Making Big Data Medium Simple Through Storytelling


There was once large buckets of big data you needed to learn before you even began any decision about your next purchase.


Change was a lot slower and began at a time when a return on investment required reading the manual.


We live in an age where the warranty is more important. This is a story about a boy with a computer who had two choices: which framework to mediate and how much memory he needed to store the Big Data on the device of choice.


This is a tale of growing up and as the boy becomes a man he is told the devices he uses are getting smaller, but all around him he see’s the big picture.


The story is one of information and woe. In a world heavily outweighed by circumstantial reasons.



This is a story about a boy and a computer who had two choices about Big Data. A practical look at the world of coding.


The day after Christmas day we sat there surrounded by polystyrene, stacked on top of a couple of boxes wondering what to do. This is not a commercial story or one of right or wrong decisions.


The magazines in the store were then limited catalogues listing companies from binary opposites and they had no expectations about KPI factors or promised a return on investment.


They were what they tried to define on the box and in the advertisements, merely supplementary modes of of entertainment that the world would all learn about.


The same ritual happened for boys and girls across the country and over the pond. New alliances were being made and the divide introduced curiosity about each others Christmas experience.


There was a new language being spoke, teachers would also have been struggling to keep up with the kids hands on approach to computers.


It wasn’t long before IT merged with the already set financial educational sector. In order to understand what was happening the best way I can think of explaining it was what was already happening outside.


The penny arcades and go carts, were transforming into computer video games. Ghost trains were being replaced by dodgem cars and roller coasters travelled around the country eminating the Disney World and MTV we seen working in the USA.


Having a computer meant travelling would change, and at the same time we were led to believe there was a triangle in the middle of the ocean where things disappeared.


Seems a bit of a tall story right? perhaps so I digress but like most entries about computer nostalgia I call upon historical beliefs about the planet.


Science lessons phosphorous and test tube tests with magnesium


Many could already make that decision; between dressing up and going out on Sunday, to staying in with a great excuse, empowered with a great excuse not to engage.


Big data took presidence in houses all across the country and to be quite frank it was wicked.


The fine line between someone knowing what they were talking and passing the test changed.


The success in the digital world redefined itself, where learning was important but showing competent competence was where near as exciting.

We grew up with this right? And seen the gaming world grow into a competition, those boys and girls have grown up and some of them still have dreams of winning in a game where only the winner gets any money.


They if they choose and not be lazy get to travel the world and manage to finance this hobby by sponsorship; parental support because the parents have already been attached or indoctrinated in some way to the dream.


two choices about Big Data and coding.


We could spend a whole lesson just learning the rules of the calculator, getting ready for the test.


Mark my words Big Data does have similar tests, coding does come in all shapes and sizes, the packaging has thankfully gone away.


We still see and need the remains and understand that pictures and price do not help understand the amount of coding that goes into anything anymore.


The box and warranty has changed. So why would we?


So now we see men all grown up who say they are good at coding and all around the world there are companies who require an understanding of coding.


Of course were not all Shelock Holmes but nothing much has changed.


The information is there, the yes economy is upon us (if you can say yes to everything your guaranteed a six to one month contract.


We can be and do anything. There are coders who all their life have been coding but have no practical experience using the very devices they have helped created.


The world is a flat segmentation of what it used to be and as the game of battleships continues the wise ones are playing a new game of Scrabble, where the words are made up only the grammar and syntax need refining.


So people pay out of the borrowing budget, capitalism waves a wallet and the bigger the wallet, the less chance of anyone taking it out.


Coding then is an ocean, feeding the media which is harvesting the dreams cleverly constructed back at a time when far less confusion was at stake.


The union came about when people stopped turning up and more buttons are now designed because of this.


Buttons to shoot and jump, drop down menus, buttons that are measured by milliseconds of time.


They are not loose buttons and like wearing a tie on Sunday a lot of the things we used to worry about have now change.


do you think in the grand scheme of big data we can all live happily ever after if united using the same platforms designed with big data?


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