An Exccestential Experience: The Arts Pushing Subjects To Their Limits

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Every day we are finding out new thing’s about ourselves. We meet certain people who teach us perhaps better ways of discipline in life which can make us fit in more or consequently isolate us from the rest of society.
These processes of learning, often gruelling psychologically for a time push us to our limits.
I am confident dependant on your age, your access to certain methods of gathering information and techniques processed to activate senses inside we most of you reading will recognise. Arts of the mind have tests which create inside walls which protect us from going temporarily insane.
Discipline is not for everyone and for me anyway it’s easy to see why I switch from one programme to the next. I can honestly say on several occasions I have trusted my guide’s. And each time part of my subconscious has either switched on a trembling fear of this unknown or I react with an unnatural humour which makes me retaliate from the actual practise.
The good thing is I have been patient, have done quite a bit of work on myself and my memory is like a black/grease board. One wipe and the memories are gone. My point is: have you ever pushed yourself to the edge of sanity in order to learn something challenging? I hope or hazard you have, else reading today’s blurbs will be (like one of worst fears) a complete waste of time. Think about the amount of times you walk yourself and carry others with you down the garden path. Some of us are more convincing than others, so we hang ourselves on those every words. The speed of implementation and communications have been to slow. Or fine print to small, reading capability so slow you put yourself a sleep with it all. The irony is gravitating to such a thing was for an awakening but the walls on impact make you more dazed & confused more than anything else. Do I think this makes me weak? No. Do I feel less than for the inability to comply? Perhaps, temporarily. Am I a better person for walking myself through such a dark tunnel? Who knows, although the time it took I could have practically achieved something else. When the why is bigger than the what anything is possible. This could though prolong your journey to the destination you originally outlined as something you wished to achieve. The study of mathematics is a great way of remembering what this might feel like. You master maths, are able to rationally weigh the odds of hearts and feathers balancing, it has helped you. Technical drawing, you master the tools and everything fits into place. Language, spelling and persuasion you become for influential. The fact is it is much easier to help other people, in doing so we help ourselves. So please make sure your end goal is a good fit for the full mind map/spider graph of things.

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