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August Update 20

Welcome. My name is Robert Bridge and this is an August Update for 2020. This year I have been hunkering down like most people around the world. This is just a leisurely update on my movements. Most of which has been spent compiling Spotify Playlists over on Spotify and sharing a cooking diary over on Instagram. This is what I currently use most on Social Media. I also send the odd tweet on Twitter. So let me begin, like I say is nothing to serious.

Corona-19 meant I have changed the way I do things a lot, is changed for a lot of people. Masks have become very fashionable. It seems the virus blows about in the air and in the shops. So we are advised to wear them when shopping, Tom Hanks even suggested drivers should wear in cars. Some people with various medical conditions have been advised to not wear them in certain settings becuase wearing a mask can effect some peoples breathing. Mostly though, people are wearing them, some even show them on Social Media like others do with Christmas hats at Christmas.

Another shift has been one about racial awareness within the police force and in general with activists and protesters. This is happening here in London, Europe and the rest of the world, mainly USA where all the troubles started. It started with a I Can’t Breath hashtag, then moved into lives matter trends, blackouts of blank images on Instagram and other places.

Last week on Twitter many Jews took 48 hours away from social media for something somebody said on Twitter. Also an influential caused a bit of a storm about things he said on Twitter making people back away from social platforms, I think that was Wiley a rapper from UK.

A few days ago Lebanon had another explosion which shook the world because of additional near by compost and some fireworks. Lots of people were injured, near by buildings destroyed and the explosion was very powerful explosion. Some even compared it to Nagasaki explosion that happened a while back.

So with all the excuses for not updating for few months I will get update you on what has been happening personally…

I have learned a few new skills, been practising digital imaging and enjoying all the new apps for mobile phones which assist me in my en-devours. I just been taking it easy though, social distancing and walking the dog.

The great thing about living in London is and I think is the same for everybody around the world. Your local area is cool. Everybody by now should know every local nook and cranny. Public transport requires like shops, masks so the numbers travelling have dwindled. I noticed this week on Twitter a new form of advertising coming down the pipe. A more immersive and evasive approach that monitors facial patterns to certain digital ads on the underground. It is supposed to help advertisers tweek their ads. If people like the ads I imagine they will smile and I imagine over time these positive reactions (or negative) will wane as time goes by.

For WordPress optimization I am recommending the Google Kit plugin. It helps plug in to the new Google optimization tool kit available now. I would say now it has been updated and tried, tested and ironed out previous security issues is a mandatory plugin for your WordPress website, optimising speed load, search engine (Google) visibility and correct mobile phone compression. You’ll learn a lot, is REAL easy to use, push button software and works right out the box. All you need is a Gmail account. It also sets up a little bit of analytics which will give you a better idea of visitors, this includes pay per click, re-targeting and other paid methods of promoting website if that is what you need to do.

With spending more time in the house I thought it productive to read a book on Feng Shui. I still reading and learning stuff to brighten my home. Today for example I moved by bed and re positioned this laptop I am typing away on. The floors clean, bought some more air fresheners, fly spray and I good to go. Two friends visited me to day so I feeling good about life. I would like to help more people.

This month I finally made a Jimdo website. That is cool becuase it only takes five minutes to make. The only have one template and the moment called The Dolphin template which is cool. They provide the copy, have loads of free images and you can upload your own.

I also set up LinkTree which is cool place to add hyperlinks to various places. At the time of doing the Black Lives Matter link was trending so I added that, is an optional pop up at the bottom that they recommending. Perhaps they offer other more trending supportive future topics. I will hopefully keep my eyes peeled. Again is free and very popular on Instagram, so I also added it to Twitter profile (Like we do).

My cooking skills have been improving. Cooking is becoming so much easier thanks to social media. You have all the top cooks spilling their guts with top tips on Social sites including the usual places like YouTube and Facebook. Though they also sprouting up on TikTok. Is funny I seen one yesterday of Gordon Ramsey giving feedback on someone else’s shared TikTok catering short video. As you can imagine it was very entertaining. Our cooking only can improve with feedback.

I am optimistic about this year even though there is so much real risk of deprecation. From climate change to the PPE scandal. I just want to end thanking the NHS and everybody who do good stuff in the medical industry. Also notably all the online marketers for their generosity and time through online Zoom Meetings and other webinar educational tech mediums. As a graduate of Media and indeed Language I am excited again about learning and sharing as we jog along, hopefully with headphones on. Be sure to find me on Spotify, pick a genre that suits you and have a listen please. Also please don’t be shy, if you like to say hello do so, here, social media, DM messaging, YouTube channel, Pinterest, Tumblr even commenting down below. I honestly do not bite. Mutley doesn’t either. Mutley is me dog.


Joining June Midsummer Celebrations

2020 is the year of the rat, I was born on year of rat.

Is been an interesting year, nothing bad has happened.

So far so good. Is been a challenging year though. Virus lockdown, Brexit blues, loss of loved ones, difficulties in the kitchen, bathroom and supermarkets.

All sorts of stuff is happening.

Music has been crucial branch of communications.

techno house 2020 robbwindow Mixcloud

I sure you agree is easy to become silenced. You cannot bottle it up though. Keep doing what you can and we’ve connected now thanks to global VoIP n text communications.

There are new apps I want to tell you about and other bloat wear for computers and mobile phones. Some things to look out for when watching YouTube, new updates on Twitter and all sorts of other video multi share alternatives.

So it begins like this. I am 48 now so bare with me. This year the whole world has been experiencing and monitoring all sorts of stuff.

Most of what I say applies to people already online. With that said I am aware many of you reading have just logged on.

Perhaps you deciding where to go next, which article will help you get from a – b.

Reading two pages is enough for anyone daily so I keep it brief. Be sure to bookmark this site, listen to the music, root around.

Look for links that catch your eye.

Today’s Mix made couple of weeks ago is electronic music again.

Shorter one is more house than techno, hope you enjoy selection and attached artwork.

Most of what I do is simply to show how easy it all is. Art work from selfies or any other photograph is edited on mobile apps from the Google Play store.

The Pixel phones from Google work great because they not limited. Apps although having in-house upgrades are free.

Using a couple of Apps one after the other can easily help make original content. Video editing is good now too, YouTube has some interesting in-house editing, Tumblr, Instagram uses some fancy lens without need for Boomerang which if you know is nice.

Does anyone have a HD card they can recommend which works for Playstore apps.

Also if you know Amazon could you tell them to update their App Store because is getting rather embarrassing for them. They haven’t updated for years.

So fingers crossed, you haven’t caught anything, your hands and feet are clean and you have plenty toiletries and groceries.

Buses require masks so plenty masks too. News daily is still playing even though most of that has eased off.

Everything seems to be ok, everyone better now. The cities opening up again along with pubs and other churches.

Like the economy your mental health will be due a stimulus. Again cool because you deserve to have a fully charged scooter.

The hospital’s have done a good job and the NHS is like Parliament still intact and many companies are happier having you at home.

Is cheaper and your not bunging up their toilets with lavatory paper.

If I had a company I would start there. Paper coaching, one square at a time please. No leaving junk in the cubicles.

Again this virus has made people rethink the way they go about seducing everyone.

Couples at home must feel extra loyal and outside or in the office less people are caught photocopying each other.

Is just nice, although it will cost a bit to get everything back on track. The good news is most of you have caught up on the new genre’s out there of music.

I do get bored easily so I wrap this up. The Apps for monitoring if somebody you know has a virus in your vicinity originates from dating apps. So be mindful of what settings you allow on mobile apps.

Walking past people can not only predict if you can catch virus, but also gives classified love n travel column’s a wider scope.

An app that providers a way of finding out who caught you eye on the Tube 20 minutes ago, stuff like that.

Cold calling for surveys when you pass by certain barriers.

Face recognition and finger print identity used to tell how happy you after this experimental lockdown.

Equally power is another topic, wireless power, wireless chargers and new microwave type frequencies.

We’ve all been reunited with meditation and as much as nice music is great the silence outside we have enjoyed is about to change.

These sorts of disruptions can form all sorts of ripples. So get excited about it, let’s see where it ends up.

I remain optimistic and look forward to doing something too. Enjoy!


Interesting ways to share on Social Media #mmc #robertbridge

Robert Bridge Esq
Hi my name is Robert Bridge welcome to my website.

Thanks for visiting Media Marketing Communications. My name is Robert Bridge, I live in North London, network on and offline and share helpful information about media, technology and communications.

Social media communications requires in all honesty a can do approach. If you think you can then you probably will. Already many social media speakers with high online ROI numbers are sharing in ways that you can try and adapt yourself. New platforms are always popping up but same principle’s apply. Networking is something unique to all. Often your objectives are clouded by the platform objectives these popular social media sites have in order to monetise business model. Finding an in between balance, supporting as spending brands and narrowing your knowledable focus equally could help springboard your endeavours.


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Media Mediums that contribute to Popular Mass Culture

writing stories
Arranging lives. Organisational skills. Software to help us get organised. Finding the hip (current) media to do stuff in an attempt to stay with it, evolve, be less primitive.
Finding the right way to engage a dialogue between peers. Participating in an proper way. If you want to get noticed you have a choice of media. If you have a nice voice you may want to communicate over the phone, call into a radio show to ask and answer questions or leave a recorded message or conversation for people to refer too. In the music industry you could record a song accompanied by some music, you may have made, acquired through open source, made with software or purchased from popular outlets to acquire a legal license.
Leather illuminatiAge of participation from audience has broadened. Any age with the help of mixed media can be intelligent enough to be accepted in Entertainment, business and give to conversations. Children from an early age have an advantage of learning at a time in their lives where they can master media, it should be encouraged, it may also make older academic people intimidated but it is not something to worry about.
Robert Bridge Media
Even stories can be written by younger writers. spellchecker are amazing. Narratives of classic books have due to time become open source, this provides templates for anyone to experiment with, replicate and structure effective styles of writing. Criticism is quick thanks to the Internet. More people online reading, means more chance of getting practical feedback. The effects of this means more junk online as more and more people develop. The footprint of everything recently have led to job losses from criticisms of earlier social media blurbs. Micro sites like Twitter are easy enough to flush but people forget to drop. You can use tools to watch social media for anything negatively explicit.
media marketing does this really well. It also gives step by step instructions in what to do and how to engage on social media and websites. Once you understand these once thought common sense rules you can regulate yourself easier online. Think of it like a game, understand the rules and you will avoid any sudden or lasting effects. If you are writing about personal issues and reactions throughout the day try using a paper and pen than something digital. With touch screen the temptation is to apply handwriting to digital formats. Equally pictures can be drawn and easily published online. Two things come to mind that you may want to keep tabs on is Branding and copyright. Think do you want your ideas copied and used in films, television, theatre to explain the time we live in and not have to be credited. Art is a gift. If you think a gift like an image or a painting is worth something then do not upload to free social media sites without adding water margins, or hyperlinks to sites that may sell your wares.
understanding mediaThe argument is on Social Media is that unless you get likes or comments no one is actually listening. This encourages people to share more of their own intellectual property. Security of art is extended outside the safety of the home under lock and key. Western man has had warmth from buildings with keys to lock themselves in. Cameras inside add to security as well as give agencies the ability to monitor people. Drones and smaller insect cameras mean easier surveillance. So the balance of avoiding media and engaging in media comes closer together.
websiteThe workplace has changed. This confuses people. Old jobs seem obsolete and current jobs are difficult to prove. Some people can accept and embrace, others still struggle to adapt. The incarnate nature of the situation has some relative effects we can see in an unusual amount of people, men, women, and other free thinking creatures. Whales and dolphins are being found washed up on shore. The effects of modernity and using disposable plastics has effects on the eco system. The chaos effect talks about this. A flap of wings in one place causes hurricanes on the other side of the planet. Intuition and global consciousness of this is another reason to bring up. Information moves faster, information becomes repetitive and dulls the senses. Exposure to violence and warfare from history and media has not helped. The argument there is that we have become thick-skinned. One joke from yesterdays news is enough for us to continue on with our ‘busy’ lives. Trouble makers have more competition in being original and creative. Bad leaders can easily get the help to fast track a country to ruin. So a belief in sure things like popular algorithms lead to ruin when the tide turns.
robert bridge mobile media


The Titan of Television

The Titan of Television

The studio was grey and the people who worked there worked well as a unit.

At home the family sat glued to the television waiting for their show.

An outside electronic shop has the same channel on and a window shopper is waiting for the show to start.

The cue starts with a board “and ten seconds, ten, nine, eight…” and “go, action, you’re now live”. As this happens a shuffling of papers always occurs at the studios news desk and behind the scenes everyone has headphones on staring at many monitors.

Hi my names John Smith and my names Jane Jones, we are your hosts for the evening, welcome to the 5 oclock news.

“He looks smart today” mother says to son on the sofa playing with lego bricks. “Is daddy”. He always said that when mom said that.

The guy outside on the high street stared at the television as passers by went from a – b. Obviously he cannot hear but seemed entranced by the show. Perhaps he knew them or something.

There is something about live television and having your body broadcast out through the lens, through the wires and out to televisions and computers, able to pick up live broadcasts. Always been his goal to be on television and had been doing it ever since. They called him the Titan of Television because of his experience.

John loved Jane but he loved his wife more and so did Jane, love her husband that is. Together they made a good team. They were like birds of feather and for years and years managed to stick together. They were’nt having sex together despite the tabloid romours, they were just good friends and colleagues. They had a plan before broadcasting what they would wear. Colour was a key social lubricant in their relationship.

The studio was just one part of the show. John would often go outside the studio or further afield. Sometimes Jane would come out with him or go out with the rest of the team. The crew were very tight and they all had each others telephone numbers. Neither of them were afraid to get their hands dirty which always played a vital part of the shows successful chemistry.

It was not always like this, the media had a frenzy when the show first aired on television. Jane was very pretty yet professional and John very smartly dressed at all times. He just looked the part for the show. Both spoke very well and when the telepromter halted they kept on talking filling in the gaps. The shows producer was well pleased. The ratings were high and millions of people regularly tuned in to see the show.

They both have silly conversations on Twitter about the news and banter with the viewers who love to converse there. John would get home and enter the door with phone in hand typing on Twitter. When he saw his son he would put the phone back in his pocket and share some words of wisdom with him. Everyone was proud of John. The job brought in enough cash to pay the bills and nice holidays three times a year.


On YouTube the show was very popular. They would add the bloopers behind the scenes and introduce the team. Without the team none of this would be possible. The Instagram accounts all had pictures of them sharing new equipment, locations they report from and action shots.

The show had one of those news tickers with all the news as it came in from around the world. The agency was the go to place for stories to leak. A lot of people liked John and trusted his team. Basically behind the scenes someone’s phone was always ringing. John liked it like that, his background was in electronics, Jane’s family are all well versed in playing musical instruments. Which is perhaps where she developed those angelic tones.

They both over the years of broadcasting learned a lot about emotional stability. They were both very objective in the way they went about their journalism. The sources they had worked well and the company reputation was good. The owner of the company is from this country and loves his people but rules the company with an iron bar. If staff don’t pull their weight they are down the road. The owner often popped into the studio to see everything was running smoothly. In his office on the wall is a massive wide screen television.

He loved keeping an eye on things and liked his guests to concerntrate on the live show with John and Jane. With them he was well pleased. Seeing them always made him smile. They reminded him of himself when starting out; confident, articulate and driven. The boss had been working in media from an early age. Started out as a tea boy and worked his way up the ranks. Starting his own company was a natural progression of just turning up everyday, being reliable, listening and mucking in.

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Monitoring Media

Monitoring Media

Joel Roberts media monitoring
Joel Roberts was Tony Robbins media monitor

I have book this post into five stages. Five angles for you to consider. Whatever media monitoring you are in to or hoping to get into this is really going to help.

Hi my name is Robert Bridge and I have been monitoring media for years. Mostly online however yeas ago I did like most of us read newspapers to keep up to date.

A museum on the Isle of Man had a historical media exhibition about 13 years ago.

They had old horse trams with ads on the side and on the walls had framed pictures with newspaper clippings.

One of them mentioned what happens when society has a media blackout.

Imagine no news!

The effects on the people was one of anger and dissension so they brought back the news and people became happy again.

This suggests without media citizens experience a sense of loss.

Papers provided things for people to talk about. Many of you are having conversations about social media news. There lies the different roles of media.

How do media companies keep up with all this and more importantly what can we learn to improve monitoring media ourselves? This is what I want to talk about today.

Monitoring Media

News happens everyday and like any business the speed of implementation is vital. Tuning into good sources and go to media companies helps you be a forefront of information. On social media we now have Facebook News. Facebook breaking news is often a few hours behind Twitter news. Both happen in real time so unlike newspapers there is no waiting time for publication.

Globally news becomes irrelevant in many cases, hence the reason for finding news locally. Highlighting crucial obstacles your local city faces is one way to explain what is happening to a larger audience. Ranking locally for information long term is a lot easier than ranking in search engines with websites. Similarly videos and web 2.0 posts are real time and only rank currently. Locally this sort of news maybe archived for researchers in the future to find and draw data from.

Real time media celebrate broadsheet media, share videos from mainstream news videos hosted by well known journalists.

Twitter is often quicker to pick up on events and natural disasters than Facebook. Facebook logarithm depends on the strength of pages and profile accounts followers re-sharing the news.

Trending news is also in danger of being selected by these companies. Google News is a great example of the ramifications of media election globally and locally. There is room for improvement.

Many mobile Apps build allegiance and strengthen the chance of trending on Facebook. Google trends tried to utilise Google plus to utilise trending news.

Google has always provided Google News which has greatly improved. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can very easily go through all the tabloid headlines from newspapers from around the globe.

Monitoring Media

Community news although generally global online can be localised and specific to cities. Having more people join has to be mobilised since 60% more people access into through posh mobile phones.

Forums are a simple way of accessing this sort of sharing. Getting people to join requires solid invite portals. One way maybe to create an App out of a Forum. If anyone knows how this is done please share you thoughts below.

The main purpose for city media is about whats on. This is reporting media before it happens.

Tom Cruise did this in the film Minority Report. A great pun on the importance of announcing events before they happen.

The more options people have now has changed the events people attend.

Previous MTV media was all about location. Musicians during the wave moved to Los Angeles to ensure they got video broadcasts on there pop music. A good source of how this worked is included in the Outsource Live book by Daven Micheals (Watch video below to hear Daven explain Melrose place location advantages during the Eighties. Recorded 4 years ago in a hotel near Heathrow Airport).

Now musicians have a chance in any city to get people to attend.

News stations are aware of this. So entering your event to sites these mainstream media companies monitors should help.

Having a clear message about who your audience are really helps. Getting information out there as quick as possible requires a team of people sharing and resharing each others news.

Monitoring Media

Clarity in topics of media could once be gathered by going through articles written by writers. Ezines articles is one example I have tried and people still trust. When writing there is gives you examples of the topic you want to write about that has not yet been covered on that site. A site populated by experienced writers who want people reading and reshaping and quoting articles.

Citations is a great way of building media trust. Using trusted media outlets however overtime can create characterisation related to the bias of the media from how the majority see the paper.

People lose trust in media when they do not report events that happen. Protesters and activists are a great way of understanding this. They often want to be on telly striking and send out Press Releases in order to make sure this happens.

When is doesn’t happen the message spreads on social media and paints the media outlet in a new light. Often supported by class distinction to prop up the media bias message they want people to understand.

The balance of the scales in your local city comes from a global consciousness. This is why American protesting can be reproduced like ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire’ TV show repackaging to media companies who buy the format to distribute in their own language incorporating their own important cultural tweaks.

This helps everybody track media messages. This helps prop up genius, good music, interesting news, better health and improved services outside of the cities.

Monitoring Media

monitoring media
Monitoring Media Mind Map by Robert Bridge

This article requires further editing. I have added a MindMap that I sketched this morning. The mind map works on the premise of the how. How has the media previously done things. Bouncing between old and new ways of using media is a nostalgic way of delivering news and popping up journalists oath of media objectivity.


Building Media Trust Through Good Communications And Marketing Strategies

The media industry employs opinion and analysis to constantly evolve. The main concern to look out for from the audience is trust. Without trust the media is stuffed.

The strategy these past few years is customer service. Now they are more interested in overall branding and gaining new clients.

Clients can be readers, listeners, viewers, guests, musicians: bands DJ solo artists, actors or presenters, service representatives, CEO of other media conglomerate companies and various politicians from around the world.

Trust is lost when companies decide to employ new measures on Social Media. Previously short snippets of what a post is was a model that worked. The abuse seems to be click bait. This is when media companies use marketing hooks to make people click and read. Many websites use these posts to make money. The ads supporting these flimsy posts is the main reason why readers, listeners and viewers lose trust.

The new media is always creating new ways of consuming media. Tests are done with regulars to stretch their loyalty. As the metrics from social economics changes so the need for questions though polls happen. If enough of the media companies trusted followers respond they ask them questions about how much are they willing to pay for an ad free service.

Trust already exists with outstanding clients who have supported media agency companies through; the good times and the bad times. Companies with big budgets have an interest in media with an active audience and responsive database.

Third party advertising agencies have suffered from challenging ad blockers. Facebook this week again has adapted to avoid many of these browsing blockers. Facebook is not the only one trying to adapt. Both Google and Bing must be experiencing similar hiccups.

By asking the right questions and employing good media marketing communications skills across the board these problems are quickly sorted out.

Briefing outside the board room to global representatives is the challenge. Online webinars are great of briefing these people in different time zones because the internal message can be distributed and recorded. During communications between managers and employees anything goes wrong in can leave a mess.

Reputation management is the last resort. When complaints from inside the apple cart rumors online can spread like wildfire.

The main way of combating these things is pushing the posts down in search, disavowing posts through contacting the search engines (this can takes three months) , or contacting websites or web 2.0 properties directly.

You’ll then have to try to convince them you have legal representatives and collectors out there to make life difficult for people.

This is why employees are tracked by location on mobile devices and made to sign wafers and adhere to company manifestos. The pressure alone depends upon good leaders who can communicate any new urgent update to the rest of the people in this area from the global network. Good communication skills again really help and fast and practical learning of any new tools that come out to make life easier for you depending on what industry you are in.

Market research online is limited. Bigger companies have the budget to pay for software which cost hundreds of pounds a month. They use at least for of these so unless you have a large team of market researchers around the world it is well out of range for your budget.

The good news is there are websites which gather a lot of this data and for free give enough information everyday for a certain amount of queries. Similarly academic information is available through back doors of academic essays and statistical data. Often this data although three years out of date is relevant in some way to various organisations.

The agencies reputation can be spoiled when one ‘bad apple’ goes public with information. A good example of this is Eddie Snowden who worked for an ad agency in Virginia who were spying on peoples emails.

We know how important these sort of leaks can be by looking at the current political situation. Leaked info about email blast campaigns from top female American politicians take heat for inside agencies strategies.

The companies advisers are always changing suit or helping other organisations. This has filtered down the trust ability factor. As a consequence more and more websites this September 2016 will have to adopt https instead of basic http. PayPal has had to change its terms and conditions. I guessing this might be why the media is making such a song and dance about political statements.

They should always ask themselves what can they do as an organisation to own the problem and resolve the issue as soon as possible.


Back End Stuff And Other Updates

There are many things to do behind the scenes of a website. Many hosting companies do a lot of the juggling of this stuff to ensure your website is visible. I have read many posts of bloggers sharing their experience of hosting providers like RackSpace and WordPress Premium.

If this is you a lot of what I talk about in the first few paragraphs will mean nothing. Many of you are more interested in hosting Apps out there so again this might not apply to you.

This month I have managed to automate updates of most of the 22 plugins I am now using. There was a day when technical website advisors recommended only a handful of plugins. I took this advice using only 7 plugins. Many of the updates on plugins are almost updating daily or weekly and I explain how much of this is now done automatically and how you can do the same if you like. This means connecting to a WordPressDotCom account and the use of the trusted JetPack WordPress plugin (find out more below).

The great thing about being on a white knuckle server is it is only you being hosted on that particular station. With shared hosting you are sharing with sometimes thousands of other websites. The cost is a lot cheaper but comes at a price, especially if like most of us you are using a heap of plugins. Equally the WordPress Framework needs updating.

You may also have a Plesk account which is great for backend analytics, it creates a page for you to login to your Plesk site. Depending on your hosting if you want to move to a different provider more local to where you are based a backup is needed and a little knowledge of how to transfer the site.

This site is hosted in Ohio (E commerce Capital). I was offered an IT course there about five years ago. We have similar companies here teaching similar things from registered Microsoft approved colleges. Looks fun if your needing to learn about computers, databases, Excel, Forms and Entourage management.

Socrates 4.0
Paid Ad

The tutors are very young and have proved themselves in particular industries or done stuff for themselves. For me any education local is the best bet. BE warned though a lot of these student loan companies charge the earth in interest. I just got this years interest of £446. And it’s been like that for six years since graduation. They tell you its interest free but its not. They are just another loan shark company making a living out interest in Scotland.

So… there are many WordPress Plugin primers to get you going and hopefully you already have chosen your dream-host. There are at least 5 WordPress plugins you must use to ensure your site is visible in search, loads quickly and the pictures load quick enough. Also if you need to get more technical you can easily make your original WordPress Theme into a Child Theme. You can do this manually or the easier way is use you guessed it a plugin. Its great being in the one click world right? The advantage with pulling in your original theme and editing via the child theme means any updates to the original will not be lost when the original designer updates the theme.

We it’s not always that simple. Even with all the automations I have discovered when I login or try and load site there are always glitches. Often this is from spammers and hackers doing various things. Things like loading media image pages thousands of times putting a strain on the server. Linking to your site from silly web 2.0 properties often forums from spammy sites that come with spammy SEO software.

money relationships adviceComments come in and in the settings you will see (if you have allowed it) loads of Yahoo, Hotmail, GMX and naughty domain named emails join your database. You can still allow this but by disconnecting the tables where new members accounts show within your sitemap will prevent wasted journeys of Google Robots as they visit your site wondering whats going on.

Anyway, lets talk about the automated updates of plugins. Years ago Ken (creator Tobri) recommended a paid plugin that updated many plugins on all of your websites. In 2016 we have the priveledge of doing this for free with the integration of the JetPackPlugin and the creation of a WordPressDotCom account. You can update through the interface automatically plugins, and WordPress themes. You will still need to update the framework yourself and sometimes the updates do not execute straight away. But it saves hours of updates.

When you login with an idea for a blog post. By the time you finish updating I found my message became somewhat diluted and confused. I am sure many o you bloggers will be able to understand about the various distractions out there. Please feel free to leave any blurbs on the matter down below.

Yours in Media Marketing Communications Robert Bridge.


Thinking you can help and exercising your ability to help

Thinking you can help is one thing but actually thinking and exercising this ability is another and as you will find out can have a big strain on the brain. Other peoples stuff it seems is all around us, your perception to understand thoughts and feelings is one thing. Whilst being able to help other people as well as your self with practical wants and needs is another. Getting to a position of trust requires a few examples of success. With that in mind I am going to write today about a couple of films that address this topic. I also want to cover the digestion of various things. Food is one but media is another. Everyday another film comes out just as every year universities commission new books and new ways of looking at the current state of the media. This has to be digested and the effects of this I think are showing on people in different ways. This theory is not my own however I have not seen it too many places. Hopefully to many of you this new information will help you and if there is any overload I shall cover myself by offering you a few Alka Seltzer settlers to reduce the bloating (Read on to find out more please).
Why do we try and help other people in the first place, I mean what makes you think you are qualified to do anything?
♠ The landscape has definitely changed and as a consequence more books are being published, new articles on blogs are being made which is making an effect on the media. When I say media I mean the news, films, documentaries, broad sheets, tabloids and niche mags. Like a game of dominoes anyone can play once they know the rules. The media makes it easier for us to consume information. Agree or disagree there are equal effects that none of us can talk about from one place or another of real qualification. That said we all with the confidence instilled with new information have the power to execute new skills. We do not have to access the higher self to do this unless of course we are employed to do this sort of thing. I would like to tell you that the oppurtunity to get involved has increased though I am convinced the red tape that comes with digital qualifications has diminished everyones ability to get involved. Its also easy to see how minds are being swayed by the latest gimmicks. The more you spend in this world of digesting things you will never be able to use yourself which in-turn expands your stomachs: Your belly, your cranium (Lemmings) and well you can imagine where the other influencer is.
We wave around opinions and quick reactions to things without drawing upon what we already know. The world of academia teaches us to stretch it out and make people really earn the right to understand these helpful revelations of writing stories. So now you must help in order to remember and I submit to you that is perhaps why the thought of being qualified enough is a valid thought. The problem seems to be although new information is good its often already been looked at and hardly relevant. Half of the gimmicks we read about now and simply exploring old bodies of text in a new way. So in a way you are under and illusion thinking you are learning something new and doing something in a different way. The energy you expel has to go someway and ways heavy as a stone on these various stomachs. The elasticity of the brain is also being tested.
Who make the best helpers and why do they do what they do if they are not getting paid?
Helping from the heart is different to helping from the stomach. We do not have a choice in the matter. Doctors will tell you that it is not a gift you have but something else. Watch the film with John Travolta in it. In the film a light comes and gives him knowledge. His brain and heart rate increase making him want to help people. The solutions he has work and he shares and helps every Tom, Dick and Harry in the village.
The ones around him (including doctors) are concerned because they can see all this racing around helping other people is sure to send him to an early grave. They even give him a Cat scan to find out what goes where. The film is several years old but I liked it. Its a family film from 2008. Anyway John Travolta does not get paid for helping farmers in the village; helping them to increase their yield of crops a year. Or factories in how to get more done in the day, to giving advice to the barman on how to run his pub.
It sounds silly I know but the reality is some people are blessed. Then there is this idea that everyone has there place and can be relied as such to follow through for years and years with the help and support a winning team needs. This is rarely the case though.
Most of us are so wrapped up in our own commitments its difficult to contribute by throwing out broad nets. Fishing around is not for everyone, most people go for one fish, they use the same bait, are sure of the time and date when best to get a good catch. Selling has always been part of fishmongers or chilled department of supermarkets but there is a chain of events that happen before the fish ends up wrapped in foil and tossed into the cleanly scrubbed oven. The best helpers I think are those who’s interests depend on what needs to be done.
Often something has happened in their lifetime that has cultivated the desire to get involved in this particular team. And when the oppurtunity rears its head they jump onto it like a crocodile does to stalk.
Being paid is not the goal, the goal is watching things chug over smoothly, or the goal might be to see some development that is going to help rather than hinder. A solution rather than a problem. Simple stuff for simple people with time on their sides. Be sure though to exercise properly because everything you eat, every film you watch and every new lecture that fills you up with knowledge is going to weigh heavy on your stomachs.
Thinking and exercising is never a simple process, this is why it is great to have friends you can talk to outside of the team you getting involved with. Confidentiality is important but being able to randomly explore mistakes before they happen is one sure fire way of you making yourself and even better valued member of anything that is set to succeed.