Life is a likely story

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Here at inland Britain we set standards so high we could hit the sky, sounds a familiar story isn’t it.
Life on land is less precarious, yes the option is available to visit the canal’s of Great Britain or comb the shores of the British Isles but mostly we are land lubber’s marching back and forth.
In today’s entry I wish to talk about “location, location, location” just another motto for success that makes sense.
Hi my names Robert Bridge and I am currently missing the beaches of my surrounding birth place Isle of Man. Here in the city we have a nice canal which is great but is just not the same breeze.
I remember walking the dog on a sunny sandy beach, as long as you get there before 10 o’clock or after 5.30 in the afternoon dogs walking beaches on man is cool.
Years ago they had beach mission contests for the best dressed babies and punch and Judy shows.
Everyone would visit to watch the sun come up and go down, the stars at night shine brighter than anywhere else I have been.
I am sure you have something you miss about your home town and would like you to share about them in the comments below.
Stories work best when reality frames the context. I think we write better stories when we focus on things we love or at least passionate about in some way.
We all settle for entertainment and see this from any old Tom, Dick and Harry, so why not get creative.

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Hi my name is Robert Bridge. I like wordpress websites and write about various topics online.

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