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Website developer for business, WordPress themes with easy clear frame , design, focus and scalability.

Depending where you are after 1/2 free consultation we can move foreward. If you qualify at whatever level we can proceed and upgrade. Services include business development plan, web design and framework, social media marketing and traffic generation tiers.


Get your 1/2 free consulatation with me. I design sites but also help you get laser focused.

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I like writing, researching and ranting. A blog is a great way of communicating with a general audience,as well as influencing contact list and keeping up with friends. I also use humour, so please if you are offended easily just avoid this part of my website.


What I offer

I offer a free consultation face to face or 1-1 on Skype/Zoom/WhatsApp. From there you can if you wish hire me to do web design, social media branding/Search Engine Optimisation, getting traffic and leads off and online. I can also help with any products.

Free 1/2 hour Consultation

Hi my names Robert Bridge, if you are in or starting a business and ready to move foreward online this is mandatory. Contact me and be sure to select this in the options.

First Website Structure and Design

Web option range from free to paid. I can create for you 1-1 or I can send you instructions tailor made for you to impliment yourself. You have a variety of options paid or hosted freely on WordPress, Blogspot, Wix, Weebly, etc.


There are many free themes appropriate to different organisations, individuals or artists and I have a great understanding of each and will able to help you fast track decide which one to choose which will yeild best results in search engine.


I always get back to people as soon as I recieve notice. You details will go to my email which I read most days. Please be mindful so far support is provided by just me. Any consultations will be done in the strictest of confidence.