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2020 is the year of the rat, I was born on year of rat.

Is been an interesting year, nothing bad has happened.

So far so good. Is been a challenging year though. Virus lockdown, Brexit blues, loss of loved ones, difficulties in the kitchen, bathroom and supermarkets.

All sorts of stuff is happening.

Music has been crucial branch of communications.

techno house 2020 robbwindow Mixcloud

I sure you agree is easy to become silenced. You cannot bottle it up though. Keep doing what you can and we’ve connected now thanks to global VoIP n text communications.

There are new apps I want to tell you about and other bloat wear for computers and mobile phones. Some things to look out for when watching YouTube, new updates on Twitter and all sorts of other video multi share alternatives.

So it begins like this. I am 48 now so bare with me. This year the whole world has been experiencing and monitoring all sorts of stuff.

Most of what I say applies to people already online. With that said I am aware many of you reading have just logged on.

Perhaps you deciding where to go next, which article will help you get from a – b.

Reading two pages is enough for anyone daily so I keep it brief. Be sure to bookmark this site, listen to the music, root around.

Look for links that catch your eye.

Today’s Mix made couple of weeks ago is electronic music again.

Shorter one is more house than techno, hope you enjoy selection and attached artwork.

Most of what I do is simply to show how easy it all is. Art work from selfies or any other photograph is edited on mobile apps from the Google Play store.

The Pixel phones from Google work great because they not limited. Apps although having in-house upgrades are free.

Using a couple of Apps one after the other can easily help make original content. Video editing is good now too, YouTube has some interesting in-house editing, Tumblr, Instagram uses some fancy lens without need for Boomerang which if you know is nice.

Does anyone have a HD card they can recommend which works for Playstore apps.

Also if you know Amazon could you tell them to update their App Store because is getting rather embarrassing for them. They haven’t updated for years.

So fingers crossed, you haven’t caught anything, your hands and feet are clean and you have plenty toiletries and groceries.

Buses require masks so plenty masks too. News daily is still playing even though most of that has eased off.

Everything seems to be ok, everyone better now. The cities opening up again along with pubs and other churches.

Like the economy your mental health will be due a stimulus. Again cool because you deserve to have a fully charged scooter.

The hospital’s have done a good job and the NHS is like Parliament still intact and many companies are happier having you at home.

Is cheaper and your not bunging up their toilets with lavatory paper.

If I had a company I would start there. Paper coaching, one square at a time please. No leaving junk in the cubicles.

Again this virus has made people rethink the way they go about seducing everyone.

Couples at home must feel extra loyal and outside or in the office less people are caught photocopying each other.

Is just nice, although it will cost a bit to get everything back on track. The good news is most of you have caught up on the new genre’s out there of music.

I do get bored easily so I wrap this up. The Apps for monitoring if somebody you know has a virus in your vicinity originates from dating apps. So be mindful of what settings you allow on mobile apps.

Walking past people can not only predict if you can catch virus, but also gives classified love n travel column’s a wider scope.

An app that providers a way of finding out who caught you eye on the Tube 20 minutes ago, stuff like that.

Cold calling for surveys when you pass by certain barriers.

Face recognition and finger print identity used to tell how happy you after this experimental lockdown.

Equally power is another topic, wireless power, wireless chargers and new microwave type frequencies.

We’ve all been reunited with meditation and as much as nice music is great the silence outside we have enjoyed is about to change.

These sorts of disruptions can form all sorts of ripples. So get excited about it, let’s see where it ends up.

I remain optimistic and look forward to doing something too. Enjoy!


How to find purpose in your life through the food you eat

How to find purpose in your life through the food you eat 1 – Your purpose in life stems from the things you do most, those things that bring happiness and suppress drifting and prevent getting from a – b. The first thought is other people, we direct all sorts of stuff without a single forethought. We consume however often before we have time to digest what it is. It might look good and tastes great but as it goes through the various ways of digestion things change. Living a life of no regrets requires pause and forethought. This is why the digestion process is what winners do well. I do not just mean edible food that goes in the mouth, or what comes out the mouth. We consume through the eyes and ears. Other senses help us navigate around all the slop. We can touch it and watch it fold between our fingers or sniff out something right or wrong. Like snow its so easy to drift. In communications especially in the winter we can be that impressive snow plough that churns through all the rubbish making a path for toboggans to go down. Momento might be your thing, others like to consume certain things on certain days in certain months throughout the year. Others prefer no structure and be random.

find your purpose in movies

How to find purpose in your life through the food you eat 2 – Finding your purpose in life if food is your thing and how to shape it. Food grows in a natural shape that people recognise. In movies we see this in sequels. The film according media texts requires criteria that worked last time. A blockbuster paves the way for years to come. Its so easy for directors reaching for that shiny golden globe object. Some may think these come ten to the dozen. We live in a day and age when locally and globally we have a broad selection of genres. In films we have comedy, thrillers, action and romance. In music we have rock, country, blue grass, house and all sorts of meditative trance. Most of the music we consume is mainstream. Music is a prime example of understanding how you operate. For example if you find yourself going back time and again listening to the same albums they are the albums you want to talk about. When you hold lyrics close to your heart you can invisibly resonate and attract other people with similar sense of purpose. Its so easy to rekindle your sense of purpose when you understand the true fibre providers. Treat the films you watch and the music you listen to like your bowl of morning cereal. Look at it before you eat it and invite in all sorts of reasons and propagate all sorts of gratitude. We acknowledge and ignore. Our own pursuits can be clouded when we come away from that inner voice that guides us. We meditate as prescribed and wipe the daily slate clean. In 2016 we have chance to capture the process. The creation process and the size of the portions. The angles we slice chunks, the direction we direct it to the mouth, the stance we choose when watching and listening. Shake it up a bit, no one became successful staring gormless into a shop window. We can all dress windows but not everyone are delegated these roles that people find themselves drifting into. Consumer stomachs are another topic for another day. However it is important to consider in the back of the mind that everything worth eating is going to have some effect on latest fashions, shapes of phones and other media devices. To the percentages of input and output of messages transmitted via satellite.

How to find purpose in your life through the food you eat 3 – Food isn’t the only thing in life you have to digest. In this paragraph I outline the other forms of food we choose to digest and how to identify this to improve the way you communicate when all you have is low self esteem through a lack of purpose. By keeping busy with what you are passionate about you can free yourself from gathering mistakes. From organic to processed frozen foods one thing that unites us is price. We all have our price that limit us or change our thinking about quality and brands. Its easy to speak to these brands to score brownie points however as we all know its crucial to big up the rising under dogs. We pass all sorts of stuff on and it won’t be long before everyone are all digesting the same stuff at the same time on the same day. We go over and get to practice things whether you like it or not the same day can repeat itself again and again. Just like the film and the music. You open the bare cupboard to find cheap beans or open the cupboard and things fall out. They jump out at you requiring more attention than deserved and distract you from the original thing you were looking for. We are all looking for something and with a sense of purpose you can serve those most needy of whatever it is you have to offer. There are things we need to ease the digestive process some being more advanced and expensive you have to be realistic however here in the UK we are very lucky in that we have most things in shops. The only thing that restricts you is the size of the city or the entrepreneurship skills of your local rural shopkeeper. Then you have the modes of transport to get from a – b. If all you have is two buses a day and a bus is your choice of transport your stuffed. However think yourself grateful some people have to board, fly and fill up the tank to get a few days groceries. The internet provides ways of ordering that hands over all these journeys. I personally advocate your own journey rather than delegating it for someone else to feather dust.

music-iconHow to find purpose in your life through the food you eat 4 – How to start sharing your eclectic meals with the world to gain a sense of purpose in content for 2016. Selfies are big as ever, memes are still gathering chuckles. Mixing and matching text with icons is another form of media. We digest all sorts of pictures and these are often a homage to recent media. TV characters for example can create a series of images, that overlap, flicker and make great gif files. Food arranged in a professional way in a bright positive environment can dictate who you are and who you want to resonate with. Taste can differ. Sometimes you want rich often you just want humble meals. The location can determine this stuff. Most people just want to fit in. Whether its squeezing into those favourite pants or having to get a completely new wardrobe we all want to fit in. If you are in a foreign country you might want to speak a foreign language. The more languages you speak the more things you can beg for. Food makes the best currency try giving someone a packet of crisps out of the multipack or a banana. Its time to make a change, I am sure you already have a place for that. Other foods found on the street are DVDs. I would say avoid these its only adding to the destruction of medias purpose. Easy to eat but difficult to digest then excrete. Another media I do not want to ignore here is text. Typing text messages and flash messages on images via Snapchat or other disposable media is selling yourself short because it serves no long term purpose. However ecologically it makes a lot of sense since a lot of the images and selfies are elite only to the circles you roll in. The fact is we have to eat but a small twist in what we like and the amount of grub we can consume can determine how far we can move that day.

find your purpose with foodHow to find purpose in your life through the food you eat 5 – How to let go and easily digest the latest media. How recommending and being honest about bad content can help. And the dangers of being a critic. In the world of communications there are lot of heads and not enough chefs. Like all good kebabs its time to wrap this up. We all like breaking bread together saying conversations go a long way and have a greater staying power. If you are seen constantly blowing your own trumpet with out the support of a steel band your tunes will be drowned out in the movement, hussle and bussle of the people. People talk and in a few seconds they make a judgement. The introduction in 2016 is easily going to seem convoluted along with the conclusion. Sometimes the best you can do is just be you. The habits that you are forming in light of this this self and group purpose I hope will really help. If you think it might help, or help one of your mates please share to these places.