London is no longer a spring chicken

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The bluebells are out and spring is in full bloom here in London.
You never know who you might meet here in the city people are inept at all sorts of stuff.
People practising Wasabi, Aikido, Kick boxing, Cage fighting, Judo and all kinds of things.
If you want to relax you can find plenty of things to do in the city. There are now lots of interesting walks, museums to go to and people to meet.
A lot of people do Yoga here in London, mainly becuase classes are offered so regularly in various places.
Other alternatives are Tai Bo, Line dancing and Thai Chi. You can also try green tea before any meal. There are other Chinese herbs but its not easy to find stockists here in London.
This post is about finding things, market research, business reporting and looking inside and outside the box.
Doing stuff before you start is really good. You should know if it is right for you. The Dragons Den business book tells you all about it.
Often you find yourself talking to someone who is ready to exit. They have done as much as they can or perhaps just wanting to move onto newer things.
All day everyday people are finding themselves in all kinds of situations. Some call it there calling. However family get effected when people chaining themselves to railings.
Business is about being diplomatic about things. And lets face it a lot of business people are complete control freaks. This can be you, what motivates you and what is you USP?
Its easy to get caught up in the mind control of the media or, likewise get caught up in other peoples business. If you know them and they know you all sorts of stuff can happen.
hi buddyMany people feel like they owe somebody something, that is why they stick around so long. There are other ways to make people slaves, I am not going to go on about that here though.
Doing the right market research requires asking a series of the right questions then answering them yourselves.
The fact is no one else gives a hoot about your business, thats why I say you are better of speaking to yourself.
Less chance of getting hurt and more probability of you understanding at the foundation level what you are trying to say.
You can apply all sorts of basic maths and depending on how much you have to lose you can go out registering all sorts of things.
A great tip I learned at a speaker pitch fest was find out what other unsuccessful people are doing and do completely the opposite.
You see these sorts of people called Boks everyday in every city never mind London.
They go in the bookies or at the races and place a bet and everyone rip up there similar bets because they just know its not going to win.
I got that from a Yo Ghotti movie on YouTube. You can learn a lot from YouTube though you will learn a lot more in a library.
Make your research environment as tidy as you like it. Make sure you find out and use the basic tools.

Find out the leading books and websites.

Use your own intuitive knowledge and spend most of your time reading this, then go out there and look for whatever it is you are looking for.

By Robert Bridge

Hi my name is Robert Bridge. I like wordpress websites and write about various topics online.

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