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·         The Power of Body Language. Body language can include examples like these: you love them, you’re angry or don’t care less. Your body movements reveal your attitudes, moods and thoughts. You in theory should learn to improve perceptions conscious/ sub-consciously. Do this  by examining each others bodies. Look for signs of what maybe going on with them in that beautiful world we live in.

·        A game of guess the emotion.  Ask teams in the classroom to act out emotions. These might include fear, anxiety, anger and affection. This is a great, quick and fun activity. And shows how powerful the effects of body language has on people.  Make your students feel like Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes; smarty pants.

·         Square talk can be done outside in the elements. In the forest for example  blindfolded. Receiving instructions in this way is what they call in Paganism initiation. Step by step you go through elements of earth, water, fire and wind. Completion requires trust. These exercises enable students to recognise the importance of instructing. Hopeful and more effective without risk to students.

·         Room 101 influential and persuasive skills in a competitive fun way. The debate should be focused on communication skills. You should be using your best positive language, be passionate and enthusiastic. This way you might win your case for putting in the 101 bin.

·         Back to back communication. Use a classic way of asking questions that work, whatever field you are in.  for effective communication to show how conversations can strengthen understanding of each others experience. Delegating the class into groups. Find the best and the worst students that can work together and bring the average pass rate of the class up.

·         Paper shapes and the importance of two-way communications. This is one practical way of getting hands on experience within classroom environment.

·         Memory Test is a great activity. It helps improve presentation skills and train the trainers using a list of words.

Arts and humanities/ language and persuasion are a good path to employability. They all need knowledge communicating.  You should have practical understanding, the methods used in the broad field of communications.

TV or Radio broadcasting. People in this line of work should have good communication skills. They should be equipped  with a skill set that complements you pay bracket.

Advanced Communications Skills Training. You might be teaching in health academies or other such reputable faculties. They will provide recognised scholarships, provide the latest research for jobs. Something like a Interim Marketing for example or Communications Managers. Learning requires patience and good listening skills.

Connecting with advanced Communications. Skills Training used in medical sectors and multi-professional service sectors.

Teaching includes; presentations and tests that bring out evidence. These varied  examples should cover the  simulated field. They enhance communication with patients and clients.

Teaching Business Communication: Teaching Integrated Marketing in community college courses about marketing communications.

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