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about media marketing communicationsNeed more info then so be it. I have not completely sharpened my razors since I am trying and testing newer shiny objects, sound familiar?

If you live in London or able to visit and would like to meet up for a chat you can contact me in various ways. Thanks for clicking for finding out more info rmation and best ways to get in contact with Robert Bridge on this mobile website.

Try the about me page where you can email me directly. IM me on Twitter, Linked In or Skype me on robbwindow. If you want to hangout on Google Hangouts more info on that is my Gmail account is

I just recently started using Instagram and my user name is robbwindow (same Myspace name). I created the account online and managed to fix a Google phone from Ebay which cost less than £5.

I ordered a few parts from the same place I bought the phone along with new screwdrivers. Bingo I managed to repair a phone which a broken screen and completely damaged touch screen. Instagram from Google Store currently works really well for photos.

On older smart phones the video is a bit clunky. If you record a very shorter video on your normal camera you can upload with an Instagram extension. The extension App is pushed to you from Instagram, look out for that if video is important called ‘Boomerang’.

The great thing for me is being able to reconnect with people who I know who used to use Twitter but favour Instagram because on share goes to six places.

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