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Understanding Media Texts Enriches The Mind More

Having spent a few years reading about Media Studies theory I say “Understanding Media Texts Enriches The Mind More”. The industry arrives everywhere urban and rural, advertising industry contributes to a lot of this. Some people say the adverts are more entertaining that the main event…

Advertising companies like to get messages across in the most comfortable way and often the messages needed by clients is subliminal. As much as the ad agency wants to impress the client(s) they understand the entertainment factor. Everyone is looking for seasonal as well as original. As the participator this code is not easy to understand. Media Theory a system drawn together from Cultural Studies has cleverly outlined ciphers to elaborate on various ads from text of say a magazine, sound or sound bites from radio channels and visual from big screen to indoors mounted on the wall or snuggled in the pocket.

Understanding Media

When you spend as much time as me reading, watching movies and listening to the wireless I think it is good to understand, especially since I spend so much time with it all. I feel I have a good understanding of media thanks to these new tools taught in this field. Practically by speaking to other people and organisations this understanding is deepening. Theoretically it has been a mine field. Connecting the dots without guidance has been difficult to achieve high grades in, however the freedom it has given in my writing as well as time spent immersed in media in all forms makes me well pleased.

Understanding Media Texts Enriches The Mind More

I am able to choose without unknown influences and able to tolerate cheesy repetitive media texts. The hesitation happens through understanding theory of it all and helps distinguish between potential audiences and the ads target people. The mind is able to create a discursive pattern from the intelligence gathered. Equally I have skills to filter out false information before publishing, as well as publish in various formats which followers like.

Media Texts

Fonts, colours, frames, Johnson boxes, photos, videos, testimonies, soap bar slogans, etc, all come into the frey. Sometimes a sequence of these is the formula used to persuade and over deliver before initial sales. Media sales is generally processed within the advertising industry and deployment happens in slices.

The first bite of the apple is finding a place to advertise. The ads are run through negotiations. The online website, tv station, sports stadium or magazine want to know if the ads you run are a good fit. This helps them know that you will get a return on investment and gives you the advertiser or broker an idea of the criteria. A well tuned banner can make the difference between a good and bad apple. You choose the colours, pictures and wacky arrows. Getting this right is the difference between Jonny Appleseed and Robin the Hooded man.

Understanding Media Texts Enriches The Mind More

The mind is a complicated topic, filled with bias and all kinds of inflexions. You need to filter out any of this because people atuned within the community you choose your placement will see it and laugh or be confused or worse still subconsciously offended. You do not want to wave a red flag to a bull. It may sound clíche but a lot of people overlook this, especially online where commenters troll the internet. There is a fine line between a troll and a potential client. The easiest way to overcome this is by adding a photographic icon that readers or viewers will recognise. After a few placements you will feel like Roger Moore after a few Gin and Tonics.

Understanding Media Texts Enriches The Mind

A sobering topic but understanding media really does enrich those parts of the brain of methods cannot do. You know that, I know that, but do they know that? Sometimes the answer is just staring you in the face. The viewers may remember Telle Savalas but struggle when it comes to Gareth Hunt. It has nothing to do with the haircut or anything to do with any roles they have played in the past.

The demographics and basic local knowledge of language makes all the difference. There are many myths audiences understand, it’s up to you to build the stories and expand upon the narrative and not get lost in it like I can do, we all can do it really.

Everyday we all have to clean out the trash before taking that big step out into the wide world of the web or high street. Understand the consumer pledge and you can be the master of your own habits. Consuming is not just about someone elses story, yet that feeling of owning a persona can really elevate your precence as you step into the arena. Everyday people fight the same battles and to win or be in the top 80% all you have to do is blend in. As you know as Christmas closes in there will always be 20% of people turned away because there is nothing left. This sort of stupidity can divorce you from joy and even lead to loss of access. If you want your children to accept and recieve these gifts, you first have to fullfill your side of the bargain. This doesn’t mean you can make up with it by distributing turkeys from the back of a wagon. Not everyone has the resources on tap or the press of a button. Equally not everyone will embrace handouts. Media comes in various formats and my point is there is always some sort of hook to hang your produce in front of passive or engaged audiences. All you need to do is filter them of the high street into the store and keep them engaged till at some point your so full you have to bolt the door till some sales take place.

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