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Some say the way forward is all about salt and light, green tea is a great precursor for this. Chinese say before any meal a pot of green tea will help clean the pallette making you enjoy the process of eating meal more. A simple analogy to introduce this weeks post. Thanks for reading and be sure to subcribe where you can to help me build a database list.

Writing comes from the experience you have had recently and the media digested online recently. Today is #WorldPhotography on Social Media Facebook/Instagram/Twitter . Yesterday a very clever quote for business people online rose to my attention. The quote went something like this: ‘a good picture can pivot the success of a branded business’. I want to look at this thought a bit deeper today please.

Starting out is paved with ideas better than your own. Opportunities are unique to you, remembering them is not always easy but completely forgetting them is even harder. A behavioural psychologist can help refresh delinquents memory so how can you tap into behavioural techniques to remember?

The good news is this you do not need to. For clarity read the new book by Robert Allen. The book includes simple drawing techniques that make the process fun to do with mates or anyone really.

The keys are included in multiple queries to each other with the same question. Each time over about 15 minutes you drill down sharing the same questions over and over again until the shelf with that idea or oppurtunity pops right out at you. This then turns into part of your clarity map matrix.

Robert has done a really good job because it is fun process and simple enough to share with friends and family. What better gift to give to allies than clarity!

Bladerunner – Love so true / Formation sounds of the summer vol.1 by FormationRecordsUK

Listen to Bladerunner – Love so true / Formation sounds of the summer vol.1 FormationRecordsUK []

You are like many realising you have a lot of things on or been asked to join in with ventures not yet yeilding any success. With a little bit of clarity you can make it happen and find more energy to last longer through the night. Your in between time is very precious so you want to use it wisely. News from friends and the Internet does take you away from these pursuits. Like we see in countries like Finland who education results are high because they focus on playtime and having fun instead of dishing out obsolete homework.

Your real life experience can be bookmarked with simple photography. It might not mean anything to them but surely be means something to you. Adding something simple like a symbol or a few cryptic words can help support this vital point of your own lego puzzle.

Many times these ideas are not from your own observations. We all have our own helpers and each have something to prove to various controllers. Everybody are looking for cooperating candidates. Doesnt matter whether you a successful employee, student or terrorist. Everybody are getting bright ideas from someplace.

Another quote that blew my socks of this week is this *spiritual blurbs: ‘I would rather live in the darkness with god than ascend to the light to be alone. You have to be really pissed of about something to get things done around here. The first place to point the finger at is yourself. If you have repetitive suggestions popping up around you and fear holds you back from listening then this quote should hopefully help.

Here is the pyramid from the Devinci Method.

I keep going over what makes me happy and just hope you have time to do similar things. We can reject many loving comments. Before us we see and agree but if the right frequency is not in place this to can shatter dreams and goals from taking place. Any more than this would be confusing.

So I ask you what picture can you attach to a thought or entry you have brewing that helps you, safely anchors you and holds you long enough to complete the final article?

When you break down your day which parts do you see that are inadequate or distracting? How can you photobrush these or delete them completely? If you are hording there is a small chance that pile of rubbish has some significance. The longer you leave this stuff will just disappear, so fear not when throwing stuff away or giving to charity.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to attending Armand Morin event at the Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden not far from where Al Pacino has decided to open a chain of his restaurants up. Just down the road from the biggest Masonic Temple in the city opposite where the Masonic Arms Pub used to be, not far from the Holborn college of adult learning. There is also a posh clip joint on the corner but thats by the bye. Have a great weekend folks, be sure to hit me up on Twitter.

Listen to Soul Savaz feat. DJ SS & Victor – Forgive Me Lord  Formation sounds of the summer vol.1 by FormationRecordsUK #np  []

Soul Savaz feat. DJ SS & Victor – Forgive Me Lord (FREE) / Formation sounds of the summer vol.1 by FormationRecordsUK

Here is that Mix from 8-Track made earlier this week.

ROBBWINDOW 8Track Popular Music Aug 2016 from djrobbwindow on 8tracks Radio.

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