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Making Space of Hallowed Ground

We all find hallowed ground someplace

Technology has given us the extended ability to dig a lot deeper than in previous years. Much of life may have once been buried can be dug up online thanks to the World Wide Web. Homework is a lot easier and more people join Facebook day in, day out. And for every birth there is a death of some sorts. Photographs once private like conversations, now become public, people online no longer see privacy as an issue, so they share favourite spaces. Family members tag one another, which has become a popular sport. We have more channels than relatives and find new friends through ways other than fellowship. Climbers share moments hanging from the cliff face, workers share videos of themselves climbing telegraph aerials. New families share intimate moments of birth, growing up, achieving things, sickness and then death, they can even organise funerals. This new reality must have created a rise in funeral cremations because people understand the digital footprint leaves memories in the sand for future generations to sniff out.

I wonder then what the Vatican is doing about this. Everybody around the world has dabbled with Italian cuisine, outsourced the right ingredients and focused on the finer details like seasoning to replicate dishes. In the city anywhere in the world we can takeaway exotic dishes from remote areas around the world. Rural remote areas are taking advantage of these finer details by sharing YouTube videos cooking for large families outside in big silver and copper pans. Street food is on the rise, which flattens prices through globalisation. Home deliveries via Apps are creating business for people who didn’t have any. Instagram has helped people in poor areas to reach out culturally by selling little twists on old school recipes. Culturally we have no reason not to know local myths and religious beliefs. The Vatican catholic idea of confession historically documented and hosted all sorts of things, which the online community has embraced. The popular religions come first then I gather the smaller indoctrination’s will come later. We can already speak into a device which immediately translates what we have just said. There are choices of accents. When we receive calls there is no surprise there when a foreign accent comes through. There are several immutable laws they use to bug you which you can block cold calls like them via OffCom. To make your space sacred you may need control of the elements.

The first rule of thumb depends on the activities you engage in. A camera cannot capture the amount of alcohol you consumed on that day. The office party still remains that sacred place where CEO’s, Managers and Philanthropists’ can gather there data. In such a sacred space which puts bread on the table they must examine your every move and gesture. Through this space with the addition of all the various recording devices a boss can have you shut down in the blink of an eyelid. My point is nothing is sacred anymore, even your home is target for similar shenanigans. As we move into the age of toilet politics, square paper rations and the effects on the backs of men sharing bathtubs with daddy. When you do manage to look over your shoulder you should see less on the back than what you can reach in the front. The rise of electrolysis and films paying homage to the horror flicks of mid twentieth century in the shower. Nothing is sacred anymore; even your mother’s underwear could lead to various consequences. The Vatican like the internet loves to see a bit of dirt on the shoe, it makes them feel better, which helps them invest more in the second hand objects. So to be a human temple we need to see a pan-optical view of you. And as many of you may have been born out of wedlock there are others with deeper issues that prevent them embracing big brother. The world before internet was a sickening place according the victims trapped behind locked doors. Its these people who I speak too, saying everything will be ok. No one cares about you enough to judge the wrong that may have happened to you. Without rich media evidence neither should you. The Internet then promotes doubt which brings an even bigger question on what is real and hyper real. Was it a real experience or just a deeper neurolinguistics plant put in your sacred spaces window? This type of information is gathered to create a picture of your family tree as the search continues for the perfect cells. What is it that lies beneath it all, so let’s prize of nails and then crowbar of kneecaps in a tit for tat fashion.


making spaces hallowedground

When we say we see the light is this because we want to appear more focused. Which implies that we are still searching for something? Hopping around religions and flower beds looking for new experiences. Tarred with the same feathers from a sacred pillow, hidden beneath the outside drains; clowns collecting twenty peas for god knows what. Nothing is sacred outside and in the mind when you see it you will articulate its place through art, creativity, mixed media and teaching experience. And on television again is Terry Wogan with special guest David Icke. David meet Terry and if this goes well you can have a fireside chat with Graham Norton. Point being if your sacred space is a studio it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing pictures of all your mates naked stroking reptiles.


Welcome in August and Thank You ReaderS…

Robert BridgeWebsites are getting more popular by the minute, it is a great way to discover films that you may not have found usually via YouTube.

Movies are a great way to transcribe what has been said to then transform for writing.

You can make nice banner image templates and add the text on top and share on Facebook.

This tip alone will make you seem really smart.

Although its also nice to mix it up a bit.

August marks the centre point of summer holidays and soon the leaves will start falling of the trees and the blackberries in the bushes.

When making helpful videos its good to understand your tonality, intonation and the difference between the two.

Getting these right can really help you win and sustain friends through conversations you might have throughout the day.

This entry demystifies a few of these things and I go into a little bit more details about what I have learned this week, observations I have made from the readings this week and things I have done which answer a lot of stuff.

Some people say they do not like your tone of voice, this is tonality. Using the correct volume when speaking can really help and I will explain a little bit more very briefly but it is going to help you a lot.

Intonation is measured by the use of verbiage and the spaces and speeds in which you deliver these and again I will go into helpful tips that will skyrocket your communication skills when engaging with other people.

It is always good to get some method into your day and its not often we stumble across things as helpful as these that I mention today.

These things are good for your image and will also boost your confidence. Do you often scratch your chin thinking how do they do what they do?

Facebook is one of those places where engagement happens or it does not, just depends and if you have a few creative options that your friends can also use then all the better, word gets around fast on Facebook.

Having your favourite conversation phrases added on an image of you you can mix it up, change the background colour or font types and colours too.


Its easy to lose focus of what people are saying so imagine how hard it is when your day becomes interupted by people on a completely different page wanting you to mirror back similar vibrations.

You can do this slowly or SSlowly pondering on the s letter or match the speed in which everything is being said.

You can ease your way into the conversation by blending it in with what has just been said by choosing certain similar words and slowly add new terminology related to the new more recent pleasantries.

This is the intonation and being aware of such things when in communications with mates, people at work and spouses you can learn a lot from how people respond differently, more positively to what you just been saying.

Practise makes perfect. And no conversation has ever been said to be gone in vein.


Tonality is a bit different, for example. Its so easy when you use aphorisms that you use in the your daily conversations its easy to slip into saying the phrase in conversations at the drop of a hat at a volume that seems unusual in the explanations and reactions.

Reactions especially are what people are so used to trying to tease out of people.

The reactions are what give satisfaction to people who spend all day talking.

Some people like the sound of their own voice or they have something to say to everyone they meet because they think strongly about their own understanding.

This can be a bit stifling depending on your circumstances.

Once you become aware of these things you notice things differently. If you like me have never been to bothered and end up listening to people all day everyday then these thoughts will really help you shape your own preferences.

Dependant of course on your own priorities because lets face it folks we are all different.

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