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Media Time Management

The amount of time we spend thinking about problems is nothing new and there are already many ways to fix these things.


Robert Bridge – Mobile Media Communications I help everybody I meet to get them started online with media and quickly self teach themselves success through basic often sadly missed communication skills Email me and let’s WhatsApp. I’m looking to meet visitors with a vision who need to sharpen their axe and help them answer simple… Continue reading .

The Media Wheelbarrow

Paul Laffoly exhibition in France.

Attracting and connecting the media wheelbarrow: A satirical post about media biology. This post has metaphors and explains the media we use in a satirical way. We make our own media again and again. Like fishermen we throw the net out there and hope for the best. The effects if done correctly can raise a… Continue reading The Media Wheelbarrow

A Case Study of the Various Roles of Communications in Managing Companies

Literature Reviews. Forms of Communication. Written Communication. Advantages of written communication. Disadvantages of oral communication and online communications. Advantages of oral communication and concise verbal communications. The level of communication in Management. Interpersonal communication. Organisational level. Vertical communication. The communication process. Barriers to effective communication. The impact of communication on the society. Effective communication is… Continue reading A Case Study of the Various Roles of Communications in Managing Companies

KPI and key stages of effective on record oral communications

The KPI Framework to measuring performance for teams or sports is a motivational strategy to act as a guide and way of helping both people realise certain things. One of these of course is underperformance. If an Individual in a team is not fulfilling his role, the whole team will be effected and this person.