August Update 20

Media Marketing Communications.

Welcome. My name is Robert Bridge and this is an August Update for 2020. This year I have been hunkering down like most people around the world. This is just a leisurely update on my movements. Most of which has been spent compiling Spotify Playlists over on Spotify and sharing a cooking diary over on… Continue reading August Update 20

Joining June Midsummer Celebrations

2020 is the year of the rat, I was born on year of rat. Is been an interesting year, nothing bad has happened. So far so good. Is been a challenging year though. Virus lockdown, Brexit blues, loss of loved ones, difficulties in the kitchen, bathroom and supermarkets. All sorts of stuff is happening. Music… Continue reading Joining June Midsummer Celebrations

Interesting ways to share on Social Media #mmc #robertbridge

Thanks for visiting Media Marketing Communications. My name is Robert Bridge, I live in North London, network on and offline and share helpful information about media, technology and communications. Social media communications requires in all honesty a can do approach. If you think you can then you probably will. Already many social media speakers with… Continue reading Interesting ways to share on Social Media #mmc #robertbridge

Media Mediums that contribute to Popular Mass Culture

Arranging lives. Organisational skills. Software to help us get organised. Finding the hip (current) media to do stuff in an attempt to stay with it, evolve, be less primitive. Finding the right way to engage a dialogue between peers. Participating in an proper way. If you want to get noticed you have a choice of… Continue reading Media Mediums that contribute to Popular Mass Culture

The Titan of Television

The Titan of Television The studio was grey and the people who worked there worked well as a unit. At home the family sat glued to the television waiting for their show. An outside electronic shop has the same channel on and a window shopper is waiting for the show to start. The cue starts… Continue reading The Titan of Television

Monitoring Media

Monitoring media by Robert Bridge. How to monitor media in cities to improve communications via mobile devices.

Thinking you can help and exercising your ability to help

Thinking you can help is one thing but actually thinking and exercising this ability is another and as you will find out can have a big strain on the brain. Other peoples stuff it seems is all around us, your perception to understand thoughts and feelings is one thing. Whilst being able to help other… Continue reading Thinking you can help and exercising your ability to help