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London is a great city and many people say living in London is the best city in the world for attending business events. In my experience this is true and many of the events attended have been free to attend.

Hi my name is Robert Bridge and I live in London. This is one of my websites Media Marketing Communications. I like WordPress because I can easily update my site and write entries on a blog.

The great thing about WordPress is not having to use an FTP client to update and login to website, I can do this online via the WordPress/wp-admin page login and away you go. Adding images and videos is real easy for novices and pros alike. Lots of people use websites as posh C Vs and share knowledge of what they are learning with technology. It also makes a great diary and the best thing is you control the site and coding. London has companies like Google stationed here and they regularly invite people to the campus in Victoria.

Events I attend regularly are in Olympia or the Confex Centre in East London. Both events have train stations right next to the venues and each is designed for all-sorts of events. There are all-sorts of categories related to business and collectors items. Business ventures come about from conversations and still the best way to do this is face to face.

Questions arise face-to-face that would not otherwise happen. Having groups of like minded business under one roof helps focus and see the potential links between services. You can also get incites in your field how more advanced companies are using software in the best possible way.

This can include anything from using Outlook to stay in contact with a large database of clients to creating top of the range presentations via PowerPoint for webinars. You can every year learn at least one new thing, providing you compose yourself well and go there open to new conversations.

Curiosity and praise is a great way to do this. Having an idea of the companies can often come about from reading the prospectus, many of the companies come every year and have a good reputation online with lots of clients. The chances are you will find a few companies that you already have first hand experience. Its great to here the lectures and be reminded of the future vision they have for their company and just shake hands with the real people representing behind the scenes.

Mike Filsaime’s buddy Captain Lou who organise’s the marketing cruises around Costa Rica.

Attending events in London is great because there are many freebies: pens, fridge magnets, USB devices, cups and sweets. If you can find it the free coffee shops vouchers given out on the first day of the event are helpful. I find caffeine really helpful at these sorts of events and is a social lubricant that seems to work for me and other net-workers I meet at these events in London.

Attending events is also a good reason to get out the house and go check out the city. People travel from all over the place to attend events. When you meet people face to face there is a much greater chance of them people treating you differently on social media.

In my experience I have found they want to private message on say Twitter or ring immediately after some sort of correspondence. You will be surprised by the growth in lead generation by networking well face-to-face with people.

Over the years I have learned via email lists, videos, live webinars and face to face events from various people, most of whom I have managed to meet face-to-face. There are only a couple of people whom I have listened to very closely and not had the pleasure of meeting at events or hanging out and getting to show them around this lovely city.

The best thing therefore living in London is the location. Many people I have picked up things from have told me similar things. Location, location, location. London is a city.

By Robert Bridge

Hi my name is Robert Bridge. I like wordpress websites and write about various topics online.

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