Ideas In Art and Images further Investigated

My home page on Bing is showing a beautiful picture of Bali which is a bright Twitter blue coloured.

I know a couple of people who visit Bali regularly, so perhaps I ask them if they have seen it for themselves. Another idea would be for me to go there myself and see it with my own eyes. Truth can be distorted through a camera lens, filters on Instagram for example can improve extenuating circumstances. I have a Microsoft App on my phone which allows me to frame images once or twice and add descriptions then attach Wingbat images which are basically fonts only the letters are replaced with familiar symbols.

My point is there is a lot of tools in my pocket. By simply using mobile media apparatus I can read about Art and do my own investigative due diligence.

When you visit a gallery with a friend you can share knowledge on the subject. It may trigger someone’ s knowledge of history or awaken some childhood vacation, something as simple as a boat out at sea may develop into a traumatic memory on drunken seasickness.

Whatever the conversation two brains conversing is real as is two forms of media: your phone and Mac or PC.

The input from the two are vital if you are wanting both presences and visibility in search engines online.

Global conversations happen everyday.

These conversations are Amplified through connecting to extra sites that create what many I think call fire hoses.

You can also Map out and submit data automatically in search engines simply by logging in a submitting; site maps, RSS Feeds and cross posting to other domains and social media stations. Bookmarking a link to different communities is broadening the conversation. In the example of your local gallery this is like the difference between being in a group guided around the place with a curator, instead of bouncing of conversations with your buddy or some bird your trying to impress.
Art has many strings like a violin, with one wrong stroke the horse hairs could break, the vellum is very fragile and the egg shell if misdirected looks unprofessional. Age, guidance and trials and errors are they way we learn. From an early age we were lucky enough to be given colouring books and dot to dot art.
The creative process therefore is in my opinion and many others developed overtime. Trial and error is the way for me to learn, for others it maybe copying exactly every gesture, listening is another. If you cannot listen to instructions it’s been suggested to me to take the cotton wool from my ears. Get some speakers to amplify sound or headphones if you are on a bus or not want to disturb your neighbours. Simple stuff really. Is no more complicated now than speaking queries into your mobile phone to find things out. There are numerous citations on Wikipedia.
An Art detective is like someone you see on Antique Roadshow, people seek these people out all over Britain to hear what they have to say, find out if its worth anything and this message is a resourceful broadcast out on Sunday via BBC channel. This amplification is archived and mostly uploaded to various online video stations, so if you missed anything you can retrieve it elsewhere. Good news will always be good news. The price of paintings is an amalgamation of expertise, good investigative detective work and sharpened ability to move between valid additions as well as removing any unwanted trashy statements. Art has always been something to extend the senses and tells that important story folks yearn for.
Framing happens in many stages:
• Prepping up and sketching before painting, gathering the necessary ‘shades of grey’, mounting onto a wall or easil.
• Holding onto images for example body sculptures and personal portraits. The use of the eye and the brush helps frame and layer the image. Sometimes smells can influence the artist and they try and have this ingrained into a paintings message. As you create the convesation deepens.
• As already mentioned framing the final image. You can emboss with gold or simply frame photos in rectangular windows, the choice is yours.
As time progressed we also change views from popular to unpopular, back to popular and often treasured. Art like conversation is difficult to put a price on it. One minute it’s built up baggage and the next moment it’s an auction conducted with money that triggers allsorts of options. Archives in the cloud is not so lonely, or so it seems. Who owns this stuff? You make a decision about global reach everyday. Some personal photography may not be something you want the world to see. A naked photo of you at a party does not necessarily make a decent cv picture. Wiping the web is only possible by pushing down images with other images. It is possible to Disavow, but this takes 3 months and the image may already be saved and uploaded by somebody else. We put labels on things and these labelled ‘bottles’ can clog up your cupboard.

By Robert Bridge

Hi my name is Robert Bridge. I like wordpress websites and write about various topics online.

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