Summertime UK Time Updates Announcements Breaking The Silence

Hi, my name’s Robert Bridge. Is 2021, we’re in the middle of the Summertime here in the UK. In today’s long overdue entry there are a few announcements to make, various updates, nothing too serious. Thanks for reading.

Is been warm, Summertime is nice in the UK, yes the weather has always been unpredictable compared to say Iceland or the Sahara. We have an ice hotel completed in London central, Leicester Square and tourists going local visiting the British Riviera.

We are seeing online secret hotspots around Europe too, reminding us that we are not alone in travel restrictions.

I seen a lovely beach in Eastern block for example the other day on Instagram, really sunny, 100’s of people crammed on the beaches, swimming in the ocean and paragliding in the skies.

It looked really exciting, made me proud of these people capturing all this fun on camera.

Social isolation has for some been the new normal for 16 month’s or more, recommendation’s are now changing and less conflicting messages broadcast on mainstream news.

For many these new rules did not apply.

My point is there is always a way around things, just depends on what you personally believe, who your peers are that you seek to comfort and of course your resource’s available.

Be it relationship’s, work privilege, diplomatic immunity or just lucky in being the right place, at the right time, spur of the moment kind of accuracy.

Me I still very similar to how it was before. Having a roof over your head helps especially in a stable environment where food is on shelves and parks are still open. Happy days.

The future Jumanji is interesting. The Hunger Games interest’s me too and The Purge.

It is on like Donkey Kong as been mentioned, easily traceable in local news and something to be mindful of on the street with passers by.

The displacement that is happening here in London is something we are ready for. The readiness was not financed by ourselves, is funded by countries who planned this these past few years.

New construction implicates this with unusual and exciting from the outside looking in properties.

The skies are the same, the usual flying objects above hovering outside my window.

Nothing has changed, even on a clear day is difficult for me to make out what’s in front of me.

Like many I too have to wear glasses, without them from a distance much is blurred.

Is great though I love listening to various things including; music, people, people of power or influence, the birds chitter chattering,

Mutley barking and the boiling of the kettle. Helicopters are loud, luckily though you only see one or two at any given time.

A blue sky and a bursting sun is like a Picasso to me.

This blog, like many blogs has some new things that need adding which requires using the Chrome browser and a Google suggested extension app to implement the code on.

Is an Analytics plugin, so if this is something important to you, you might want to look into adding yourself. Is called Google Insights.

Also the design needs redesigning, making it look more professional, utilising some nice rightly sized, tagged and compressed images to add contrast and seem more artistic.

As you can see I like writing so that is not much of a problem. However if I was selling something, this kind of rambling would only confuse the buyers.

Finally I would just like to apologise for not updating and blogging regularly.

As you can see there is not much substance to this update and as I said at the beginning this is nothing serious.

Just wanted to let you know where I am at, how the weather is here in UK, and that I still alive, churning away on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Again thanks for reading and have a lovely Summertime wherever you are, what your circumstances are or who you’ve loved and lost.

Stay happy.
Robert Bridge

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The Heatbeat of The World Wide Web

Greetings Rob here. I been busy over on social media again, updating avatars to match on the world wide web. The heart beat of any media prescence is continuity. So with that said I will update you guys here on what has been going on in 2020.

Without getting into to much of the logistical changes happening around the world, I just want to share with you briefly some thoughts on networking online via the world wide web. Due partly to dispell myth and invisible fears people go through I suspect you know some people who do not wish to be seen online. Is there good reason for this, perhaps as we know some do not feel confident enough to begin and justify this with trust issues about even starting. So these beliefs are embedded and without ever knowing any different understand this, these people are happy. One thing is true though more and more tasks need doing online. The avoidance of online activities will be fine if you have a secretary of a carerer to do these things for you. I would suggest just creating an email is enough to boost your confidence. No doubt in my mind this will help you progress from land line thinking to smart phone technology. Is a simple solution for a perhaps age old issue but is one which is subtle and very effective. Cultivating intrigue in people instead of overloading them with the possibilities in far more attractive.

There are people who have emails and have concerns about logging in. Changing a password is much more simple than a few years ago. A few years ago you would go in an internet cafe and the guy in the cafe would help you type on computer creating your email. He would use his email as back up because you needed a back up email, does this sound familiar? Now you can back up your email with a mobile text messaging mobile phone. Over the years phones get lost, numbers change. Having a back up email is still possible. So todays solution although much easier to have with more and more cheap mobile phones is still the same. If you are in a library and helping people get started I think everything starts with a Gmail. Creating a Gmail might need a back up email too, so perhaps create an email you like. At home we are lucky, we have a router or parents have a router. Who ever is your provider and you know this provider is good and has served you Internet household many years might be the best email to select. The world is a big place. One email that has not let me down all these years is Yahoo. That said the company has merged so perhaps Hotmail (Microsoft) is key. I would reccomend if you are just getting someone started use all three. Write down the password and email for people if you are doing it for them. Write in something personal to them like there own contact book or rolodex so they know where to find it should they forget. Frustration and fear of forgetfullness only adds to the problem. I want more people to get ready for the splurdge. Even if they never login or move to getting a smart phone at least they have when asked. Having another family member there who is internet savvie will help even more because they can guide family members practising these new skills. Any hand holding these days is really helpful. Helping is important even if you live in a igloo the other side of antartic.

Mobile phones are good for this for recieving the text message and yes I know the battery lasts longer and the minimal format is a look easier to land line users to recognise but truth be told smart phones are fine. Price wise you can pick ones up online really cheap, good ones. New ones batteries last long though like any phone if you leave it charging all day then it will effect uptime also sockets can get dusty, damaged even. You know you can clean these sockets by chewing a cotton bud flat, using a stitching needle to scrape around the rim. Also new phones are becoming wirless chargers, the same phones us BlueTooth headphones so bear this in mind when choosing a top phone for someone just starting out. A good phone for Gmail email is an Android, Galaxy, Motorola etc even Nokia smart phones access Play Store now. Apple is good for any email. Yahoo, Hotmail Gmail and even uses its own email for phones. Apples are posh and you could get one with headphones still up to iPhone 6 I think. 5S is still good, 5c and below and not updating apps properly in 2020 so be mindful of this. Sometimes looks are the best and being very practical is the best you can do for anybody. If you are giving a family member novice a device tape your name and number on it so they know to call you if they are struggling. More and more forgetfullness is a thing, we all get forgetful and yes alzeiemers is real and a bit of a big deal.

world wide webIf you would like me to expand further on this topic please leave a comment. Or if you want me to be a helper for one of your friends or family who are started and feel confident that I won’t like many of us cant help doing then use there new email in the comment and be sure to subscribe to new entries. Thanks for reading todays entry about the heatbeat of the world wide web. Have a great Day! Rob


Joining June Midsummer Celebrations

2020 is the year of the rat, I was born on year of rat.

Is been an interesting year, nothing bad has happened.

So far so good. Is been a challenging year though. Virus lockdown, Brexit blues, loss of loved ones, difficulties in the kitchen, bathroom and supermarkets.

All sorts of stuff is happening.

Music has been crucial branch of communications.

techno house 2020 robbwindow Mixcloud

I sure you agree is easy to become silenced. You cannot bottle it up though. Keep doing what you can and we’ve connected now thanks to global VoIP n text communications.

There are new apps I want to tell you about and other bloat wear for computers and mobile phones. Some things to look out for when watching YouTube, new updates on Twitter and all sorts of other video multi share alternatives.

So it begins like this. I am 48 now so bare with me. This year the whole world has been experiencing and monitoring all sorts of stuff.

Most of what I say applies to people already online. With that said I am aware many of you reading have just logged on.

Perhaps you deciding where to go next, which article will help you get from a – b.

Reading two pages is enough for anyone daily so I keep it brief. Be sure to bookmark this site, listen to the music, root around.

Look for links that catch your eye.

Today’s Mix made couple of weeks ago is electronic music again.

Shorter one is more house than techno, hope you enjoy selection and attached artwork.

Most of what I do is simply to show how easy it all is. Art work from selfies or any other photograph is edited on mobile apps from the Google Play store.

The Pixel phones from Google work great because they not limited. Apps although having in-house upgrades are free.

Using a couple of Apps one after the other can easily help make original content. Video editing is good now too, YouTube has some interesting in-house editing, Tumblr, Instagram uses some fancy lens without need for Boomerang which if you know is nice.

Does anyone have a HD card they can recommend which works for Playstore apps.

Also if you know Amazon could you tell them to update their App Store because is getting rather embarrassing for them. They haven’t updated for years.

So fingers crossed, you haven’t caught anything, your hands and feet are clean and you have plenty toiletries and groceries.

Buses require masks so plenty masks too. News daily is still playing even though most of that has eased off.

Everything seems to be ok, everyone better now. The cities opening up again along with pubs and other churches.

Like the economy your mental health will be due a stimulus. Again cool because you deserve to have a fully charged scooter.

The hospital’s have done a good job and the NHS is like Parliament still intact and many companies are happier having you at home.

Is cheaper and your not bunging up their toilets with lavatory paper.

If I had a company I would start there. Paper coaching, one square at a time please. No leaving junk in the cubicles.

Again this virus has made people rethink the way they go about seducing everyone.

Couples at home must feel extra loyal and outside or in the office less people are caught photocopying each other.

Is just nice, although it will cost a bit to get everything back on track. The good news is most of you have caught up on the new genre’s out there of music.

I do get bored easily so I wrap this up. The Apps for monitoring if somebody you know has a virus in your vicinity originates from dating apps. So be mindful of what settings you allow on mobile apps.

Walking past people can not only predict if you can catch virus, but also gives classified love n travel column’s a wider scope.

An app that providers a way of finding out who caught you eye on the Tube 20 minutes ago, stuff like that.

Cold calling for surveys when you pass by certain barriers.

Face recognition and finger print identity used to tell how happy you after this experimental lockdown.

Equally power is another topic, wireless power, wireless chargers and new microwave type frequencies.

We’ve all been reunited with meditation and as much as nice music is great the silence outside we have enjoyed is about to change.

These sorts of disruptions can form all sorts of ripples. So get excited about it, let’s see where it ends up.

I remain optimistic and look forward to doing something too. Enjoy!


Halloween News, Currencies, Mining, Faucets, Earn Per View and Spotify Playlists Music

From the MonsterMash to the Timewarp song I sure you agree Halloween music this time of year is really important.

Attention grabbing headlines are everywhere, most sites support pop ups and extrastitial ads, I don’t because I value you focus and attention too much. I have been very busy clicking ads for fast bucks, making playlists for you to enjoy and uploading podcasts over four hours long to Mixcloud. Sound cool, interested? If so follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebox whatever you prefer. Apologies for not posting regularly here. I guess the time has been more spent on design, social media and navigating around the confusing world of cryptocurrencies.

Here it is I decided there is no use sharing everything immediately with you because you only get overloaded and I get excited and only confuse you. When I find something good the truth is I keep finding something better.

Look 👀

I know your time is very precious, mine is too. Yet because your actually reading this I suspect your not on some hamster wheel.
Is Halloween, I want you to enjoy it. As a token of my appreciation and as a bonus for reading me today I gonna share you the Entertaining music playlist for tonite (Oct 31st 2019) this should carry you until Nov 5th bonfire nite. Before then I shall share an orderly plan for you to finally get started amounting cryptocurrencies. Until then please download Spotify on your device, plug into your speakers and let the Halloween 🎃 rocky horror playlist do it’s thing. I reccomend editing your Spotify settings so as the songs mix together (12 seconds is cool). Happy horror holidays. 🙏⭐️🥳🚀🦃🚚🕊⚓️

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Understanding CSS PHP and HTML Web Designer Basics

A web designer who understands HTML, CSS and PHP. WordPress sites use all these bits of code. PHP and CSS is in the theme and helps how data looks on page to browsers. HTML is in posts for example bold text, bullet points and recipes. There is also schema code which helps search engines list your website in their own search engines correctly. This sort of metadata is also listed a SEO. Search engine optimisation is an extra bonus you get from a website designer.

Hi my name is Robert Bridge, I live in London and here to help. If you are looking for a web designer in London, that’s me. If I can help you I will. See the contact page to book a consultation. WordPress has come a long way, the ease at which a brilliant website, business page or lead capture pages can be made is unprecedented.


Getting Started Is Simple: You Know This, I Know This, But Do They Know?

A title today I hope you recognise. Years ago Cinzano launched an as campaign with Tele Savalas asking this very same fleeting statement. Point is to grab your attention. This post is not about alcohol or Kojak, rather is a message from Robert Bridge author of Media Marketing Communications website.

Hi my names Robert Bridge, thanks for reading. I design websites, see me as a consultant about such matters. When it comes to business online myself I have been visible, hosting sites and networking offline in London since 2007. Speak for 30 minutes 1-1 face to face, over the phone or via video. I here to help.

Robert_Bridge MMC talk to me, find out more about you. I can help very quickly. I understand the ups and downs and can quickly distinguish between the two.

WordPress done the right way (constantly changing) is a great way to stay visible in search engines. Search engines are saturated by similar things so stay on your toes. I can get you started and my hope is to instill faith to you, just ask and count on me still being here on the world wide web 5g 5.0 planet earth, this dimensional timeline. I here, I not going any place and I want to help you. I do not offer cookie cutter services. You have full access, no back end limitations with back end access restrictions.

Everything rest assured is tailor made with bespoke instructions, updates overtime. I here for long haul relationships, not fly by night expert trying to climb Jacob’s Ladder. Here today, here tomorrow.

A lot of people know stuff and they looking for people they can trust. People with interesting memories. Everybody love sharing, but the problem is not everyone has time to listen. I’ve listened and help polish these things and seen people go on as they were with a clearer focus and nice website.

Having the right framework depends on individuals. Not everyone have big budgets and free options are available, many of these can be enough as you start out. Down the road we can talk more, flexibility is a key highlight of what I have to offer. I also have hindsight in how far to go with technical measures. Communications are very focused and I will if need be cut me or yourself short when technical jargon starts to cloud things.

Most of what I offer is common sense. So much of what I see and hear has common assumptions, technical jargon and time wasting instructions. I try and recommend you try too to avoid this like the plague. Things said can only get lost, waste time and back and forth bantering.


What about MMC, who does what and Why perhaps…

Making a story up to help your target audience? Perhaps your in the throws of a campaign and not sure where to go from here. Media Marketing Communications can help, right? Perhaps…

One way of dealing with things is throwing stuff at the wall and hoping it sticks. Its not the best idea but everyone do toe tapping. You get your feet wet before you belly flop of the board into the pool.

Money is always an option, but where to start. The moment the wallet comes out, people point you to Fivver or some Craigslist page in Manilla. Is rather insulting really, like taking money of homeless people then telling them something horrible, is not nice don’t do it. Still you’ll have to put your hands in your back arse pocket soon.

Starting out is good, most people have a plan and proposition, but not everybody do and that’ s where I come in with my website. Is just a rant really, a place where you come, read, like or don’t. Thanks for those have proposed over the years and pitched your wares, your doing well. I still here. So many things we do promise the world, disappear, then sprout up again.

I can help with research, I have various methods of contacting people and getting to the bottom of all the loopholes before they arise. Not big on long winded, drawn out documents that will only go dusty on a shelf someplace.

If you want me to do everything for you, set and forget is not going to happen. Not me. Actually I don’t think anybody does that sort of thing. And even if they did, they probably used Grammarly or some other spell checker.


Squashed Garlic Time

Welcome to Robert Bridge Mobi. Well done for joining. I wish you all the best with future en-devours.

Listen here for my latest podcast recorded this month, I made to accompanying or reward you for reading, enjoy please.

My hope is to make you happy hence the title. I have found squashed garlic time to be much more productive than those hand crushers.

There is something therapeutic about waiting for the hammer to fall.

Crumble and squash in one heavy handed move, place in the pan and away you go.

I also started freezing those ready diced bags of onions for similar reasons. You can even loosen the whole bud by smashing the hell out of it with a steel kitchen bludgeon. The one with the diamonds on either side.

I can say hand on heart is a lot easier than putting individual garlic pieces in the hand squeezer or twisting around in that glass mincer which again takes ages.

Honestly when it comes in to squashing garlic in you really want to juggle about and find out for yourself.

I sure you agree everybody at some point has suffered from itchy feet. Finding the right product these has been well over-complicated. And I love squashing these myths. Like I and many others say ‘ I couldn’t run a business without Ariel Automatic. I tried everything in pursuit of appropriate touch button software to make ends meet. Is making me and many others crossed eyed but it is well worth it. In fact I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know is not nice when man squashes bollocks in but somebody has to do it. And like they say “god loves a trier”. Each mistake is a massive lesson. You know when you squashed your bollox in. Good days are good days and what goes in the pan doesn’t always get broadcast on Instagram. At least your not replicating similar messages. I’d like to compare squashing garlic with a mallet to learning to thinly slice from Gordon Ramsey n co together. Two different things, closely connected though and far less graphic that the usual hum drum F Words out there.

How would you like your balls presented on a iron platter? Do you think this lesson as something you could squeeze into everyday-life? What views you like to share about nut cracker sweet. Leave your blurbs below. I here with teaspoon at hand like an egg and spoon race man waiting to help, I also have a knee grinder to be polite. Don’t piss of people, they will track you down. Especially thanks to the Dark Web over on Iron Onion browser you can hire people to do all sorts of things for a fistful of travelers cheques.

Drum n Bass Playlist 2019
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Making Space of Hallowed Ground

We all find hallowed ground someplace

Technology has given us the extended ability to dig a lot deeper than in previous years. Much of life may have once been buried can be dug up online thanks to the World Wide Web. Homework is a lot easier and more people join Facebook day in, day out. And for every birth there is a death of some sorts. Photographs once private like conversations, now become public, people online no longer see privacy as an issue, so they share favourite spaces. Family members tag one another, which has become a popular sport. We have more channels than relatives and find new friends through ways other than fellowship. Climbers share moments hanging from the cliff face, workers share videos of themselves climbing telegraph aerials. New families share intimate moments of birth, growing up, achieving things, sickness and then death, they can even organise funerals. This new reality must have created a rise in funeral cremations because people understand the digital footprint leaves memories in the sand for future generations to sniff out.

I wonder then what the Vatican is doing about this. Everybody around the world has dabbled with Italian cuisine, outsourced the right ingredients and focused on the finer details like seasoning to replicate dishes. In the city anywhere in the world we can takeaway exotic dishes from remote areas around the world. Rural remote areas are taking advantage of these finer details by sharing YouTube videos cooking for large families outside in big silver and copper pans. Street food is on the rise, which flattens prices through globalisation. Home deliveries via Apps are creating business for people who didn’t have any. Instagram has helped people in poor areas to reach out culturally by selling little twists on old school recipes. Culturally we have no reason not to know local myths and religious beliefs. The Vatican catholic idea of confession historically documented and hosted all sorts of things, which the online community has embraced. The popular religions come first then I gather the smaller indoctrination’s will come later. We can already speak into a device which immediately translates what we have just said. There are choices of accents. When we receive calls there is no surprise there when a foreign accent comes through. There are several immutable laws they use to bug you which you can block cold calls like them via OffCom. To make your space sacred you may need control of the elements.

The first rule of thumb depends on the activities you engage in. A camera cannot capture the amount of alcohol you consumed on that day. The office party still remains that sacred place where CEO’s, Managers and Philanthropists’ can gather there data. In such a sacred space which puts bread on the table they must examine your every move and gesture. Through this space with the addition of all the various recording devices a boss can have you shut down in the blink of an eyelid. My point is nothing is sacred anymore, even your home is target for similar shenanigans. As we move into the age of toilet politics, square paper rations and the effects on the backs of men sharing bathtubs with daddy. When you do manage to look over your shoulder you should see less on the back than what you can reach in the front. The rise of electrolysis and films paying homage to the horror flicks of mid twentieth century in the shower. Nothing is sacred anymore; even your mother’s underwear could lead to various consequences. The Vatican like the internet loves to see a bit of dirt on the shoe, it makes them feel better, which helps them invest more in the second hand objects. So to be a human temple we need to see a pan-optical view of you. And as many of you may have been born out of wedlock there are others with deeper issues that prevent them embracing big brother. The world before internet was a sickening place according the victims trapped behind locked doors. Its these people who I speak too, saying everything will be ok. No one cares about you enough to judge the wrong that may have happened to you. Without rich media evidence neither should you. The Internet then promotes doubt which brings an even bigger question on what is real and hyper real. Was it a real experience or just a deeper neurolinguistics plant put in your sacred spaces window? This type of information is gathered to create a picture of your family tree as the search continues for the perfect cells. What is it that lies beneath it all, so let’s prize of nails and then crowbar of kneecaps in a tit for tat fashion.


making spaces hallowedground

When we say we see the light is this because we want to appear more focused. Which implies that we are still searching for something? Hopping around religions and flower beds looking for new experiences. Tarred with the same feathers from a sacred pillow, hidden beneath the outside drains; clowns collecting twenty peas for god knows what. Nothing is sacred outside and in the mind when you see it you will articulate its place through art, creativity, mixed media and teaching experience. And on television again is Terry Wogan with special guest David Icke. David meet Terry and if this goes well you can have a fireside chat with Graham Norton. Point being if your sacred space is a studio it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing pictures of all your mates naked stroking reptiles.

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Attaining Enlightenment

Here is the pyramid from the Divinci Method.

Attaining Enlightenment is never easy.

Choice’s are made which isolate us from one another. Only in fables can we see recorded history mentioning anything untoward.

Enlightenment era was synonymous with writing, yet the play’s were anything but lyrical pugilists. The language of Latin paved the way forward for men, in silence, in dark rooms meticulously scribbling on ink with snipped feathers to get busy with the fizzy.

They used air to scribe their understanding of art and national treasures on the masses.

Solo home alone they must have been wanting to pull hair from their head.

It’s the enlightened one’s who sat in silence for months on end, heads like bald eagles with short back and sides.

Today one who chooses this vocation is of ones freewill. Yesteryear’s man was forced into such vocational ruts.

Buddhist monks like Batman’s Brucie whilst waiting for Enlightenment deprive themselves of human relationships.

When they fall from grace they start to experience a time of difficult transgressions.

Women documented this really well in nunneries and coined the word immancipation.

The grip of man has challenged society since the Garden of Eden has crushed ribs.

Families passed down some moss ridden tablets, instructing each other of one’s progression’s. Each sorting out their own keys towards being that great – ‘I Am’.


how to do affiliate marketing with wordpress

How to do affiliate marketing with WordPress Affiliate marketing other people’s products is a lot easier than creating your own and it’s also cheaper to do.

WordPress has a handful of plugins which enable you to promote other people’s products a lot easier and much more presentable than the usual html, One bonus is SEO.

If you are marketing other people’s product’s with WordPress and your website is getting a substantial amount of traffic from search engine’s having something to sell should help.

Paying for hosting and getting a return on your time creating is crucial.

WP RSS Aggregator is a plugin that pulls in content from affiliate networks into your posts.

This is good for finding affiliate products and networks that host affiliate products.

Amazon Product In A Post is a free plugin is for Amazon Affiliates that allows you with your WordPress website to easily add make money online products to your blog posts.

The format is different to the usual javascript Amazon’s banners and widget layouts provided in your Amazon Affiliate Account.

You will need to enter yout Amazon API key and Amazon associates id to use the plugin.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. The opinions on this page are our own. We do not receive payment for positive reviews.
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When International Communications Break Down

For whatever reasons transnational communications breakdown when things go wrong.

Passed down information, like gossip can get misconstrued.

yes it does still happen.

Across the globe more people are connected digitally than ever before.

A rise in VoIP communications offers face to face interaction which installs trust.

When people of power talk this way things can go wrong.

Monitoring media is not so hard to assume anymore,
this means conversations can be recorded,
intercepted in some way or even worse digitally created.

With photo shop, retinal operations and plastic surgery these days anything is possible.

The pulse of the media is change, sound travels as we touch glass screens.

Words are written by themselves and dictionary’s have improved the way text is seamlessly written.

The great news is it’s easy to tell when someone is reading from the Teleprompter.

Be reminded though Max Hendrom has been about for thirty years.

Max Hendrom for those who are too young to remember was an Anchor Man and like Bruce Lee fighting he when talking never stopped moving.

Sometimes he would black out but he’d always come back again talking rubbish.

He looked like that boy of TV show Red Dwarf, the robotic helper who sounds a bit like C3P0 an android from the Star Wars trilogy.

How international are we?

Anywhere with a communication network that we can cipher.

This requires a power connection, a lead that works both ends and people to talk to one another.

The incentives for global communications include:

Paid positions of power doing a job

Finding, interviewing and recruiting
General chit chat and cold calling leads
Meeting of expert minds troubleshooting
Family business and nepotism
Testimonies and eye witness statement’s

I invite you to leave some suggestions in the comments below.

You may even get a link pointing to your own website.

Be warned though I like reading, not big on posh images and advertising nor am I unacquainted with VLogs.

Internationally we can assume there is an alliance between one another.

It isa reciprocal understanding where like minded bloggers are scratching and splashing each others back’s.

In public organisations this is when things more sticky.

Recently reputation is everything and sometimes this is all we have.

Globalisation has not changed the fact that one bad apple can spoil the batch.

When two people meet and talk flippantly, immediate action of power should never be taken lightly.

Most good leaders surround themselves with a secret council of ten or about that.

Just enough people to bounce of and explore all the best possibilities.

One wrong move could lead to mistakes.

This is why leaders should speak more candidly to peers.

They do not want constant agreement in fact they should want people around them to challenge beliefs.

After all nothing is set in stone, right?

The truth is internationally we don’t all get on.

Its difficult to compete with big organisations with agendas and its not like there is a hypocratical oath for bloggers and journalist’s.

These agendas branded as fake news has not worked. This proves my point: ‘You are what you speak’.

When words become reality no matter how discarnate or true a conversation is nothing compares to the truth that lies within.

And mindfulness is another thing being drilled peoples heads.

At the end of the day, behind every country there is a pipeline leading to the truth.

We all seek more energy and a seeking online fresh new awakenings.

The sad truth is a lot of people like to dress up in rubber uniforms, pretending to be nurses and police officers regardless of gender.

Uniforms you bet your bottom dollar are being stitched as we speak.

And again like global international communications these frameworks are being built decades in advance.

I’d like you to think about how we can avoid framing our leaders.

Think of new ways we can hold each others hands across the busy street. Help normal people; come out the closet so we start challenging left wing sissified agenda’s.


WordPress 2017 Theme Review

This year came out with its new template 2017. This framework is much better than all the other default themes. If you use the theme is still not yet available. That said WordPress Com has also made some nice updates to the customise options for on-page web design. The responsive updates on blogging templates look great on the front end, however behind the scenes (within the code) there is usually all sorts of errors. In this article I submit a quick review of WordPress 2017 and describe some of the features I noticed whilst playing around within the admin panel.

Hi my name is Robert Bridge and I have been using WordPress for over ten years. Before WordPress days I’d use Blogspot (Bloggers) and Myspace to blog about things I wanted you to know about. I still use Google blogs and am curious to how I can semi host hybrid blogs on all servers. That includes Tumblr. So if you have found a way of doing this please let me know in the Facebook comments below.

WordPress 2017 theme is almost perfect. The recent update is even better because you can include 4 pages on your home page no bother. There is a banner which includes MP4 or YouTube videos. There is a nice responsive easily editable main menu which hovers and changes at the top of the page. This feature works on most browsers and mobile phones. To avoid any coding disputes you can take advantage of the Amp plugin which helps browsers of all descriptions easily read blogposts by avoiding heavy coding. Without it your site looks great it just has about 43 errors. You can also experience error codes when updating site. I suspect these errors come about from the security and WPCache features. Equally many SEO plugins have settings which we all need to know how to sort out. There are so many plugins that clash with hosting mixups these days, is good to be on your toes.

The comments have always caused issues for me. I understand the importance of providing readers to comment. That said behind the scenes as a webmaster I see a lot of rubbish.

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Communication Exercises For Students, Scholars And Worker Bees

Learn the latest strategies, methods, and techniques for teaching business communication and business writing.

· The Power of Body Language. Body language can include examples like these: you love them, you’re angry or don’t care less. Your body movements reveal your attitudes, moods and thoughts. You in theory should learn to improve perceptions conscious/ sub-consciously. Do this by examining each others bodies. Look for signs of what maybe going on with them in that beautiful world we live in.

· A game of guess the emotion. Ask teams in the classroom to act out emotions. These might include fear, anxiety, anger and affection. This is a great, quick and fun activity. And shows how powerful the effects of body language has on people. Make your students feel like Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes; smarty pants.

· Square talk can be done outside in the elements. In the forest for example blindfolded. Receiving instructions in this way is what they call in Paganism initiation. Step by step you go through elements of earth, water, fire and wind. Completion requires trust. These exercises enable students to recognise the importance of instructing. Hopeful and more effective without risk to students.

· Room 101 influential and persuasive skills in a competitive fun way. The debate should be focused on communication skills. You should be using your best positive language, be passionate and enthusiastic. This way you might win your case for putting in the 101 bin.

· Back to back communication. Use a classic way of asking questions that work, whatever field you are in. for effective communication to show how conversations can strengthen understanding of each others experience. Delegating the class into groups. Find the best and the worst students that can work together and bring the average pass rate of the class up.

· Paper shapes and the importance of two-way communications. This is one practical way of getting hands on experience within classroom environment.

· Memory Test is a great activity. It helps improve presentation skills and train the trainers using a list of words.

Arts and humanities/ language and persuasion are a good path to employability. They all need knowledge communicating. You should have practical understanding, the methods used in the broad field of communications.

communication skillsTV or Radio broadcasting. People in this line of work should have good communication skills. They should be equipped with a skill set that complements you pay bracket.

Advanced Communications Skills Training. You might be teaching in health academies or other such reputable faculties. They will provide recognised scholarships, provide the latest research for jobs. Something like a Interim Marketing for example or Communications Managers. Learning requires patience and good listening skills.

Connecting with advanced Communications. Skills Training used in medical sectors and multi-professional service sectors.

Teaching includes; presentations and tests that bring out evidence. These varied examples should cover the simulated field. They enhance communication with patients and clients.

Teaching Business Communication: Teaching Integrated Marketing in community college courses about marketing communications.

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Understanding Media Texts Enriches The Mind More

Having spent a few years reading about Media Studies theory I say “Understanding Media Texts Enriches The Mind More”. The industry arrives everywhere urban and rural, advertising industry contributes to a lot of this. Some people say the adverts are more entertaining that the main event…

Advertising companies like to get messages across in the most comfortable way and often the messages needed by clients is subliminal. As much as the ad agency wants to impress the client(s) they understand the entertainment factor. Everyone is looking for seasonal as well as original. As the participator this code is not easy to understand. Media Theory a system drawn together from Cultural Studies has cleverly outlined ciphers to elaborate on various ads from text of say a magazine, sound or sound bites from radio channels and visual from big screen to indoors mounted on the wall or snuggled in the pocket.

Understanding Media

When you spend as much time as me reading, watching movies and listening to the wireless I think it is good to understand, especially since I spend so much time with it all. I feel I have a good understanding of media thanks to these new tools taught in this field. Practically by speaking to other people and organisations this understanding is deepening. Theoretically it has been a mine field. Connecting the dots without guidance has been difficult to achieve high grades in, however the freedom it has given in my writing as well as time spent immersed in media in all forms makes me well pleased.

Understanding Media Texts Enriches The Mind More

I am able to choose without unknown influences and able to tolerate cheesy repetitive media texts. The hesitation happens through understanding theory of it all and helps distinguish between potential audiences and the ads target people. The mind is able to create a discursive pattern from the intelligence gathered. Equally I have skills to filter out false information before publishing, as well as publish in various formats which followers like.

Media Texts

Fonts, colours, frames, Johnson boxes, photos, videos, testimonies, soap bar slogans, etc, all come into the frey. Sometimes a sequence of these is the formula used to persuade and over deliver before initial sales. Media sales is generally processed within the advertising industry and deployment happens in slices.

The first bite of the apple is finding a place to advertise. The ads are run through negotiations. The online website, tv station, sports stadium or magazine want to know if the ads you run are a good fit. This helps them know that you will get a return on investment and gives you the advertiser or broker an idea of the criteria. A well tuned banner can make the difference between a good and bad apple. You choose the colours, pictures and wacky arrows. Getting this right is the difference between Jonny Appleseed and Robin the Hooded man.

Understanding Media Texts Enriches The Mind More

The mind is a complicated topic, filled with bias and all kinds of inflexions. You need to filter out any of this because people atuned within the community you choose your placement will see it and laugh or be confused or worse still subconsciously offended. You do not want to wave a red flag to a bull. It may sound clíche but a lot of people overlook this, especially online where commenters troll the internet. There is a fine line between a troll and a potential client. The easiest way to overcome this is by adding a photographic icon that readers or viewers will recognise. After a few placements you will feel like Roger Moore after a few Gin and Tonics.

Understanding Media Texts Enriches The Mind

A sobering topic but understanding media really does enrich those parts of the brain of methods cannot do. You know that, I know that, but do they know that? Sometimes the answer is just staring you in the face. The viewers may remember Telle Savalas but struggle when it comes to Gareth Hunt. It has nothing to do with the haircut or anything to do with any roles they have played in the past.

The demographics and basic local knowledge of language makes all the difference. There are many myths audiences understand, it’s up to you to build the stories and expand upon the narrative and not get lost in it like I can do, we all can do it really.

Everyday we all have to clean out the trash before taking that big step out into the wide world of the web or high street. Understand the consumer pledge and you can be the master of your own habits. Consuming is not just about someone elses story, yet that feeling of owning a persona can really elevate your precence as you step into the arena. Everyday people fight the same battles and to win or be in the top 80% all you have to do is blend in. As you know as Christmas closes in there will always be 20% of people turned away because there is nothing left. This sort of stupidity can divorce you from joy and even lead to loss of access. If you want your children to accept and recieve these gifts, you first have to fullfill your side of the bargain. This doesn’t mean you can make up with it by distributing turkeys from the back of a wagon. Not everyone has the resources on tap or the press of a button. Equally not everyone will embrace handouts. Media comes in various formats and my point is there is always some sort of hook to hang your produce in front of passive or engaged audiences. All you need to do is filter them of the high street into the store and keep them engaged till at some point your so full you have to bolt the door till some sales take place.

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