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Hi I’m Robert Bridge welcome to Media Marketing Communications. Today’s entry is to help us focus on the broad topic ‘Communications’.

Hi I’m Robert Bridge welcome to Media Marketing Communications. Today’s entry is to help us focus on the broad topic ‘Communications’. Nido Qubein founder of High Point University in the video explains all about good communication skills. My hope is to outline here what Nido teaches so you can get more clarity yourself. I want you after today to reach out more, consider people more and walk away with some simple tools I almost guarantee will help you in the future.

Look out for how Nido very simply explains in his talk all about good communications skills. Focus on what he says about common sense. Observe his use of percentages of people who say this and that but never get round to it. Listen very carefully to all the stages of communications and the order in which he says it. Also enjoy the short anecdotal stories that he tells to understand practically how you too may assimilate things to improve your communications in the world. Below I will outline some of what Nido Qubein has shared and how I think it will help me. We are not ascended yet. So please watch the video first. I want you to start assimilating more yourself, rather than taking my word for it.

During my studies in Leadership at LDM here in London I had to study good leadership like a fly on a wall. My vision was at that time to hopefully go into an organisation, observe what they are doing wrong and bug the hell out them about it, in the hope to help. As you can imagine I was just pulling at straws however thanks to a few friends, I know a man, who knows somebody else, who is qualified enough to bug these people if they’d all but listen. Raymond Aaron, friends of Mark Anastasi, Armand Morin, Tellman Knudson et al received one to one coaching from Nido Qubein. At his first session here in London with buddy JT Foxx (all happy families with Jay Abraham et al) he made us watch a collection of Nido tapes. At that time the exercises were Branding. Raymond has since gone on to publish The Idiots Guide To Branding. A few years ago I purchased a goals course from Raymond, it was good but I cannot find it. The computer reset due to a Maverick update, or rather I needed some room to update Apple Mac. Both Raymond and JT are good buddies with Wazniac one of the original Macintosh engineers. Info talks about goals in this talk, he talks about a lot of helpful things in an interesting and comprehensive way, I like that.



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