Squashed Garlic Time

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My hope is to make you happy hence the title. I have found squashed garlic time to be much more productive than those hand crushers.

There is something therapeutic about waiting for the hammer to fall.

Crumble and squash in one heavy handed move, place in the pan and away you go.

I also started freezing those ready diced bags of onions for similar reasons. You can even loosen the whole bud by smashing the hell out of it with a steel kitchen bludgeon. The one with the diamonds on either side.

I can say hand on heart is a lot easier than putting individual garlic pieces in the hand squeezer or twisting around in that glass mincer which again takes ages.

Honestly when it comes in to squashing garlic in you really want to juggle about and find out for yourself.

I sure you agree everybody at some point has suffered from itchy feet. Finding the right product these has been well over-complicated. And I love squashing these myths. Like I and many others say ‘ I couldn’t run a business without Ariel Automatic. I tried everything in pursuit of appropriate touch button software to make ends meet. Is making me and many others crossed eyed but it is well worth it. In fact I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know is not nice when man squashes bollocks in but somebody has to do it. And like they say “god loves a trier”. Each mistake is a massive lesson. You know when you squashed your bollox in. Good days are good days and what goes in the pan doesn’t always get broadcast on Instagram. At least your not replicating similar messages. I’d like to compare squashing garlic with a mallet to learning to thinly slice from Gordon Ramsey n co together. Two different things, closely connected though and far less graphic that the usual hum drum F Words out there.

How would you like your balls presented on a iron platter? Do you think this lesson as something you could squeeze into everyday-life? What views you like to share about nut cracker sweet. Leave your blurbs below. I here with teaspoon at hand like an egg and spoon race man waiting to help, I also have a knee grinder to be polite. Don’t piss of people, they will track you down. Especially thanks to the Dark Web over on Iron Onion browser you can hire people to do all sorts of things for a fistful of travelers cheques.

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