Elastic Plaster to Smooth Things Out

The elastic plaster or Elastoplast as peoples here in the United Kingdom like to call them. Hi my names Robert Bridge and I here to make things better.

It’s like a wound that won’t close, or cut held together with a shoe lace. Were lucky living in a sticker society. Years ago things were much more Taboo. Yet today we can look back on leeching with intrigue, forgetting of course the natural progression of our beloved NHS. If only a plaster could make things better.

The movie industry from 1970 – 1990 something here the UK mixed humour with male prowess. Films like Confessions of a Plumber or Plasterers. This obsession in the academic world grew bigger within the broad field of Cybernetics. Plasticity, they say, an emotional face-lift.

Clearly men talking to women demanding smiles. And it worked too, it still works. Asking for simple smiles, cheering the masses all day, sticking with the same stories, firing the same old questions. We have all adhered at some point to a plaster, or been stitched up one way, or another. Or found our back against the wall glued to the ceiling.

Getting unstuck is easy, but you might have to lose the uniform. You could stick me there and dangle me from a piece of plywood that’s held up by Budgie the Helicopter. Guaranteed I would not fall. This is just one of the power of beliefs installed in me via ad agencies. Yet when I try and glue my soles back together, they always come unstuck. You put them in a vice and mostly the rain washes away the rubber seal.

They hot branded on horse shoes, now we rely more on science. So why expect luck like we do, then brush these thoughts of and tip into lifetime shopping bag. Along with other limiting beliefs. Living in a bagless society is creating a cone of power that just works. So we continue on our robotic path sucking up the past. We can look back on all the paperwork with fond effection, even though the reality was not all that. I meant it never lasted long now did it.

Which brings me back to the plaster. If I told you I had a plaster that would make it all better, would you believe me? If I strengthen this belief with colourful Mr Men plasters, would you feel more happy after just being hurt? I think you would.

You see we all have our own Hurt Locker full of tools and instruments. It’s just, well we don’t seem to use them enough. There might be a war going on outside and we choose to wrap up with our gadgets. We stay in doors. We accept the new digital landscape. Whilst others still crave face time rather than watch glued to YouTube human dogma. Caffeine is a great social lubricant. World food markets are a great way to expand your taste buds. Catering videos are still big business. This reinforces the need for a plaster man. Someone to make it all better. A patch to fix your ill’s. A spray to make you stop…

By Robert Bridge

Hi my name is Robert Bridge. I like wordpress websites and write about various topics online.

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