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A question people ask me when starting out on computer is how to type quicker?

This question often comes before they even have an email, let alone a Facebook account.

There are many books on how to write with certain software. Many assume it’s costly and needs supervision.

This post is for people who already have a computer and want to type quicker.

Traditional computer keyboards with keys that have all icons and buttons in place helps when starting out because if you do not know the basic order of the keys and cannot make out one of them it can throw you a bit.

Avoid that rabbit on the road mentality by checking all the basics are in place.

If it’s a new computer you have nothing to worry about.

These new keyboards look finnicky, flat and at times different to traditional desktop keyboards however like your smartphone the keys are in the correct place.

Associating yourself with the structure of the keys whilst single finger typing is good for these new digital products.

How now if you want to speed write like a real secretary in 2015 on-line you should do on-line exercises and download cd’s that help you associate a few letters with each fingertips of both hands.

These exercises general include single letter associations and omni directional attributes with clusters of letters.

The use of spell checkers again has speeded up the on-line writing.

Even if you have good typewriter skills its good to brush up on typing digitally.

Remember it is not a race. Depending on what sort of keyboard you have in front of you whilst typing, laptop or PC, tablet or mobile the results will be different.

Even experienced on-line writers will be surprised how many words can be typed in an allotted time.

Also your posture determines a lot of how you are doing. Knowing that your posture at home is good will also help you in the long run.

Particularly if you spend a lot of time at your computer.

By doing typing exercises you will give yourself a boost before writing.

Below I will provide a few links that can help with this process.

Also below I have included an on-line simple course that will help you attribute the keys, the position of keys in relation to the cluster of keys I mentioned above.

  • Lesson One Type On-line
  • Mashable – Five ways to improve your typing online
  • Type Racer – Measure Your Words

So there you go, if you a looking for a course to get started try your local library. If you are wise and can access a computer before getting one at home, then these skills will help you stay one step ahead of the curve.
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