The Wooden Ruler: Getting to Grips with Learning through Discipline

Remember the wooden ruler? Deddies and bambinoes? Chinese burns and the cricket bat? If so like me you come from an educational background that at that time needed discipline. It’s a controversial subject, though I feel it needs raising as more and more people get mobile phones and forget to mute or better still turn… Continue reading The Wooden Ruler: Getting to Grips with Learning through Discipline

The List

Lists are often forgotten. The time it takes to make a sequential list and prioritise in order in direct correspondence with whatever it is you want to do. Action ways heavily on intention and the recursive habits taking place. Take shopping for example. Your environment directly determines and changes the needs of your list. Overtime… Continue reading The List

Why Some People Choose to Not Invest in Anything

Finnegans Wake 1.1 James Joyce

The difference between news-and-society, pure-opinion, computers-and-technology online can be difficult to navigate, thats why many roles are available. Contracts were made to help educate people searching for new skills to get better at computing. One question is how valuable are all these new skills in the current working environment? Investing in people skills online, yes or no?

Mobile Androids and other phones go out of date

History of the Android apps from the original framework. The Android phone and the successes. Six years of Android is enough for anyone to find something to grumble about. Lag on a phone. Crawl time of accessing data. Android changes Google Store to restricted access completely from accessing Google Play. Just as recently Docs changed… Continue reading Mobile Androids and other phones go out of date

The Office

The office is full, the team inside your head is there and its real. The first thought is all the work and who does what, who said when and at what time you expect that important phone call. The head of the office is situated in a different room for a reason. Making big decisions… Continue reading The Office

MMC II Podbean

Listen to MMC II Podbean podcast the concluding episode of how to get into media marketing communications # mmc