SPECRE 1977 Sione Family Film Based In London

Rosemary’ s Baby, The Omen, The Devil Rides Out all come through well in this 1977 SPECTRE movie.

Robert Culp is the star of this early supernatural film directed and produced by Gene Roddenberry. Robert is a criminologist. Somewhat of a modern day Sherlock Holmes.

In the spirit of the time The Professionals leader of CI5 Gordon Jackson is the head of Scotland Yard in this 70’s flick classic. The 1970’s film industry blossomed all kinds of supernatural mystery movies.

The Priory of Sione household is where the Sione Family reside. Robert goes there with his Doctor Watson type assistant to investigate a case helping the family. This film has allsorts of magical connotations.

One of my favourite actors John Hurt plays one of the two Sione brothers. In the film we find out he is ex RAF pilot and a really good pianist. I first met John on the Isle of Man and later bumped into him again in London Soho. He sometimes does acting in the West End Theatre.

SPECTRE is also the name of a recent James Bond film. Both films are action packed and have interesting writers. The 1977 version is a classic occult film. The doctor specialises in Symbology and Robert Culp’ s character has a good understanding of Geology.

For reference this film is interesting, especially if you are interested in supernatural occult deamonology. Gene Roddenberry has really done his homework. Any practitioners of the sciences will see the clever signs in this seventies thriller.

Like the puppets cartoons there are family elements to this film. Remember or understand during the 1976 release supernatural films in Britain and America were in high demand. Despite the reference to a mansion house laced with orgies, today you can see the light hearted family viewability.

This film has all the elements of an occult educational video and highlights the importance of books, diaries and the magical almanac. Draws upon hidden knowledge from druids and more recent research unearthed in accounts of old scholars about various topics.

Robert Culp later went on to star in The Man From U.N.C.L.E another iconic story especially if you enjoy Symbolism and Semiotics. His character in this movie is almost like Dr Strange in that he is very inept with a range of magical practises. He flies from America to the United Kingdom to solve a case as well as cure himself of a magical curse inflicted on him some years before the story began.

The film itself is a hodge podge of idea’s released during a time of rebellion and descent for an audience craving good old Hammer House horror. An Occult world of horror movies competing with one another.

Rosemary’ s Baby, The Omen, The Devil Rides Out all come through well in this SPECTRE movie.

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