Seeking Verification of Things in Communications

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Words are very powerful and they transform the way we feel sometimes. You can change your thoughts on matters by simply changing the narrative so I did that because I wanted to. If you are seeking verification of things in communications to see if this is the case I have jotted down some simple suggestions.
Verification of things you say is not as easy as verifying an email address password change. I am not Microsoft. Verification of things you talk about in various scenarios will determine your why. Whatever the reasoning behind it we will take a look and even touch base with some examples of good and bad reasons. I want some of you to come away from seeking and realising your own power of observation. Validating hunchs can take years. Clearing much of the clutter in the mind helps when you clean up or prevent making a mess in the first place.
When you are worried about something words can become garbled. Even if you are listening to what words are coming out of your mouth, perhaps the people on the other side of the room cannot hear a word you are saying. Perhaps they ask you to speak up and in doing so helping you elevate your tone of voice. Then again any help could make you worry, even more, say less next time or walk away. My point is communications work both ways. Online simple packets pass through hubs which translate messages. There are known codes which help machines translate text and now apps translate words almost immediately. If you speak clearly, use correct grammar and avoid slang words the machine can more easily understand what it is you are trying to communicate with people. Even then the words may come out garbled and robotic. Technology can not sort everything out. Neither should you.
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There is no need to worry if no one validates your ideas. They are only ideas. Even if they contest your research if you have done all your homework correctly you should easily be able to bring reports up to a standard acceptable to your peers. In the workplace, this will be at first very frustrating. Starting off on the right foot may help, boiling kettles, packed lunches and bottles all help blend in during those first few crucial months. If you can be nervous without showing your nervousness you should be fine. Nerves only make other people nervous. Looking happy wins most battles. However, you should not still be smiling when punishments are being dished out because they may think you are not listening or like being punished.
If validation is not a protocol of working with other people and is for your own project online is a great way of getting feedback. It might not be the feedback you expected but still, something is better than nothing. Try different places. Most people want help with simple things. By being of help, you will hang around long enough to meet the people you need. The more you type and the more you just keep churning away the more the chance to something developing.
You might have to let go of any reservations you have about what you are saying. If it is really bad there is always someone willing to share their own experience of making mistakes communicating online with other human beings. You must understand not everyone is reading in English. Culturally there are stops which mean people from whatever country are reluctant to interject. The terminology may have become lost in translation. The sound of what was said may have been stifled by something more important advertising itself to you. Some things are so powerful, made better and more entertaining than the main feature, so please do not get concerned about being too distracted or disinterested because it happens to the best of us.
In science, the search for validation is done under laboratory conditions which help prove right from wrong. Maths communicate in similar ways. They are both either right or wrong. Over years knowledge expands. In the past few decades alone there have been a lot of changes. Put this in the context of our communications which others and you have a better idea of how complex language, communications, persuasion and media really are. Now one Moji could explain everything. Similarly, you will be in competition with people who have what they are trying to say tattooed on their head or neck. The work ethos is not always as tribal however out there in the real world your validation is necessary. You have already embraced so much and put up with much more. Main concerns seem to be identity. Ethnicity perhaps, other peoples religion, clashes of past identity and preferences can hold you back. Making yourself comfortable in the office is best done when it is your office, not somebody else’s. We were not all around during the summer of 76, however, there is always more momentary years than others. You can use these sweeping generalisations to make who you are speaking to more comfortable. The easiest thing to guess these days is age. Even with all the beauty products out there, you can see the age in the crows of peoples eyes.
As much as you want validation; understand this: not everyone seeks validation of their own mortality and existence. Some people are just happy in the now. They walk around with a dustpan, brush and mop as they go along. The clutter is not an issue for them because there is none. If you are like me, more patient and willing to understand the roles of other people in society we will all just get along fine. I try not to step on too many sets of toes. I do not say this likely and try at every step not to mince words. Each sentence is like part of a puzzle and when everything slots into place people comment with feedback and how they see it. Basically, our minds are all over the place. One train of thought can activate or release someone else’s pain and woe. If you open your mouth half the battle is won. Unless you’re in a foreign country of conflict and stand out like a sore thumb.
If you ask for something and they give you the wrong thing you will have to go back and get the correct ticket. We are all on different paths in territories often unknown. This it is why you should do your own research before rushing around, day after day, alone on a hill, with the man that is there standing perfectly still “fool!”. With some people, you should raise your tone and others you may need to soften it a little. Depending on how clever you think people are and the expertise of people you’ll use the right terminology. Simple or complicated the important thing to do is get your point across. Speaking one to one or millions of people on Instagram you want to share an unambiguous message. Some people will completely not get it, in fact, the chances are they will not even notice. People see a direct reflection of where their own head is at, all you have to do is ask rather than request a smile.

By Robert Bridge

Hi my name is Robert Bridge. I like wordpress websites and write about various topics online.

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