Charismatic Affluence, Age and The Art of Not Seducing People

Society over centuries has been influenced by Charismatic people unconsciously mirroring biblical proportions

Since man crushed grapes 🍇 charisma has been used. Moses used it to lore members to the mount. Other men with beards went down in history. Basically just seducing everyone they met into believing something, whilst using intriguing techniques which helped them go down in history through stories. Often to the point they put down on paper. This sort of thing influenced the industry and the ‘industry’ makes it mandatory in hearts and minds of others. Understanding your role in the power structures finely cemented in cities all around the world will help you understand more about you. Nothing Alpha or Beta, more master or servant.

The effects of this can be seen in gentrification of areas. Beard boutiques sprout up as society tells man he should emanate Moses, Mohammed and women should radiate Sheba’s, Cleopatra’s and Marilyn Munroes. History written down, passed down word of mouth has always been limited. The Internet brain still has to figure out these things, the Internet group mind is even more prone to quickly being seduced into quickly following such ideals. Roman structures still exist. Greek mythology still turns heads. And Mongolian score sheets still carry weight.

Look around, strip away all dress sense, beneath the veil are groovy footwear. Beneath the clear plastic bags are modern fluffy hats, 60’s scooters and other bell boy uniforms. The art of seduction like a lemon 🍋 has been well squeezed. Still all walks of life gravitate towards seducing and gaining influence. Text becomes televised, headers only become bolder just as recipes become international. Equally ingredients mould and adapt depending on what’s available. All is available to buy not everything is able to grow. So then is charisma learned, expected and if neglected the secret of success or failure? I think not. However…

By hiding behind the veil man fits into the agenda imposed by generations of experience. Most of these are good memories and only when the end is bad does the memories of growing up lead to legends in cages. I imagine centuries ago a growth of ones life of charlatans never got interrupted, intelligence was as low as eye cue. For years charismatic man played the numbers game, playing and strategising. If you really want to free yourself from attachment, your going to have to stop seducing everyone and that means examining the effects and causes. I have given you the roots, the locks of history I sure you agree is plain site, all you have to do is map your best exit. After-all the chances of you already being manipulated as servant by masters are very real. But why should you listen to me. I like most are not absolved from the pleasures of flesh. I like many are intrigued by power. And I like you and many others are stone free from all dogma. So just what is it that attracts man to women in vials and men who look like great great grandpa? Companies know this sort of thing and they hire CEOs forcing them into leadership roles. I sure they study these arts. Many in city train and study martial arts 🥋 yet not all win races. I a big fan of rabbit 🐇 and tortoise. I see myself as a touché turtle 🐢 and yes this is another seduction technique. Originating from females thousands of years ago who used charm and animalism to work their way through neighbouring empires. Some more active sexually than others. Those with a fresh taste had advantages. Youth easily crushed, elders addicted and flexed, women fresh or well oiled machines. The whole mechanistic pattern of relationships is although jaded out in the open. The reward systems in place are balanced in society with brown letters and other machine operated responses.

By Robert Bridge

Hi my name is Robert Bridge. I like wordpress websites and write about various topics online.

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