Getting Started Is Simple: You Know This, I Know This, But Do They Know?

A title today I hope you recognise. Years ago Cinzano launched an as campaign with Tele Savalas asking this very same fleeting statement. Point is to grab your attention. This post is not about alcohol or Kojak, rather is a message from Robert Bridge author of Media Marketing Communications website.

Hi my names Robert Bridge, thanks for reading. I design websites, see me as a consultant about such matters. When it comes to business online myself I have been visible, hosting sites and networking offline in London since 2007. Speak for 30 minutes 1-1 face to face, over the phone or via video. I here to help.

Robert_Bridge MMC talk to me, find out more about you. I can help very quickly. I understand the ups and downs and can quickly distinguish between the two.

WordPress done the right way (constantly changing) is a great way to stay visible in search engines. Search engines are saturated by similar things so stay on your toes. I can get you started and my hope is to instill faith to you, just ask and count on me still being here on the world wide web 5g 5.0 planet earth, this dimensional timeline. I here, I not going any place and I want to help you. I do not offer cookie cutter services. You have full access, no back end limitations with back end access restrictions.

Everything rest assured is tailor made with bespoke instructions, updates overtime. I here for long haul relationships, not fly by night expert trying to climb Jacob’s Ladder. Here today, here tomorrow.

A lot of people know stuff and they looking for people they can trust. People with interesting memories. Everybody love sharing, but the problem is not everyone has time to listen. I’ve listened and help polish these things and seen people go on as they were with a clearer focus and nice website.

Having the right framework depends on individuals. Not everyone have big budgets and free options are available, many of these can be enough as you start out. Down the road we can talk more, flexibility is a key highlight of what I have to offer. I also have hindsight in how far to go with technical measures. Communications are very focused and I will if need be cut me or yourself short when technical jargon starts to cloud things.

Most of what I offer is common sense. So much of what I see and hear has common assumptions, technical jargon and time wasting instructions. I try and recommend you try too to avoid this like the plague. Things said can only get lost, waste time and back and forth bantering.

By Robert Bridge

Hi my name is Robert Bridge. I like wordpress websites and write about various topics online.

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