What is the difference between Loneliness and Lonesomeness?

What is the difference between Loneliness and Lonesomeness?

Good question to ask if you are interested in understanding the world around you. How do people operate and have a better incite into themselves. And how you can change to refit in the world.

A whole load of reasons really.

I think of you be strong and soak a lot of this stuff in it will really help.

A disclaimer this may also evoke a few realisations inside of you that you may need to medicate on. So with that said, emotional readers please leave now. I refuse to walk on eggs shells with this one.

I want you to fully soak up a lonely disposition so when you see and recognise it you be of more help. Or better still have an idea of where to go and who to speak about things.

You see a lot of things are toxic. People talk about toxic people and psychic vampires because inside they have many frustrations.

What one mans abuse is another mans inability to fit associate with people.

A lot of lonely symptoms. Just people wanting to be different. In a world in which we cannot see clear.

When the thinning veil is dropped, we are all the same.

The world stages curtains are pulled at the right time. They prevent the cat from getting out of the bag incase of the whole world imploding.

If you can handle heavy hitting topics read on. Else go some place else like Wikipedia, YouTube or something like this.

In answer to this entries question in a nutshell lonely people are just that; lonely, sad and alone. There is a point in their lives when they realise everything has turned to shit. Nothing works, they are not compatible with anyone and are happy all alone with the rest of the lonely. This condition amplifies itself in cities and built up areas.

Lonesomeness is completely different. Most of the things you see around you consumed are tailor made for these people.

They are ‘Happy’. Successful type people. Keep up with the Jones with kids that do well in schools. They sleep on water beds, wait scratch that.

Lonesomeness begins at home and is rampant on holiday resorts all around the world. those with this condition regardless of sex, race and upbringing feel at the end of their tether.

For years this for of things has been going on and know body seems to know anything to do about it. The solutions are subliminal. The acting out is shocking. And you wonder why the health and beauty industry is such a booming business.

The symptoms for years get plastered over and like a wrinkle cream on skin things become tight. They look at the young n single and think how did they squeeze into those drainpipes.

Secretly they wish to do up their own laces, instead they get their partners to strap up their high heel boots.

Who suffers from loneliness the most and what are the symptoms?

A lot of single people suffer from loneliness. Homeless people for example. With alcoholics and drug addicts its massive. Loads of people suffer from loneliness.

People with mental health problems can feel loneliness. Everyone around them it seems have turned their back on them.

Instead of looking for simple actions, they ponder on misplaced books.

William James, Thomas Aquinas are two theological writers. They often end up in the wrong section of the library. People and things like that.

They live in churches, spend time at car boot sales and markets selling nothing. People who bond with non one.

Loneliness comes about from neglect of everything. They look around and see themselves surrounded by physical objects. The dirty dishes or forgetting to open the curtains. Letting the rays of light in to do their thing is important to normal people.

Only the lonely know about the beauty of having a companion. The problem is it takes a time for them to understand how to treat other people let alone themselves.

The lonely are lonely because a few simple things go wrong. Every lesson a lonely person learns is a blessing instead of a hinderance.

Only the lonely will understand these five things:

  1. Loneliness begins at home.
  2. I’m so lonely I’ve just got to let you know…
  3. Only the lonely!! Do you ever feel like you are caught in a trap?
  4. Friends are like ships in the night.
  5. Its difficult to find love in a neglected loveless world.

The reasons for loneliness and why we now know more than any other time so much as we do about this ultimate time in someones life.

As a person ages they should look older, people around them look old.

Lonely people look in the mirror and see that young person fighting to get out.

Whilst there they congratulate on how well they are doing when in actual fact they could be doing a lot better. Its everyone else who has bags under the eyes.

They know the free tester products and are willing to recommend them to other people. However investing in anything like this seems ridiculous to them.

They want when to fear them and quake at their feet and when women look at them they want the ground they walk on to be worshipped.


Religion to a lonely person is a way of life, it provides the daily rituals to avoid getting into loving or sexual relationships.

Lonely people belief horology or theology is attractive when it isn’t, not like that anyway. They get mixed up with psychology and theology, who the authors are and who said what to whom.

A lot of people think the world is owed to them when in actual fact they eroding away the shores of the land. And like the shores of the land they have chalk brains.

That is they brush their teeth three times a day with fluoride that blocks of any healthy vitamins they pump with all good intentions into their own bodies.

They treat life intravenously instead of taking things outside and talking to the masses.

Many lonely people get away with it, they a born into an organisation or fit in really well.

If you tell them to do it they will do it. The down side of this is they are easily lead by the next pied piper in silly jock straps leading everyone he meets like rats to the outskirts of town.

What is the difference between Loneliness and Lonesomeness? Who suffers from Lonesomeness and what are the symptoms?

yellow loneliness

Only someone in a relationship suffering from lonesomeness can relate with these 5 things:

  1. When asked the thought of your partners death excites you.
  2. Your partner never listens to you and you find this frustrating.
  3. Your neighbours all seem to be having a good time and you resent that.
  4. If you had the time you would like to talk more. Nobody really loves you.
  5. If you took everything away and left it with just me I could excel more. Delusions and grandeur.

The songs from Spain if you break the words down explain a lot of what we are talking about today. The unrequented love songs tell stories of wow.

They let out the lonesomeness and make those surfing feel more understood. The lubrication of what best things money can buy drag these sorts of things out, they go on for years.

You could go all around the world on holiday together before either one of you suspects that inner hatred. And worst of all when news gets published they won’t even read it.

It seems you could plaster the walls with your thoughts about them and they still come back begging for more, fulfilling your every need like a robot.

All that pent up energy evokes all sorts of angels and demons. It won’t be long before your arguing again or you start creeping back up to win there favour when in actual fact you wish someone new would come along and beat the living daylights out of them.

You understand that not a lot of people know this stuff about you and are happy to settle with your lot. Like a casino you keep your chips close to you.

Strategically positioning yourself so the house always wins. This is why all the riches in the world means nothing to you. You want to notch things up a bit but to afraid to break a good thing.

The fruits of your loins the children will soon be all grown up and out of your hair, then what are you going to do?


What is the difference between Loneliness and Lonesomeness? Why is being in a relationship important to one person?

What values are attached to being in a relationship. More importantly how can a person suffering from lonesomeness repair relationships?

First they must admit to themselves they have these thoughts and feelings. Inner feelings of excitement of ending things, fantasies of people closed to them dying or just not being there anymore, without a care in the world.

Does the thought of people around you grovelling at your feet make you feel better or worse? Are you feeding the thoughts or quashing the feelings?

A lot of people know you and you know them, but do you or they know whats really going on inside each others heads.

When happy, financially secure and located in the right place at the right time but everything just seems like ground hog day, what can you and you partner do about these things.

I mean how do people who are in lonesomeness spice up the marriage when statistically the chances are very slim of a relationship continuing once the children have grown up and left the roost.

What is the difference between Loneliness and Lonesomeness? Why is being single the only solution and for another its being in a healthy relationship?

Single people wake up alone, they go shopping alone and find themselves at the top of the Eiffel Tower all alone. Everyone around them seem to be in a relationship.

In every instance happiness is overcome by feeling like a gooseberry. You can single these people out in a crowd because often they have hair like a gooseberry or kiwi.

Instead of pulling their hair out with frustration they shave it all of off.

And at the root of all there problems are other people. The reality is each of us are very powerful and capable of doing a lot of damage to ourselves. We are like Rambo! A one man army taking on the world.

The only solution for some is to climb a mountain and reside there till end of days.

The only solstice is found in flying kites, believing you can fly and constant push ups.

The best a loneliness person can do is put their hands up and be taken into boot camp or the nearest concentration camp where they can think clearly.

In contrast those women suffering from lonesomeness would get more out of being the madame running the show, whilst married they would also like everyone in the community to come to them and ask them questions.

The answers would be very simple: don’t be silly, lick my boots and would think twice about building a network of people to do nasty things to people.

Dish out nasty waves of punishment at the drop of a hat and all sorts of other forms of chaos.

To brush under the carpet the fact that if their partner passed away secretly they would be well pleased.

robert bridge mobile mediaInside they light up at the thought of the very one they rely on disappearing.

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