How Media Information Moves Around The Offices

Media is very important because it is modern universal language and is easily translatable for one world government’s to understand. There is a matrix though and in order to be able to decode this family tree as a memorable metaphor I shall use as many educational skills that I have required these few years to educate you and all your mates you think will get something from such a simple equation.

The traditional media culturally did not stand up to well from the bottom up until digital media came along. Yes we had magazines and cartoons that other countries could duplicate but a lot of countries were excluded from this chain of command. This cultural inequality was an unfair advantage for top down media. Page 3 tabloid news is a good example of this British anecdotal metaphor.

Equally these standards globally apply however the countries protecting themselves from these indifferences have been flooded with images, short and live videos on newer social media platforms. What they have not yet mastered is these things working on most hand held devices. Some even take ages to load in desktop browsers. Before all this the only way staff working for the media could communicate was via the photocopying fax machine around the same time as the texting devices.

Now if a ring tone goes off no one blinks an eyelid. In fact some wait in anticipation of this common mediated disruption. The common norm is to inform users of such devices to be put on silent or vibrate. This means more missed calls and longer left messages.

The media travels in all sorts of ways and fashions change but the reality of media formats remain the same. Some people learn best from listening over and over again. Others take PDF s and want to make DVDs out them. Others still keep pens and pencils in the top pocket to only get klumped around the head from girlfriends like Ugly Betty who think you look to geeky with pens in top pockets.

If you want to avoid all these hangups you keep up with trends. Trending inform a tion globally has flattened the playing fields.

Is getting harder and harder for me to deny it’s getting harder out there for people to go on keeping on.We jog along…

Posted by Robert Douglas Bridge on Tuesday, 26 January 2016

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