Claude Bristol Revisited

The feedback has been slow to say the least on the previous post. Hi my names Robert and in case you do not know a few weeks ago I took advice and explained as best I could about Claude Bristol the chapter whereby you look in the mirror and give affirmations of how well you are doing. After having feedback and thinking about the process for a few weeks, I realise the technique is something I already do. After the feedback from the last post and the lack focus I portrayed and the lack of staying on topic I now understand that some processes of development are not something that I can focus my attention on for a long time. A few years ago I practised yoga at a yoga club, I learned to sit in positions that would not normally be comfortable.

The reason why I say this is because I do not always feel comfortable staring at myself in the mirror for any set time. I mean its not something on my calender to do list. Which brings me onto the next port of call. The magic of thinking is something that I have studied and now avoid. I am focused and am aware of the literature out there. I am also well aware that someone has a PDF on-line who explains Claude Bristols book really well. In a few pages he has boiled to process down.

My friend the venture capitalist who I mentioned in the earlier post, who commented on the post and observed how scatter brained he says I am is still not very well. As I said I made a meal and it turned out a bit of a disaster because of a rusty wok. I know I know blame the tools. But that’s the first thing we do, right now. Owning mistakes is hard, premeditated decisions when the outcome is low is completely wrong. In the grand scheme of development, with reconsidering the journey I understand not every avenue is open to me. Any doubts in any process is self-fulfilling and time consuming for anyone reading, practising and yielding the benefits of what’s on offer in Claude s book and that is not something I want to take away from what is being said. After a few weeks of thinking about it, re reading it, putting the steps into action an epiphany came. Now this is something very vague and I do not expect you to relate nor understand but it has happened so many times so I want to to speak about it here. On your journey you find the information you need, you put that information into practise and apply it to who you already are. The system to study that topic has nothing to do with limiting beliefs or lack of energy. However any negative thoughts whilst doing anything is a sure-fire sign that its not for you.

Do not waste there time, your time or my time with anything that does not work for you. It feels good on that carousel, right? But the thing is there maybe lots of people spinning around on horses so you think your in the right place, but in actual fact I was not in the right place and I should never have used that bloody wok. My buddy looked really rough yesterday and out of place, he had not been out for many days and I had not spoke to him. I have been very happy discovering new literature that gets me excited but that does not necessarily say its not for me. When I heard some of the extracts of the PDF explained from someone else interpenetration of this course by Claude I felt very tired and uncomfortable. If I was sat at home perhaps reading for the first time I will have been engaged as I was the first time I decided to read the text. Any method or system will help you improve especially if you are reading it from intention with a reason why you turned up. There are many opportunities out there and when the phone rings you best have something to offer else your better of going back to bed and sleep. This city never seems to sleep. London is a great city, but every year I experience the same thing. I call it the hibernation period. Women have periods and hedgehogs have winter periods, many animals due to diversification of whether hibernate.

As i type I realise what rubbsih I am showing to you, the tuth is I just wanted to tell you about that other side of me most people do not want you to know about. In the context of what Claude spoke about in the mirror on face value feels so superficial since staring at yourself is a very vein thing to do. This is not something to be ashamed about if someone constantly tells you to do something it can create a sense of urgency and fatigue and energy can happen, it happened and as I typed about my experience I at least twice nodded of into sleep, The pressure and energy seems very low when I talk about this top-up I want to tie up the loose ends and want to spend more time doing what I love.

One of the more counter productive experiments I tried on this blog was recording from the bath which was in the morning in case your interested. I was able to dictate an audio and easily upload the recording to the blog from which you are now reading. My views have changed since then just like social media. Its great to find surprise content. I know how good it felt to discuss this book. But again it was like Ground-hog day, you know the days in-between that made me lose focus and interest its great Claude Bristol revisited was another great day. The more you sleep the more tired you become. The more effort you make is good, but if your time is very precious and you feel very tired then take a nap. Having a conversation when you are tired you might miss something.

Reading and studying on a deadline does add needed pressure and there will be days when you go to the kitchen and use a rusty pen. Because with every action there will always be a reaction. Remember Rob the whole world is wanting to and my only obligation to you my readers is practise the tools i share and create success. I am manifesting success and caught up in the rapture of this energy depletion. My favourite thing to do in this scenario is sleep. I have already binned my wok and on the lookout for a new one. But I will never live down the mistake of using a rusty pan, some people are much more sensitive than others with rust, metal in the body is said to linger, doctors recommend you get it out of you as quick as possible. Good reason to get physical, go out and do that yoga, paddle rather than bath, steam rather than Basque in your own central heating. I feel better already. Have a great day I am glad you read Claude Bristol revisited let me know below how it helped.

By Robert Bridge

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