puzzle and when everything slots into place people comment with feedback and how they see it. Basically, our minds are all over the place. One train of thought can activate or release someone else’s pain and woe. If you open your mouth half the battle is won. Unless you’re in a foreign country of conflict and stand out like a sore thumb.
If you ask for something and they give you the wrong thing you will have to go back and get the correct ticket. We are all on different paths in territories often unknown. This it is why you should do your own research before rushing around, day after day, alone on a hill, with the man that is there standing perfectly still “fool!”. With some people, you should raise your tone and others you may need to soften it a little. Depending on how clever you think people are and the expertise of people you’ll use the right terminology. Simple or complicated the important thing to do is get your point across. Speaking one to one or millions of people on Instagram you want to share an unambiguous message. Some people will completely not get it, in fact, the chances are they will not even notice. People see a direct reflection of where their own head is at, all you have to do is ask rather than request a smile.


Pressured To Do Write

There is always somebody pressuring us to do right things and as writers pressurising us to write is a good thing. There are a few simple ways to spot when bloggers are being pressured into doing things. Equally outside forces mean we can make certain assumptions about people might be thinking. This article is not me touching up someone else’s post. At least I don’t think it is. I not plan what comes out, nor do I have a desire to finish any sentences for you. So, with all that said I shall continue with this months entry.
Hi my name is Robert Bridge and I’d just like to thank Reddit for 100’s of visitors last month (May 2017). I am the main writer on this blog, as a matter of fact its just me all alone which is great that I do not have anyone finishing sentences for me. I know about how hard it is sometimes when people expect you to hang on every shallow word they say. Academic, a new YouTube video or some sudden biblical revelation is very personal.
I try not to get too personal and my comments I sure you agree are very superficial on the surface although lasting in a significant enough way to avoid any unnecessary instant dismissal.
Everyday it seems most people I know are tortured or distracted in the most unusual and unique ways. Many nets have been cast in the world of personal development, truths seekers and those of a similar ilk.
Procrastination starts I think elsewhere and in the world of writing online its a big responsability going over what you have previously written. Words if they are so important and simple enough to be non offensive to readers as well as reducing loss of translation across the board. Words can be very backwards, therefore is little wonder we catch ourselves back peddling.
The forces that be push us into experiencing the frustration of procrastination. And as we put things of and sugar coat things the less gets done.
From an outside perspective we have a helpful birds eye view of things. As writers we also have readers, mainly though ourselves. We come across pictures of Sea of Bones all the time and the temptation is understandably to walk on by, ignore, mind our own business to avoid any confrontation or ridicule. Finding our own voices, oracles and muses is way over the top. To our friends like wolves we howl the one thing we don’t want to do and as experts we seem to be pidgeon holing ourselves with that ‘build a wall’ to fix things mentality.
There is a film with Bruce Willis that explains this a bit better called Unbreakable. The film alone explains the polarity of what’s deemed good and bad in a topic most ignore. The mind is shaped in different ways.
Equally the brain size may have contributed to amazing engineering and architecture thousands of years ago. Special helicopters that no one talks about. Vessels that travelled swiftly over continents. Buildings built on points of earth which had astrological allignments.
All these like writers block, mysteries.
Whether its a big wow, something mundane or things you create yourself we can bet your bottom dollar, somewhere down the line someone or something is pressurising us in some way.
Again writing is solid enough to be written at equal times of conciousness.
The exposure of elements cannot help but contribute to our growth and who’s to say if one glove fits all. Its our duality of conciousness and unconcious that unites us.
And there is where our quest for difference and uniqueness is where the rabbit meets the road. Which raises the question, no matter how much common sense feeds the doubt: are we any better off with coaches and mentors?


The Power Of A Group Mind

The group mind in today’s post is powerful enough to move heavy stones and build gigantic structure’s.
Hi my name is Robert Bridge and this is my blog: Media Marketing Communication’s. I live in London with my dog Mutley and am interested in alternative form’s of education, communications and basic practical linguistic skill’s.
The group mind organised in a constructive way on commune’s for people who have passed tests set by leaders of brave new world’s. Atlantis and places like that ( see my Facebook post below, as I summarised a YouTube video I watched this week.
The pyramid’s mystery begin to unfold. Zoroastrian Persian diaries reveal the wise men and Kings in the bible on the day of Jesus birth were perhaps Persian monk’s. Stonehenge blocks may have moved in similar circle’s and Atlantis was what thinkers thought about when focusing on other group mind community projects.
No one wants a bee put in their bonnets. Especially when it challenge’s nativity plays which many of us have acted out in, dressed up in old clothes or played accompanying music too. These memories are very special. Some of us may have also taught similar stories passed down through generation to generation under shelter of buildings that have outlived our great grand parents.
Imagine a community of people living together from all around the world. They are very clever and have qualified in many fields in order to be there. People who were sort out from around the world. A peaceful team of mercenaries focusing their minds into one place through a group transmission of united energy. Mind weightlifting heavy objects with telekinesis before the days of giant cranes and dumpster trucks. The intelligent group commune is suggested as being around for thousand’s of year’s. The best of the best keeping information in the family. The kibbutz overflowing with innate wisdom empowering everybody there in equal ways. Then someone at the helm conducting procedure’s, are they god’s or simply humble site manager’s. Are they dependant on planets element’s or are they controlling the elements in their area, over the roof they call sky?
Are they simply chess piece’s or a collection of jigsaw puzzles solving all sorts of stuff. History show’s this maybe the case. And anyone who has ever tried to solve a puzzle has compassion for those trying to solve these things.
We assume everyone has our own place and we are unique and by proxy we mostly focus ourselves throughout the month on one form of empowerment or another.
Think Mastermind, the hot seat over a thirty year period. The best contender score highly, popularity, looking the write way and smiling slowly has no merit’s. Take the best of the best and put then together and seal them in a bubble.
The bubble becomes a global membrane and at the end of it all they are sick of the sight of one another. They probably love and cherish each other put that’s by the by. My point is from such an incubatory l see no reason why these Atlantean people should not be able to move heavy object’s with the mind, provided they had or have on tap the right fuel.
We still no nothing about the brain.


An Exccestential Experience: The Arts Pushing Subjects To Their Limits

Every day we are finding out new thing’s about ourselves. We meet certain people who teach us perhaps better ways of discipline in life which can make us fit in more or consequently isolate us from the rest of society.
These processes of learning, often gruelling psychologically for a time push us to our limits.
I am confident dependant on your age, your access to certain methods of gathering information and techniques processed to activate senses inside we most of you reading will recognise. Arts of the mind have tests which create inside walls which protect us from going temporarily insane.
Discipline is not for everyone and for me anyway it’s easy to see why I switch from one programme to the next. I can honestly say on several occasions I have trusted my guide’s. And each time part of my subconscious has either switched on a trembling fear of this unknown or I react with an unnatural humour which makes me retaliate from the actual practise.
The good thing is I have been patient, have done quite a bit of work on myself and my memory is like a black/grease board. One wipe and the memories are gone. My point is: have you ever pushed yourself to the edge of sanity in order to learn something challenging? I hope or hazard you have, else reading today’s blurbs will be (like one of worst fears) a complete waste of time. Think about the amount of times you walk yourself and carry others with you down the garden path. Some of us are more convincing than others, so we hang ourselves on those every words. The speed of implementation and communications have been to slow. Or fine print to small, reading capability so slow you put yourself a sleep with it all. The irony is gravitating to such a thing was for an awakening but the walls on impact make you more dazed & confused more than anything else. Do I think this makes me weak? No. Do I feel less than for the inability to comply? Perhaps, temporarily. Am I a better person for walking myself through such a dark tunnel? Who knows, although the time it took I could have practically achieved something else. When the why is bigger than the what anything is possible. This could though prolong your journey to the destination you originally outlined as something you wished to achieve. The study of mathematics is a great way of remembering what this might feel like. You master maths, are able to rationally weigh the odds of hearts and feathers balancing, it has helped you. Technical drawing, you master the tools and everything fits into place. Language, spelling and persuasion you become for influential. The fact is it is much easier to help other people, in doing so we help ourselves. So please make sure your end goal is a good fit for the full mind map/spider graph of things.