Summertime UK Time Updates Announcements Breaking The Silence

Hi, my name’s Robert Bridge. Is 2021, we’re in the middle of the Summertime here in the UK. In today’s long overdue entry there are a few announcements to make, various updates, nothing too serious. Thanks for reading.

Is been warm, Summertime is nice in the UK, yes the weather has always been unpredictable compared to say Iceland or the Sahara. We have an ice hotel completed in London central, Leicester Square and tourists going local visiting the British Riviera.

We are seeing online secret hotspots around Europe too, reminding us that we are not alone in travel restrictions.

I seen a lovely beach in Eastern block for example the other day on Instagram, really sunny, 100’s of people crammed on the beaches, swimming in the ocean and paragliding in the skies.

It looked really exciting, made me proud of these people capturing all this fun on camera.

Social isolation has for some been the new normal for 16 month’s or more, recommendation’s are now changing and less conflicting messages broadcast on mainstream news.

For many these new rules did not apply.

My point is there is always a way around things, just depends on what you personally believe, who your peers are that you seek to comfort and of course your resource’s available.

Be it relationship’s, work privilege, diplomatic immunity or just lucky in being the right place, at the right time, spur of the moment kind of accuracy.

Me I still very similar to how it was before. Having a roof over your head helps especially in a stable environment where food is on shelves and parks are still open. Happy days.

The future Jumanji is interesting. The Hunger Games interest’s me too and The Purge.

It is on like Donkey Kong as been mentioned, easily traceable in local news and something to be mindful of on the street with passers by.

The displacement that is happening here in London is something we are ready for. The readiness was not financed by ourselves, is funded by countries who planned this these past few years.

New construction implicates this with unusual and exciting from the outside looking in properties.

The skies are the same, the usual flying objects above hovering outside my window.

Nothing has changed, even on a clear day is difficult for me to make out what’s in front of me.

Like many I too have to wear glasses, without them from a distance much is blurred.

Is great though I love listening to various things including; music, people, people of power or influence, the birds chitter chattering,

Mutley barking and the boiling of the kettle. Helicopters are loud, luckily though you only see one or two at any given time.

A blue sky and a bursting sun is like a Picasso to me.

This blog, like many blogs has some new things that need adding which requires using the Chrome browser and a Google suggested extension app to implement the code on.

Is an Analytics plugin, so if this is something important to you, you might want to look into adding yourself. Is called Google Insights.

Also the design needs redesigning, making it look more professional, utilising some nice rightly sized, tagged and compressed images to add contrast and seem more artistic.

As you can see I like writing so that is not much of a problem. However if I was selling something, this kind of rambling would only confuse the buyers.

Finally I would just like to apologise for not updating and blogging regularly.

As you can see there is not much substance to this update and as I said at the beginning this is nothing serious.

Just wanted to let you know where I am at, how the weather is here in UK, and that I still alive, churning away on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Again thanks for reading and have a lovely Summertime wherever you are, what your circumstances are or who you’ve loved and lost.

Stay happy.
Robert Bridge

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August Update 20

Welcome. My name is Robert Bridge and this is an August Update for 2020. This year I have been hunkering down like most people around the world. This is just a leisurely update on my movements. Most of which has been spent compiling Spotify Playlists over on Spotify and sharing a cooking diary over on Instagram. This is what I currently use most on Social Media. I also send the odd tweet on Twitter. So let me begin, like I say is nothing to serious.

Corona-19 meant I have changed the way I do things a lot, is changed for a lot of people. Masks have become very fashionable. It seems the virus blows about in the air and in the shops. So we are advised to wear them when shopping, Tom Hanks even suggested drivers should wear in cars. Some people with various medical conditions have been advised to not wear them in certain settings becuase wearing a mask can effect some peoples breathing. Mostly though, people are wearing them, some even show them on Social Media like others do with Christmas hats at Christmas.

Another shift has been one about racial awareness within the police force and in general with activists and protesters. This is happening here in London, Europe and the rest of the world, mainly USA where all the troubles started. It started with a I Can’t Breath hashtag, then moved into lives matter trends, blackouts of blank images on Instagram and other places.

Last week on Twitter many Jews took 48 hours away from social media for something somebody said on Twitter. Also an influential caused a bit of a storm about things he said on Twitter making people back away from social platforms, I think that was Wiley a rapper from UK.

A few days ago Lebanon had another explosion which shook the world because of additional near by compost and some fireworks. Lots of people were injured, near by buildings destroyed and the explosion was very powerful explosion. Some even compared it to Nagasaki explosion that happened a while back.

So with all the excuses for not updating for few months I will get update you on what has been happening personally…

I have learned a few new skills, been practising digital imaging and enjoying all the new apps for mobile phones which assist me in my en-devours. I just been taking it easy though, social distancing and walking the dog.

The great thing about living in London is and I think is the same for everybody around the world. Your local area is cool. Everybody by now should know every local nook and cranny. Public transport requires like shops, masks so the numbers travelling have dwindled. I noticed this week on Twitter a new form of advertising coming down the pipe. A more immersive and evasive approach that monitors facial patterns to certain digital ads on the underground. It is supposed to help advertisers tweek their ads. If people like the ads I imagine they will smile and I imagine over time these positive reactions (or negative) will wane as time goes by.

For WordPress optimization I am recommending the Google Kit plugin. It helps plug in to the new Google optimization tool kit available now. I would say now it has been updated and tried, tested and ironed out previous security issues is a mandatory plugin for your WordPress website, optimising speed load, search engine (Google) visibility and correct mobile phone compression. You’ll learn a lot, is REAL easy to use, push button software and works right out the box. All you need is a Gmail account. It also sets up a little bit of analytics which will give you a better idea of visitors, this includes pay per click, re-targeting and other paid methods of promoting website if that is what you need to do.

With spending more time in the house I thought it productive to read a book on Feng Shui. I still reading and learning stuff to brighten my home. Today for example I moved by bed and re positioned this laptop I am typing away on. The floors clean, bought some more air fresheners, fly spray and I good to go. Two friends visited me to day so I feeling good about life. I would like to help more people.

This month I finally made a Jimdo website. That is cool becuase it only takes five minutes to make. The only have one template and the moment called The Dolphin template which is cool. They provide the copy, have loads of free images and you can upload your own.

I also set up LinkTree which is cool place to add hyperlinks to various places. At the time of doing the Black Lives Matter link was trending so I added that, is an optional pop up at the bottom that they recommending. Perhaps they offer other more trending supportive future topics. I will hopefully keep my eyes peeled. Again is free and very popular on Instagram, so I also added it to Twitter profile (Like we do).

My cooking skills have been improving. Cooking is becoming so much easier thanks to social media. You have all the top cooks spilling their guts with top tips on Social sites including the usual places like YouTube and Facebook. Though they also sprouting up on TikTok. Is funny I seen one yesterday of Gordon Ramsey giving feedback on someone else’s shared TikTok catering short video. As you can imagine it was very entertaining. Our cooking only can improve with feedback.

I am optimistic about this year even though there is so much real risk of deprecation. From climate change to the PPE scandal. I just want to end thanking the NHS and everybody who do good stuff in the medical industry. Also notably all the online marketers for their generosity and time through online Zoom Meetings and other webinar educational tech mediums. As a graduate of Media and indeed Language I am excited again about learning and sharing as we jog along, hopefully with headphones on. Be sure to find me on Spotify, pick a genre that suits you and have a listen please. Also please don’t be shy, if you like to say hello do so, here, social media, DM messaging, YouTube channel, Pinterest, Tumblr even commenting down below. I honestly do not bite. Mutley doesn’t either. Mutley is me dog.


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Robert Bridge Esq
Hi my name is Robert Bridge welcome to my website.

Thanks for visiting Media Marketing Communications. My name is Robert Bridge, I live in North London, network on and offline and share helpful information about media, technology and communications.

Social media communications requires in all honesty a can do approach. If you think you can then you probably will. Already many social media speakers with high online ROI numbers are sharing in ways that you can try and adapt yourself. New platforms are always popping up but same principle’s apply. Networking is something unique to all. Often your objectives are clouded by the platform objectives these popular social media sites have in order to monetise business model. Finding an in between balance, supporting as spending brands and narrowing your knowledable focus equally could help springboard your endeavours.



April Entertainment News

This weeks news includes entertaining rumors about new films in production, celebrity entertainment news and global political news reactions. Twitter is a great place to catch up on what’s trending, Google Alerts is another good way of monitoring news and MSN helps find gossip about celebrities and movie entertainment.

Both Facebook and Twitter are great places to find out what is going on around the world.

Hi my name is Robert Bridge, I live in London with my dog Mutley and this is my blog so thanks for visiting. If you like how I write, get value from what I share or think someone may get something from today’s entry be sure to share with them too. If you follow media news and entertainment be sure to follow me on Twitter.

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Political Entertainment News

Looking back this week has been interesting for news. A few weeks ago we heard a lot about fake news started by @Potus Prime Minister of America Donald Trump. Now already the law is being enforced on Facebook. So if you see any fake news there they want you to flag it for them. Click jacking news has hit mainstream users, the Google Code of siphoning traffic through shady headlines are over. Even Google Ad Sense is helping to reduce the amount of traffic these sites have been getting.

This month a lot of terrorist activity has happened, although random it is a global occurrence. In London we had an incident on Westminster Bridge near Big Ben where many people were injured and killed. Yesterday was some trouble in Denmark. A few days ago there was more trouble in Syria. And a couple of weeks ago we here in Britain left the European Union.

Economic Entertainment News

Peace One Day Entertainment.

Brexit has begun it’s course so consumer reports have been broadcast-ed on the radio. It seems sales are up because a drop in the Sterling currency attracting a record amount of buyers from Middle East and places like that.

Most of these sales take place in London square mile and procedures are being put in place to siphon shoppers to places like Birmingham to hopefully reduce the amount of visitors congregating the city central.

Europeans are being offered a deal for retaining citizenship. Equally Britain and Europe are helping out around the world to be there for countries that need us. Syria for example, I read last month in my area Haringey a couple of families with children from the war torn areas of Syria like Aleppo have been housed here by council. Equally more local areas in Europe, Africa, America and Eastern block have been bracing themselves in preparation for those who need it.

Celebrities love London. Today Baywatch actor Pamela Anderson admitted to having a relationship with Wiki Leaks Assange. There are groups of people in the city who share information on Social Media about top celebs, musicians, actors, politicians and millionaires. They sit out on the street in groups and are great people to ask for directions, they use Google Maps really well. They also monitor and share on forums for up to the minute information. Sometimes for Entertainment musicians do live gigs in central London record stores. Equally everybody like getting married in UK I believe Gretner Green is very popular this time of year.

London is a great place to launch movies, ironically still many movies that supposedly premier here have already premiered in China and America. I am still telling people about my theories of the new Hollywood is a ventured deal with China ‘Chinawood’. All the best films have both big Chinese and English American actors in them. The Monkey film was one, The Great Wall of China is another and of course all the Jackie Chan films are cool too.

The best way to understand what is happening with media is look at different orientation’s. I like talking about anything to do with what I cal Entertainment. For example visual media includes films, television series and documentaries. All are available online although people still chat about DVDs and USB file shares. When television shows go up market you can assume cinema is not doing great. Record box office deals help the economy and like the television entertainment keep societies on an even keel. Prices go up, which raises profits to pay for high budget films. Online and CD sales of television series is equally a positive prospect. Big Brother series has bumped up the need for more factual documentaries. News stations like Vice and Al Jazeera churn out more documentaries and downloads of stuff is creating constant riposting of the same stuff. Like click bait on news, visual media is manipulative through the screen shots. Images are conquering Twitter and made people less inclined to communicate humanly. Instagram and Snap Chat capture a lot of images which need no real intellectual responses. War news is bringing shocking visuals of after effects of explosions without any immediate evidence of who did what, only innocent victims of women and children in the rubble.

So we move from one emotion to the other very quickly. The good news is we can tailor make what we see online that way it is more entertaining. The bad news is that we have fears that are activated in all walks of life.

Scarcity is one: One day we might lose what we have, the prices could go up, there is less of us now and attendance is down etc.

Planning to travel is another: If you go there you’ll need multiple visas, at the airport you have to go through full body x rays and look into facial recognition software to get through. Worse still terrorism is rife in these countries so don’t go, there us not enough information about it other than someone from your country got burned there this week.

I sure you agree news is good, to know is to be prepared. However the truth is you could walk out the door and get knocked over. We now have robotic automated driven transport, under qualified Uber taxi drivers and volunteer lollipop men. My point is knowing is only a small percentage of the battle. Knowing when to look down at the ground instead of stare gormless like at passers by may stop any trouble but we deserve happiness. Knowing less makes us much more happy and content. Still the odd bit of celebrity news in our areas is often enough to get us out the door, isn’t it? And that’s entertainment!


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May Day Updates SoundCloud Pet Talk

find your purpose with food
Media Marketing Communications III podcast. The third one afraid in on SoundCoud rather than Podbean. Listen in a find out all sorts of stuff from my mindful babble.

Hiya and welcome to this weeks media marketing communications blurbs. My hope is to ignite and transpire that spark that lives in all of us. We are all Firestarters, the consequent occurance of events creates allsorts of stuff. If you listen to my 20 minute blurbs you might be able to be, do or have anything. A disclaimer for the FTC in America is that I know nothing, I am not a fizzy drink or Caesar Cezanne and any academic knowledge shared is nothing new. Infact most of it is three years old, some of this is years out of date andd allsorts of other examples.

When you look into mainstream media you find oligopoly and monopolies swearing allegiance to allsorts of mixed messages. Often missing crucial news to stop contenders of the public getting rammed in the ring.

Since the beginning of time we have seen the red carpet be pulled from underneath the feet of normal citizens. People falling left, right and centre to allsorts of stuff. And as the red flag raises, be mindful of the hooks, sinks and troughs people send out. Like the Argentinean Isles you could find yourself stuck in that damp trench for days and no one will find you.

Whatever your trip is: health, wealth, survival and other readings this will complement that. So please place on those headphones and set aside 20 minutes of your busy day listen to my meanderings.

Yours in Blogging Media through blurbs and podcasts,

Robert Bridge


Why Some People Choose to Not Invest in Anything

The difference between news-and-society, pure-opinion, computers-and-technology online can be difficult to navigate, thats why many roles are available.



Contracts were made to help educate people searching for new skills to get better at computing. One question is how valuable are all these new skills in the current working environment? Investing in people skills online, yes or no?
invest in anything

Arts and Entertainment online is very popular group in news and society. This is a business article overview of employment information gathered from different types of people seeking employment.



EzineArticles Cartoon


In this article are helpful insights about communications of employers, clients and the newly employed in the computer / technology industry.


Businesses online is like anything else always changing. People with money can make money investing wisely. Notably all clients spoke highly about how much energy they felt they had before they even started searching for jobs.


We also factored in the knowledge of the ongoing pressure from knowing and taking part in such activities. Any kids, teens out there who are wondering what the future holds for them can get a lot from this sort of helpful information.


Newspaper questionnaires that ask personal questions before beginning a relationship with young readers to shape political opinions.


By accumulating a database of opinions, measuring click through rates, reading comments and popularity shared on social media online newspapers are able to offer reports to sell to similar news outlets.


The difference between news-and-society, pure-opinion, computers-and-technology online can be difficult to navigate, that’s why many roles are available.


Contracts are made everyday to help educate people searching for new skills to get better at computing.


Internet-and-Businesses-Online are always looking through various methods to use people, preferably over five miles of where companies are located.


The international outsource PPC-Advertising companies look for contributors their internet-and-businesses-online.


Watch my Three part reading of Finnegans Wake over on YouTube over three hours listening of this complex book.


Business in a box is another popular alternative route.


Coding is very popular but takes time to learn and figure out.


People interested in business in boxes do not want to worry about coding, they just want an attractive system with built-in monetization.


The same goes for writers, journalists and bloggers.


Everyone want qualified visitors for whatever they create or want people to know about.


Internet-Marketing employers were less likely to get back to people looking to do Business with these sorts of people.


The stigma with business in boxes and multi level marketing programs is that they are not unique, often selling other peoples products and dreams.


They lack any unique content and generally the people behind the box are not well-known or of any celebrity interest.

Behind a business in a box however is someone who has made money online and that is the attraction.


The solution for healing this marked MLM (Multi Level Marketing) industry is solved with attractive marketing label.

High impact graphics and cleverly configured ways of getting people to join email lists, selling lots of products bundled together in the hope that one of them may make online computing easier for the visitor.


Another popular money-making scheme for PR, PA and large conglomerate companies in the busy world of recruitment is through internships, 0 hour contracts and data mining.


It’s big money and you can have your own company running on autopilot without paying a dime.


If you have a location and a bit of experience there are thousands of people out there desperate to get a job pressured to work for nothing.


Data mining was a joke by the way it’s actually illegal to do although it’s an obvious fear that people have when searching for work online.


We needed a common computers-and-technology to show making money online was not a one chance saloon.


So we set up employees with artificial software and gave them advanced communicating tips on what questions to ask next.


A Mobile-Cell-Phone provided with every message and call recorded. They call it phone hacking, lots of media companies have been pulled up on this sort of thing. Understandably people may think the agencies are to blame for offering these sort of incentives in the first place.


Training given and scripts to help people increase chances of finding ‘positive people’.


Team training given that awards good behaviour and let people know when they have failed.


Cash incentives, sharing the hotel fee’s and commuting together to outside areas.


They cultivated a positive-attitude and made sure enough power was available so as communications could begin and took the stress out by highlighting simple solutions that speeded up the path to success.


Overtime its easy to see why some people choose to not invest in anything, they almost become allergic each time nothing ever comes of all their efforts.


They begin to see through all the tricks that people play.


But my hope is that they do not give up because there is hope out there. Things are always changing which is half the fun.